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Date: 03-04-15

On today's show Dr. David Duke discussed the irony and humiliation of having the leader of a country that has repeatedly attacked us march right into our Capitol uninvited by the government and lecture our president and legislators on how they are not being diligent enough in serving the interests of Israel. He commented on how the apparent animosity between Netanyahu and Obama is not evidence that Obama is standing up to Jewish supremacist power, but rather that he is beholden to a faction of Jewish supremacists who feel that Netanyahu's drive for war on Iran would actually not be "good for the Jews."

Dr. Slattery joined the show and talked about the importance of Dr. Duke's forthcoming book "The Illustrated Protocols of Zion." He said that it's not just that the protocols weren't written by this meeting of elders, but that such a meeting of elders did not even need to take place. The strength of the Zionist Conspiracy is that the people involved just tend to know their roll and play it out. Dr. Duke's book will show not just the accuracy of the predictions made in the 1897 "Protocols," but also the mechanism by which the Jewish supremacist agenda was implemented and, more importantly, the way to free ourselves from the Zionist yoke.

Zionist power is a Goliath, but like the giant from the biblical account it is not invulnerable. Our very own Dr. David is mounting a promising assault on the Goliath. Please show your support by making a contribution so that we can continue this struggle to ultimate victory.

Dr. Duke also appealed for a listener with a quiet, currently unoccupied vacation home, appartment, or retreat somewhere with internet access to offer it to him for a short period of time so he can concentrate on finishing his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. You can contact him at http://davidduke.com/25732-2/.

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Date: 03-03-15

Dr. Duke's guest today is Argentine commentator Adrian Salbuchi. Dr. Duke started the show by describing the humiliation of having Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu address Congress without an invitation from the President or State Department. He then goes into the history of Israeli treachery against the United States. He also talks about Netanyahu's initial response to 9-11, where he blurted out on live television that "It was very good." He went on to describe the Israeli connections to 9-11.

Adrian Salbuchi talks about the extent of Jewish power in Argentina. He describes a situation very similar to the Untied States, only he reminds people that a weaker nation like Argentina is even less able to resist the power of Jewish globalist forces than the United States. He talks about how Dr. Duke's recent trip to Argentina inspired and educated all the Argentines he met and spoke in front of. Mr. Salbuchi also talks about the legal attack on himself by Argentine Zionists in order to silence his powerful voice.

There is nowhere else on the internet where you will find such a valuable digest of information and insightful analysis. Help us continue to expand our enlightened, awakened audience. Please show your support by making a contribution to make sure that this crucial information will reach enough of our people before it is too late.

Dr. Duke also appealed for a listener with a quiet, currently unoccupied vacation home or retreat somewhere with internet access to offer it to him for a short period of time so he can concentrate on finishing his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. You can contact him at http://davidduke.com/25732-2/.

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Date: 03-02-15

David Duke returns to America and delivers a powerful show exposing the audacity of Netanyahu's speaking before Congress without an invitation from the government, and demonstrates the subservience of Obama to Zionist power even as he shows irritation with Netanyahu's behavior. He says that one Zionist faction is supporting Obama as the "good cop" while another faction is rallying to Netanyahu as the "bad cop." Dr. Slattery describes them as the "cunning faction" and the "crazy faction," noting that they are both striving for the long-term goal of world domination even if they differ on the roads to get them there.

Today's show contains a wealth of information and iron-clad analysis that in 50 minutes could open the eyes of someone who has been slumbering for decades. The David Duke Show has a growing, world-wide audience that is getting critical information that is simply not going to be heard elsewhere but can be easily verified. However, we operated on a shoe-string budget. We refrain from NPR-style long, boring fundraising appeals, yet our listeners should realize that if they contributed NPR-style dollars, together we would change the world.

Dr. Duke also appealed for a listener with a quiet, currently unoccupied vacation home or retreat somewhere with internet access to offer it to him for a short period of time so he can concentrate on finishing his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion.

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Date: 02-27-15

Dr. David Duke discussed the recent CNN interview with General Wesley Clark in which the former NATO Supreme Commander blurted out that “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies.” Clark further pointed out that the objective in creating ISIS was to raise an army of extremists that could destroy the Lebanese anti-Israeli resistance movement Hezbollah.

Dr. Duke explained that Hezbollah is in fact supported by the bulk of the Lebanese population, including strong support from its huge Christian community. Furthermore, he noted that the secular, moderate government of Syria led by President Assad is doing the bulk of the fighting against ISIS, yet the United States continues to try to undermine Assad, and in doing so is aiding ISIS. Moreover, Dr. Duke explains that ISIS is in fact a foreign mercenary army despised by the local residents in the areas it occupies.

Dr. Slattery adds analysis as well as details of the prevalence of foreign fighters in ISIS using information from mainstream sources.

Dr. Duke also provides health and fitness news in the form of a new study that shows that lack of sunshine may be an even greater risk factor for diabetes than poor diet.

This is another blockbuster show that needs to be circulated widely.

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Date: 02-26-15

Dr. Patrick Slattery filled in for Dr. David Duke today. He had as his guest for the hour Professor Kevin MacDonald. Professor MacDonald explained what is meant by "evolutionary strategy," and discussed Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy. He said that while there has been a tendency towards selection for intelligence in Jewish reproduction during much of their history, Jewish IQs are not nearly high enough to explain their admission rates into top universities or their domination of key professions. Rather, ethnic networking is the key explanatory variable.

They then go into the phenomenon of rising Jewish influence on the right in American politics. While leftist movements and the Democratic Party were the centers of Jewish politics during the 20th Century, the rise of the Neocons has led to the Republican Party becoming the main promoters of the foreign policy section of the Jewish political agenda, while the Democrats continue to push the Jewish social agenda.

Finally, Professor MacDonald talks about his involvement in the American Freedom Party and describes the party's objectives and its platform regarding immigration.

This is an extremely valuable show that has the potential to wake the giant from his slumber. Spread it around, and please contribute to make sure that this fountain of information will become a river of liberation.

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Date: 02-25-15

Dr. Patrick Slattery filled in for Dr. Duke today. He discussed Kevin MacDonald's theory of Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy. He explained that "evolutionary strategy" does not mean people sitting around a table discussing the biology of future generations, but rather is a term used to describe the mixture of traits that organisms bring to bear in their efforts to survive and reproduce in their given environments. In the case of the Ashkenazi Jewish people, the interplay of their culture and their environment seems to have resulted in a somewhat greater tendency towards both high IQs and ethnocentrism.

He then goes into elite university admissions as a case study, showing that even the highest and most problematic estimates of average Jewish IQ would explain less than half of their over-representation at these schools in comparison to European Americans. He contends that ethnocentrism and ethnic networking are in fact a bigger factor.

He then looks at the Federal Reserve, where Jews have gained a lock on the top positions in the institution. Far from being due to their higher abilities and qualifications, Dr. Slattery points out that one of the two top candidates to lead the Fed following Bernanke's departure was Lawrence Summers, who has nothing but a history of tragic failure in his career if evaluated from the point of view of the Fed's supposed mission of promoting stable economic growth. However, Summer's record of creating crises that then get exploited for the benefit of the Jewish banking elite is stellar, and this is what made him a top candidate for the job.

This is another fascinating show that you will want to share widely.

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Date: 02-24-15

Dr. David Duke spoke honestly about the history of slavery in the United States and around the world, explaining the damage that it did to the individual and to society while at the same time clearing up some of the myths and misconceptions that have arisen regarding the conditions of life for slaves, including the extent to which slave families were broken up.

He then takes up the matter of the Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Demonstrating that it is far from being an "anti-Semitic canard," Dr. Duke brings up the work by Jewish historians that literally brag about their level of involvement. He then brings on Dr. Slattery, who reads the list of the oldest synagogues in the New World, which just so happen to be in the centers of the slave trade.

They then go into the case of the former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, who was involved in an effort to feed Iran bogus nuclear technology back in the late 1990s called Operation Merlin. Admissions made by the CIA during Sterling's recent trial for leaking information about Operation Merlin has raised suspicions that the CIA and Mossad have not just fed false information to Iran, but also planted false evidence that could be "discovered" by IAEA inspectors in order to stoke suspicions of a nuclear weapons program that America's official intelligence reports have concluded was terminated over a decade ago.

This is another show full of important, reliable information that will help you wake up the world. Spread it around!

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Date: 02-23-15

In today's show Dr. Duke discussed recent articles. One talked about Miri Regev, the darling and rising star of the ruling Likud Party, the former spokesman for the military during slaughters in Lebanon and Gaza who called African migrants in Israel "a cancer." She recently publicly proclaimed that she is "happy to be a Fascist." An article from the Jewish-owned Daily Beast called her "Israel's Sarah Palin," but Dr. Duke pointed out the absurdity of the comparison. Miri Regev promotes her group's interest even if it tramples on the rights of other groups, whereas Sarah Palin promotes another group's interests -- those of the Zionists -- even if it tramples on the rights of her own people.

He also discussed an article stating that more and more top European diplomats feel their countries have been supporting the wrong side in the Syrian Civil War. Dr. Duke recalls his statements ever since the beginning of the conflict, which consistently warned that the Syrian "rebels" included al Qaida types that would come to dominate the movement, whereas President Assad and his government represent the forces and tendencies in Syrian society that confirm more closely to both the interests of the Syrian people and the norms and ideals promoted by the West.

He brings on Dr. Slattery, who discusses the Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve. The fact that only Jewish extremists are considered for leadership positions at the Fed proves that its true mission is not to promote economic stability but rather to promote Jewish economic domination.

This is another "must-hear" show that you will want to share with your friends.

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Date: 02-20-15

Dr. Duke startes out the show discussing the post-World War One history of creating artificial multi-ethnic states in eastern Europe while keeping the German speaking people divided across numerous states, all in a hypocritical mis-application of the principle of self-determination. He then discusses how the Bolshevik movement that took over Russia in the Russian revolution was fundamentally Jewish, and was supported by Jews around the world. However, as the Russians eventually retook control of the Soviet Union American Jews started turning against it, which fueled the Cold War.

Dr. Duke points out that the first generation of Neocons, Jews like Leo Strauss, Irving Kristol, and Donald Kagan, actually started their careers as Trotskyites, but with the loss of Jewish control of the Soviet Union and the Israel firmly establishing itself militarily in the 1967 six-day war, they saw Zionism as being a better vehicle than communism for promoting Jewish interests.

He brings on Dr. Slattery, who discusses an article from Germany's Der Spiegel magazine that reports on the fury of neocon Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (Donald Kagan's daughter-in-law) at German Chancellor Angela Merkel for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the hopes of avoiding an all-out war in eastern Europe. Der Spiegel calls Nuland the problem for Ukraine, not the solution, and voices fear that should could be promoted to Secretary of State if the Republicans retake the White House. While having been a very kosher leader for Germany, Merkel apparently wants to postpone Europe's suicide, which once again provoked the foul mouth of Nuland, already infamous for her "F*** the EU" outburst last year.

This is another show full of priceless information and insights that you won't find elsewhere. Please share this widely.

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Date: 02-19-15

Dr. David Duke hosts the show from an undisclosed location as he travels the world helping the peoples of various nations understand and respond to the new wave of attacks they are experiencing from Zionist globalists. He explains that the wave of recent "mini-911s" that we have seen since the start of the year have actually have a common theme as they all have resulted in moving forward the Jewish supremacist agenda. This does not necessarily mean they are all false flag attacks, but Dr. Duke points out that Zionists have used false flag attacks in the past, such as the Lavon Affair in Egypt and the attack on the USS Liberty.

Dr. Slattery joins the program. He and Dr. Duke discuss the events in Argentina, where a prosecutor who spent almost a decade and a small fortune of public funds investigating the non-existent links between Iran and a 20-year-old bombing at a the headquarters of a Jewish lobbying organization was mysteriously murdered last month. The Zio press is trying to pin the murder on Argentina's president, who has fallen out of favor with the Zionists for showing signs of independence from their anti-Iranian crusade. Doctors Duke and Slattery note that all the mini-911s have been exploited to further Zionist interests by creating hostility towards Muslims, sympathy for Jews, erosion of civil liberties, increased cooperation with the “War on Terror,” and additional protections and privileges for Jewish minorities.

Dr. Slattery then recalls the statement by French Prime Minister Valls that if France's Jews were to leave France, France would no longer exist. He then points to population statistics that show that one-quarter of all babies born in France have at least one parent born outside of Europe, a trend that is only increasing. Apparently Valls cannot conceive of a France without Jews, but thinks a France without Frenchmen is just fine.

This is another powerful program that is an example of why the show's popularity is growing so fast. Share it with your friends!

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Date: 02-18-15

Dr. David Duke discussed statements made by former long-time French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas in a recent interview that France's current Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, is under Jewish influence due to being married to a Jewish woman. Dr. Duke noted that while there is a very widely held view in the Jewish community that marrying non-Jews is a betrayal of the tribe, many Jewish commentators have acknowledged that a certain rate of intermarriage actually strengthens Jewish solidarity and promotes Jewish interests. This is because it ejects from the core Jewish community (and gene pool) those individuals that are less ethnocentric while at the same time creating a population group of mixed ancestry that still tends to be very supportive of Jewish tribal interest and that can more easily infiltrate the upper echelons of gentile society.

Dr. Slattery joins the show and said that there is a natural tendency for people in mixed marriages to relate to the heritage of their spouse, and that this tendency might be particularly strong among Europeans. He recalled that Jewish University of Pennsylvania Professor Moshe Lewen, one of the world's leading authorities on the Soviet Union in the 1920's, told him that even the non-Jews in the Bolshevik leadership "loved Jewish women." Of course, these gentile Bolsheviks were complicit in the great crimes committed by the Jewish Bolshevik leadership against the Christian population of the Soviet Union.

This is another great show that will add to your understanding of how the world has gotten the way it is and what we can do to fix it. Please share it widely.

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Date: 02-17-15

Dr. Patrick Slattery hosted the show today, with Dr. David Duke joining midway through. The respected international affairs commentator Rev. Mark Dankof was the guest. Dr. Slattery started the show by referencing an article on DavidDuke.com that names the top bureaucrats at the Departments of State and Treasury, names that were all Jewish. Mark Dankof pointed out that this was nothing new, and referenced the still powerful former Jewish Secretary of State from the Nixon administration Henry Kissinger. He noted that Kissinger is now involved in the Jeb Bush campaign for the Presidency, and lent his support to a major New York fund-raiser for Bush organized by Ken Mehlman, the Jewish and Gay activist who was appointed Chairman of the Republican Party by that great Christian and family values President George W. Bush.

Dr. Duke joined the show from an overseas location that he did not want to divulge because of the Jewish domination of the government apparatus in that country, something that barely narrows down the list of countries where he might be! He spoke of the fact that in the United States, both the Democrats and Republicans are "controlled opposition" to each other in the Orwellian sense. He also spoke of the prospects for the rank and file of the Republican party to awaken and either take control of their own party or support a new party.

This is an enlightening show that will wake up the neighbors. Open up your windows and let it blast out!

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Date: 02-16-15

Dr. David Duke starts the show by citing Jewish sources to demonstrate how Jews are raised to have a primary allegiance to Israel and to the Jewish people, and that Israel and the Jewish people are exempted from following the standards of behavior enshrined in international laws and norms.

He then brings on Dr. Slattery, who makes the case that Western nations like the United States are for all intents and purposes under Zionist occupation, and it should be considered criminal for these Zionist occupiers to import foreign civilian populations, which would be expressly prohibited under the Geneva conventions were this Zio-occupation overt and not stealth.

The two doctors then discuss the motivation behind the media's constant promotion of anti-white hatred as well as the pornographication of America's once family friendly culture, a fact that leading Jewish writers boast was accomplished by Jewish actors, writers, and media kingpins. Meanwhile, Israel maintains a very family friendly culture for its own Jewish population, another example of the double standards which have become the norm in Jew-Gentile relations.

This is an impassioned show that you can share with anyone needing a good awakening!

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Date: 02-13-15

Dr. Patrick Slattery filled in for Dr. Duke today. He had as his guest Reverend Mark Dankof, a former candidate for U.S. Senate and a widely sought after commentator of international affairs. They went into the details of the criminal maneuvering by Zio-American and Israeli interests in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of the Ukraine and the implementation of a new Jewish-dominated government. They discussed the amazing amount of irrefutable and widely available information implicating Zionist involvement in the violent coup, such as the leaked telephone calls by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton.

Mark Dankof described the standard playbook that has been used for decades by the CIA to destabilize and overthrow foreign governments, starting with Iran's democratically elected government in 1953. They then discuss how this playbook was put into effect in Syria, with the resulting devastation of a civil war, and how this was part of an Israeli and U.S. neocon plot to pave the way for war with Iran by neutralizing Iran's key ally in the region. Mr. Dankof then connects this with Ukraine by demonstrating that Russian President Putin's role in thwarting the complete overthrow of President Assad in Syria infuriated the Jewish supremacists and made him into a bull's eye for their global machinations.

This is a fascinating and informative show that you will want to share with everyone you know.

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Date: 02-12-15

Dr. Duke started the show by discussing an interview that the anti-Zionist Jewish commentator Steve Lendman gave in which he succinctly described the mad push for war with Russia in Ukraine, and that in fact the danger of war with Russia is greater now than it has ever been during Lendman's 80 years. However, Lendman never points out that the main actors, both in Ukraine and in the U.S. State Department, involved in the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and the provokation of Russia are in fact Jews, and that this is part of a broader Jewish supremacist agenda.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery then discuss the problem of commentators talking about the symptoms of Jewish power but being afraid to acknowledge the existance of Jewish power. Some may fear for their livelihoods should they break the taboo on mentioning Jewish power, yet sounding the alarm on dangers like the one in Ukraine without correctly identifying the cause of the danger can lead people to incorrect conclusions and thus prevent necessary actions. This, of course, is often done intentionally.

This is another great show that will fuel the rapidly growing popularity of the Dr. Duke radio program. Thank you to all of you who share the show and support our efforts!

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Date: 02-11-15

Dr. Duke starts the show by talking about the role of Zionist media propaganda in covering up the massacres that paved the way for the founding of the Jewish State of Israel.

He then discusses a report from the media watchdog group "Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting" (FAIR) that uses multiple New York Times articles to illustrate that reporters and columnists at the Jewish-owned and run Times consistently refer to Iran's nuclear weapons program as a fact even though the paper has reported on U.S. official intelligence estimates which state that no such program exists today. FAIR contrasts this with the Times reporting on Israel's vast nuclear weapons arsenal, about which there is massive evidence but that the Times always reports as if it were conjecture and hearsay.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery then discuss similar examples of New York Times propaganda about the Middle East from the past, including the lie that the Iranian President threatened to "wipe Israel off the map" and the constant drumbeat about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

They describe the horrors that we would face if we don't stop this Zionist push for wars in the Middle East and Europe. This is a powerful show that you will want to spread widely!

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Date: 02-10-15

Dr. Duke starts the show by discussing a recent statement by the leading French nationalist politician Marine LePen that the United States and NATO are pushing for war in Ukraine. He then points out that while Ukrainians have legitimate historical grievances against Russia, recent developments have put it under Zionist control at the expense of nationalist interests.

He also discusses an article from the Jewish Tablet Magazine about a leading "right wing" Ukrainian politician who is not just a Jew but a proud Cohen! He points out the similarities in the playbook for causing an uprising and civil war that was seen in Kiev and a couple of years earlier in Syria. Dr. Slattery joins the show and points out the leading role of Jewish Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in engineering the Ukrainian coup d'etat that put Ukraine under Jewish leadership.

This is a vital show for anyone interested in understanding and avoiding the Zio push for war in Europe. Please share this widely with your friends and relatives.

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Date: 02-09-15

Dr. David Duke is joined by the esteemed political and economic commentator Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina, who explains the fascinating case of the murder of the prosecutor investigating bogus Iranian links to a 20-year-old bombing of a Jewish lobbying organization in Buenos Aires that left almost 100 dead. The murder of Jewish prosecutor Alberto Nisman has become a cause celebre in the Jewish media and can be viewed as one of a string of “mini 9-11s” that has occurred around the world since the start of the year, including Charlie Hebdo in France and the ISIS Japanese hostage situation, all aimed at promoting sympathy with Jews and hostility towards Muslims.

Mr. Salbuchi points out that Argentina’s powerful Jewish lobby had been pushing for the first ten years after the bombing to pin the blame on Syria, but due to lack of evidence then starting pointing fingers at Iran. However, even another decade of scraping around did not seem to incriminate the Iranians. Mr. Salbuchi posits that with the prosecutor due to make his report, rather than allow him to reveal how little evidence there was of an Iranian connection, Jewish intelligence operatives (likely Mossad) decided to take him out, thus turning Nisman into another Jewish martyr for the “Je suis [fill in the blank]” crowd and making it seem as if the Argentine President was in league with Iran.

In fact, Mr. Salbuchi raises the likelihood that the 1994 bombing was the result of violent factional struggles between Zionists over then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin’s acceptance of the terms of the Oslo accords, which prompted a Zionist extremist to assassinate Rabin a few weeks later.

This is a powerful show that reveals the world-wide extent of Jewish supremacist domination of governments and media and how events in far away places have critical impacts on other countries, including the United States. Share this show widely!

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Date: 02-06-15

Dr. David Duke has a foundational show today on the origins of the Ukraine crisis and the real threat of internecine European war, once again, only for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish supremacist agenda.

Dr. Slattery also offers a powerful commentary and shows the incredible Jewish influence in bringing about this conflict that has needlessly led to the division of Ukraine and to the world being on the brink of a much wider and dangerous war.

Listen to this show and go to DavidDuke.com and support the incredible and vital work of Dr. David Duke!


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Date: 02-05-15

Dr. David Duke has another incredible analysis of Obamacare and social welfare programs along with their relationship to the demographic time bomb looming over America and the Western World.

Economics PhD Dr. Patrick Slattery, and Dr. Duke show how provisions in Obamacare actually give preference to Medicaid recipients who are not American citizens over American citizens who have paid in massive amounts of money in taxes!

The same kinds of policies exist in most Western nations which have opened their borders to far more conflicted societies. Not only is their heritage and freedoms under attack, but needful indigenous peoples are not provided the special financial aid that the aliens receive-- money that comes from the citizens of the nation who have provided the money for these discriminatory policies.

This is a great show. And be sure to read the incredible analysis of Dr. Duke called Obamacare, Welfare and the Destruction of America.

It's on Dr. Duke's website:


It you appreciate Dr. Duke's incredible work, then support it with your gifts because without your support, Dr. Duke cannot continue to expand his tremendous work!

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Date: 02-04-15

Dr. David Duke has a fascinating presentation of his long held views on welfare and heaithcare in America.

Dr. Duke served on the Health and Welfare Committee and on the Criminal Justice Committee because he saw these issues as critical to Louisiana and the nation.

www.DavidDuke.com has posted a update of a talk he gave in 2013 about Obamacare and Welfare.

You can read this fascinating talk with charts and illustrations at DavidDuke.com It is called:

Obamacare, Welfare and the Destruction of America

Dr. Slattery, a former economics professor in the Ivy League comes on in the last segment and adds some great comments as well.

This is a show to share!

Don't forget to support the work of Dr. Duke with your gifts!

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Date: 02-03-15

Dr. David Duke has an incredible show on the massive welfare rip-off of millions of hardworking America. He also goes into the fact that Obamacare does not bring any additional healthcare to the bottom rung of the poverty class and in fact often penalizes the working poor and tens of millions of middle class Americans.

Dr. Slattery contributes incredibly prescient commentary as well in the show.

This program truly exposes the failure of Social Welfare in America and the damage it does to both the poorest Americans and the American middle class as well.

It will give you powerful talking points for your friends and family.

Share it, and go to DavidDuke.com -- make a gift to expand Dr.Duke's vital work!

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Date: 02-02-15

Dr. David Duke has a long, powerful interview with Dr. Kevin MacDonald today!

Dr. MacDonald discusses the real supremacism that has taken over America and the European World: Jewish Supremacism! In this foundaational show, Dr. MacDonald goes deeply into domestic and foreign policy, media and finance and shows how extremely racist Jewish radicals are leading America and the world to conflict and clutural disintegration.

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald discuss a possible run for Congress by Dr. Duke that Dr. MacDonald supports.

A great show and one to share with your loved ones!


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Date: 01-30-15

Will Dr. David Duke run for the U.S. Congress against Rep. Scalise?

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Date: 01-29-15

David Duke returns to the air today after doing interviews in Washington, DC. He discusses in depth how media bias works in America and how they can easily slander and defame anyone they choose. How anybody who challenges the establishment agenda or dogma can be demonized simply by the focus of the interview.

For instance any well-known politician has enemies over time both politically and in media. If an interviewer wants to demonize someone all he has to do is simply make one scurrilous accusation or attack after another rather than adequately addressing the guests message and ideas.

He also recounts how he is now demanding Steve Scalise to step down in Congress because he has betrayed his voters and his district!

Then he talks about some of the political realities of the U.S. Government and focuses on the Supreme Court, which is composed of only nine unelected men, appointed through political special interest influence, FOR LIFE. He uses the example of the appointment of Zionist Elena Kagan to the Court and exposes her ethnic racism and why she was appointed to the Court with far less qualifications than many other candidates.

He is joined by Dr. Slattery who effectively adds to the discussion, and then the two discuss the recent archeological and anthropological findings that are overturning hundreds of years of historical belief that the Asian originating "Indians" were the first inhabitants of America, when the evidence is that Europeans settled North America at least 10,000 years before any other humans, and were in fact obliterated by incoming Asian tribes after thousands of years of presence in North America! The also discuss the ethical implications of all this new data and how it can challenge the demonization of Europeans.

Great Show and very powerful. Share with your friends!

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Date: 01-28-15

Today Dr. Patrick Slattery filled in for Dr. David Duke. He discussed his ideas about a Zionist Jewish agenda for gaining and retaining effective control over the United States, and through it the world. He noted that once upon a time it was the Democratic Party that was the vehicle of the Zionist agenda, but that since the 1960s the Republican party has become the main vehicle for the Zionist foreign policy agenda. Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to push the Zionist social agenda.

This means that on the surface we have two parties that seem to be diametrically opposed to each other, but in reality they are both vehicles for moving forward different parts of the Zionist agenda. And the game is to a large extent rigged. The Republicans are pre-destined to come out on top in pushing for foreign wars and domestic surveillance, while the Democrats are intended to win in pushing for social policies designed to turn the country into a multi-cultural milieu with no ethnic majority and thus easily dominated.

Dr. Slattery calls for a re-alignment of politics away from the old and artificial left-right paradigm to a new Zionist-Antizionist paradigm. For that to happen, people need an awakening to the threat of Jewish supremacism and a discussion of what types of policies could counter the Zionist agenda.
This is a show that you will want to share widely.

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Date: 01-27-15

Today Dr. Patrick Slattery filled in for Dr. David Duke, who was in Washington being interviewed for a major news program. Dr. Slattery spoke about recent developments around the world that Zionists are trying to exploit to move forward their supremacist agenda.

He discussed at length a new article by Adrian Salbuchi about the recent death of the prosecutor investigating the 20-year-old bombing of a Jewish community center and Israeli lobby headquarters in Argentina, and put it in the context of Israeli interests in Argentina’s Patagonia region. The prosecutor’s death has caused a crisis in Argentina and has prompted President Cristina Kirchner, usually a pliant Zio-stooge, to attempt a purge of CIA/Mossad moles from the Argentine intelligence services.
He then moves on to France to show how the French Zio-puppet government is exploiting the Charlie Hebdo massacre to clamp down on anti-Zionist dissidents like the comedian Dieudonne.

Finally, he moves to Japan, which is in the midst of a hostage crisis involving two Japanese men presumably held by ISIS. He notes that in all the events there is a common thread of Zionist forces trying to exploit the events to move forward their agenda of repressing individual liberty and national independence, although it is far from clear that the Zionists will get their way. Indeed, the growing awakening around the world to the problem of Jewish supremacism is raising the real possibility that these Zio machinations will actually backfire.

This is a fascinating show that you will want to share widely.

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Date: 01-26-15

Dr. David Duke discusses a recent article from the BBC's on-line service which poses the question “Are Jews and ‘Jewish Interests’ overrepresented in government?” The article points out that in Britain there are eight times as many Jews in the Parliament as one would expect based on their population. Of course, even the non-Jewish politicians are often very willing puppets, and Dr. Duke points out that the string pullers in the media and in finance are even more likely to be Jewish. The head of the BBC, the tax-payer finance national broadcaster of what was once the leading European nation, is a Jew by the name of Danny Cohen. Cohen, who took over the BBC while still in his thirties, was the benefactor of Jewish privilege which allows for such meteoric careers for "brilliant" young Jews who lack what would otherwise be considered the prerequisite qualifications or experience.
Dr. Duke also discusses the importance of living a life of meaning that extends beyond oneself, and how participation in the struggle for freedom of one's people and all of humanity can provide such meaning.
He then brings on Dr. Slattery, who notes the significance of the BBC article being published just a week after Jim Clancy was fired from CNN for having a tweeting dispute with Jewish activists and the same month as the obvious hypocrisies and double standards surrounding the Charlie Hebdo affair. They then discuss the fact that leading countries like the U.S., Britain, France, and Argentina have all current or recent Jewish heads of their foreign affairs ministries. This is a powerful show with vital information that you will want to share with your friends and relatives.

Standard Player
Date: 01-23-15

Today's show is one of the most interesting an riveting of any broadcast Dr. Duke has ever made.

In it he talks about a recent article that validated everything Dr. Duke has said about the destructiveness of the Jewish-controlled music and entertainment media, specifically gangsta rap and other forms of degeneracy.

The writer, Jonas E. Alexis, after confirming repeatedly Dr. Duke's positions, then suddenly claims that he is "metaphysically flawed because he believes that there is a racial, or ethnic basis for Judaism. And that argument has "been challenged many times."

In this show Dr. Duke refutes his points one by one in a powerful manner, and though he wishes Mr. Alexis well in our common anti-Zionist cause, he states that not recognizes, racist, supremacist core of the leading Jewish organization as well as the state of Israel is a fundamental mistake.

He also goes into the long Jewish tradition of separateness from the rest of humanity, hatred of intermarriage, and shows that this is no new phenomena.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery go into the fact that whether Jews call themselves, communists or capitalists, leftists or rightists, liberal or conservative, when one looks at their control of the seemingly contrary beliefs, they relentlessly, ethnically work together for Jewish supremacist objectives. It is exampled by the Iraq War, a war for Israel which was touted by the Liberal NY Times, as well as by Jewish neoconservatives.

Sometimes, blood is thicker than water. Not understanding that ethnic tribalism, and exposing it as the real source of Zionist power -- poses little gain in our struggles to overcome it.

Share this show, it is a great one! And go to DavidDuke.com and support this incredible "Human Freedom Radio."

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Date: 01-22-15

Dr. David Duke is joined in the later part of the show with Pete Santilli, host of his own program on the Rense Network.

In the first part of the show Dr. Duke shares his thoughts on welfare and the inequities in the social welfare system.

He share a poignant story of when he was approached by a mother, father and their little girl who was born with a heart defect, and how, although they paid huge amounts in taxes over the years, they could not get any financial help in the medical bills for his child -- all while illegal aliens, non-American citizens who never paid a penny in taxes were getting all their medical operations completely covered. The gentleman and his family and his business was forced into bankruptcy in order to save his child's life.

He goes into the fact that the health care reform of Obamacare actually discriminates against the truly, hardworking poor of the United States.

Then he talks to radio host Pete Santilli who discusses his own awakening and political evolution advanced by Dr. Duke.

A great show and certainly one to share.

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Date: 01-21-15

Obamacare: Giving the shaft to millions of the hard-working poor and vast segments of middle class Americans!

Dr. Duke gives a an overview today of the welfare system today and the healthcare that has not only not alleviated poverty but actually increased the suffering of both the welfare poor and the working poor in America. How the current system harshly penalizes the people who have contributed the most to the well-being of society.

He shows the exploitation by the super rich of all the rest of the American people

He speaks about his time on the Health and Welfare Committee in the House of Representatives when he was addressing the reasons why the social welfare system and the healthcare has actually perpetuated more poverty and rank injustice for millions of hard working low income people as well as for the vast majority in center of the middle class.

Dr. Slattery joins him with some great commentary and additional data.

A very vital show in understanding the growing impoverishment of the American middle class.

Share it, listen to it, and learn from this show!

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Date: 01-20-15

Dr. David Duke has a long, fascinating discussion on the real diversity of mankind and the evolutionary mechanisms that give different peoples all over the world the incredible distinctions and unique qualities that are expressed in the different genetic heritage, as well as cultures and customs, religious sensitivities, and the social structures that were created in response to their unique evolutionary imperative.

He also goes into the racist, anti-European mantra of the Zio controlled media who constantly demonize European Americans as "racist" and "privileged" even though one would wonder why, if White Americans were so privileged and racist powerful in America, why they would let themselves be so demonized and denigrated as "racists." "If racist Europeans were really in control why would they intentionally adopt immigration policies that would make their own people a minority in the nations their ancestors founded?" Duke asks.

The answer of course is that Europeans no longer do control the institutions of media, finance and government. These institutions are controlled by a small, extremely supremacist tribal entity that continually pervert these entities into mechanisms for their own ethnic supremacism and agenda.

He talks about an article in the Los Angeles Times headlining, "Can Their Be a Benign European America Organization -- No!" which says that any organization that simply wants celebrate or want to preserve European heritage is benign, but racist.

Dr. Slattery adds a lot of scientific evidence to notion that humanity has very significant differences, and that these differences are natural and find reality in the different cultures and societal structures around the world.

This is a wonderful show today that gives listeners a clearer understanding of the true diversity in humanity, and the right of all people to preserve their own expression of humanity.

This is a foundational show that helps people understand the realities of the world that will help us avoid the conflicts created by those who purposefully ignore those realities in pursuit of the Zio-imperialist objectives of globalism which must claim that no real differences exist so people will accept the regimentation of mankind and the suppression the independence and freedom of all people...including the European peoples.

The only group that is allowed to be supremely racist is the Jewish people and the supremacist State of Israel.

Share it, and support this amazing radio program and DavidDuke.com

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Date: 01-19-15

Dr. David Duke today revisits his incredibly powerful, further updated article: Are You an "Anti-Semite?" If You Repeat What Jewish Elite Says -- You Are One!

He goes through what the ADL and Jewish pollsters say are "Anti-Semitic canards" and shows that the leading Jewish authorities confirm every one of the so-called myths!

This is an incredible show that should be made into a thousands of videos and shared to every person on the Planet, beginning with those people whom you love and care about.

We all must awaken to the real truths of the world!

Every one of us, our families and loved ones, must confront the world's greatest problem, that of Zio Globalism and Jewish tribalist supremacism that leads us all to war, hate, degradation and destruction.

Don't forget to go to DavidDuke.com and make a gift toward this vital work, and remember to leave a great legacy by including support for our work in your will or bequest!

Share this one! And send links to this article to everyone you know!

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Date: 01-16-15

Dr. David Duke has a dynamite show for Friday and it will certainly reach the ears and hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe over the weekend and in the coming months and years on the Web.

Dr. Duke today exposes the lies of the vicious, hateful, lying attacks against him by the Zio organizations in collusion with the Zio Media, and shows how they work against anyone who exposes their hypocrisy.

The two prominent organizations viciously attacking Dr. Duke are the ADL and the SPLC. It is no accident that they are organizations completely run by Jewish supremacists who support the real Jewish Supremacy over the American media, over government, over the elite academy and over the FED reserve and international banking.

The ADL says its for civil and "Human Rights" and yet supports the Zionist, supremacist, racial-cleansing and racial based state of Israel.

The ADL openly calls upon America and the world to support this racist state which has policies that are exactly the opposite from everything promoted by the ADL for America and Europe. Israel does everything and far worse than what the ADL condemns in Europe and America. Foxman has openly and blatantly supported the mass murder and maiming of over 20,000 Palestinian men women and children in Gaza. Whole neighborhoods completely obliterated.

Dr. Duke speaks of the Jewish Zionist controlled SPLC under Mr. Cohen and Mr. Potok and its condemnation of David Duke for desiring the preservation of the European people and heritage, yet thinks it is great, not a word of criticism that the most powerful, multi-million dollar Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, which have million dollar programs to prevent Jewish intermarriage with gentiles! Why is David Duke then portrayed as evil racist and these powerful Jewish organizations actually supported by Cohen and Potok, who are mainly supported by Jewish big money.

The leaders of these Jewish organizations work for the Jewish racist agenda to be the dominant influence in government even though Jews are only 2 percent of the population, and they support the racial ethnic state of Israel.

Why does the SPLC hate David Duke? For one thing he exposes their own Jewish racism and hypocrisy as well as showing how black people have shown that the Southern Poverty Law Center is neither Southern nor poor. In fact it is fat cash cow of 300 million dollars who support the lavish lifestyle of this rich Jewish racists. Their organization's primary purpose is to vilify people like David Duke who exposes Jewish corruption in America.

Then Dr. Duke talks about a new article showing masses of Britons and others are anti-Semitic…. a great expose of the hypocrisy of these Zionists. He shows how the supposed thoughts of anti-Semites on Jewish issues are actually clearly enunciated by Jewish leaders themselves. "Are they also anti-Semites?" Duke asks. A very powerful segment!

Patrick Slattery eloquently wraps up a great show. Link to this show and davidduke.com. Share it, and be sure to support this work and give a gift if you listen to this on archive, unlike many other programs this comes to you free. If you appreciate it and find it interesting and important, give a gift of support at www.davidduke.com

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Date: 01-15-15

Dr. Duke does a in depth show taken from his ongoing research article on how terrorism, ISIS and eventual Civil War is coming to every nation of the Western World unless we overthrow the Zio-Globalist power over our media, finance and politics.

He shows how the Zionist control of Western Policy by supporting the horrific crimes of Israel against Mideast peoples and nations, as well as the Zio-directed wars that have brought death, injury and devastation to millions of people.

The Jewish Secretary of State justifying the death of 500,000 children in Iraq is offered as an example of this horrific policy done in the name of America, but one instigated by Jewish extremists like her.

Then he shows how the increasing terrorist attacks across the Western World would not be possible except for the massive immigration into Western nations, and he proves that Jewish tribalists have been the driving force behind it in every Western nation! They even brag openly about they have not only led the specific immigration advocacy groups but their control of media has brainwashed many European people into thinking that massive immigration will be good thing for respective countries, when of course see their horrifically conflicted nations, increased crime, social welfare burden, and of course terrorism on as scale completely alien to their way of life.

He also talks about the fact that all people on Earth naturally want to preserve their heritage and the vast majority of every nation does not want mass immigration of foreign peoples who don't share the essential values and culture.

He recounts a famous lecture he gave in the leading intellectual University in Libya and how the thousand academics and students actually cheered the fact that he wanted to preserve his own European people and culture in European lands just as the people of Libya desire the same for their own people.

Dr. Slattery added some prescient commentary on this issue and he and Dr. Duke discussed the argument and answered those who say that organized Jewish don't support immigration because why would they want to people coming in who are also natively anti-Israel. Dr. Slattery and Dr. Duke reveal the fact that all the major groups DO SUPPORT OPEN BORDERS FOR Europe and the every nation, and even boast about… and then go to explain the reasons that they do.

A great show and one to savor and share with friends and families.

Don't forget to support Dr. Duke's work with your gifts… Why not right now? And one way you make a huge impact is to include a bequest toward this work with your will or insurance distribution. Leave a Legacy for your heritage and freedom!

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Date: 01-14-15

Another Blockbuster Show with Dr. Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery.

Dr. Duke begins by talking about the last few days of massive derogatory Zio Media attacks upon him. He points out how the listeners of this show know the real David Duke and he put it this way, "My writings, shows, lectures, videos prove instantly that WHAT THEY SAY I SAY IS NOT WHAT I ACTUALLY SAY!

He shares with the listeners some of the early history, the true, unfiltered history of a famous American who is known throughout the world, and actually supported and loved by people all over the world -- as shown by his sky high video approval ratings in literally every nation on Earth.

Then, he delves into the Charlie Hebdo terrorism and shows how the Zionists are directly responsible for it.

He passionately shows how every people on Earth have the fundamental human right to preserve their nations, their heritage, their culture and their faith, and that no people on earth would favor into their own nations the massive immigration that has been forced upon Europe by the Zio-corrupted politicians.

Also, he discusses how ISIS was an inspiration for the attacks and Zio controlled policy in the USA, France and Great Britain to destroy the truly secular, moderate government in France and support the jihadist terrorists -- has led directly to this rampant terrorism. Again, the attack against Syria was totally based on the fact that Israel hates Syria for supporting the Lebanese and the Palestinian people.

What Israel wants, is what Zio controlled America, UK and France does.

Dr. Slattery comes on and shares with the strange tale from the Jewish Press about Netanyahu acting like a Stereotypical Jewish, pushy, loud, obnoxious tourist.

He also exposes how although Freedom of Speech was the catch word for the march, the truth is that the Zionists suppress real freedom of Speech.

Great Show, share and also support David Duke's great work with your gifts at http://www.davidduke.com !

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Date: 01-13-15

Dr. David Duke comes on today immediately after appearing on the black Christian Conservative, Jesse Peterson Show.

He tells about what happened on the show and includes some of the direct quotes from the Gospels that totally refute the Zio-influenced Christian-Zionist lies.

He quotes from Hebrews in the New Testament where God says specifically, "They (the Jews) continued not in my covenant and I considered them not, saith the Lord."

He talks about the most common three word applicable phrase in the New Testament, "Fear of the Jews." Such as for fear of the Jews no one spake of him (Jesus).

And it is in this "fear of Jews" The powerful, anti-Christian, Jewish racist masters of media and government, that far too many Christians grovel.

He talks about the fact that Christians are told that Judaism is a pro-Christian religion when in fact the Jewish Talmud claims that Jewish priests have conjured Jesus from the grave and are boiling him in human excrement for eternity! Shocking, strange but absolutely true!

Then He shows the incredible damage done by these Jewish masters of media to both European Americans and African Americans and hundreds of millions of others in America and around the world.

A busy show, Dr. Duke then goes in depth into why Europe and America have increasing terrorist attacks -- all because of the Zionist influence over Western immigration policies and the promotion of Israel's murder, ethnic cleansing, and the result of Jewish media and government support for the radical al Nursra (Qaeda) in Syria as well as ISIS, by direct support in addition to attempting to destroy Assad's Christian and moderate Sunnite leadership.

Dr. Slattery adds incredibly powerful commentary as well.

This one you don't want to miss! Share it and support Dr. Duke's vital work with your gifts!

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Date: 01-12-15

Dr. Duke starts the show by discussing the continuing media controversies that he is in the middle of. He points out the barrage of lies and double standards that he is subjected to for speaking out against the victimization of blacks by Jewish media moguls.

He notes that his criticism of Nicki Minaj for the degenerate content of her music videos and his point that she is a product of the Zio-record industry has been somehow twisted into "KKK attacks Minaj for speaking out against police brutality!"

He then brings on Dr. Slattery to talk about new developments regarding the British medical journal The Lancet, which caught the ire of the Zionist extremists after a group of leading doctors published an open letter in the journal condemning last summer’s Israeli massacre in Gaza. (Two of these doctors had circulated Dr. Dukes video on CNN, Goldman Sachs, and the Zio-matrix of power.)

Finally, they discuss the role of Zio-wars in the Middle East and Central America in producing massive numbers of refugees who then wind up in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. A powerful show that you will want to share!

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Date: 01-09-15

David Duke discusses a recent interview he did on Al Jazeera, that he recorded and has the perfect right to release, if Al Jazeera does not show it.

He talks about how the Zionist control of the media works and shows how even networks that purport to fair on the Israeli, Palestinian issue regularly appoint biased Zionist extremist Jews to head their news programs. In this case it was the anchor for the evening news David Shuster who has been a pro-Israeli, Jewish activist for years.

Dr. Duke speaks about how in the interview he spoke the facts about the Zionist control of the major media conglomerates -- which Shuster said was an untruth, and when Dr. Duke began to rattle off the Jewish Zionist ownership of the largest networks, Shuster just bubbled over with hate and tried to talk over the same way O'Reilly did!

The truth is that Palestinians and all of us will continue to be devastated by these Zionist wars until their control over the Western media, finance and government is broken.

Zionists know that very well, that's why they try to demonize Dr. Duke and bias the listening audience against him with incessant, childish name calling.

Later in the broadcast Dr. Slattery give the latest in the ongoing Nicki Minaj headlines over Dr. Duke's true criticism of the damage that the Jewish-promoted rap music and videos do both African American and European American youth as well as every people on earth, and how the Jewish supremacists distort and spin his comments in their attempt to divert both blacks and whites away from the real rulers of rap, and general music as well as the entertainment and news media.

Great Show! Share!

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Date: 01-08-15

Dr. David Duke -- Exposing the Zio Media Lies about Nicki Minaj!

Today Dr. David Duke has a foundational show that begins by a discussion of the recent Zio media lies about Dr. Duke's comments on the Nicki Minage, and the filthy, violent and destructive gangsta rap music that so damages millions of young African Americans and a sector of young white Americans.

He corrects the lies that are now being headlined in the Black media to divert them from understanding the Jewish role in this destructive direction the Jewish music moguls are pushing rap music -- toward degenerates such as Nicki Minage which surely harm the values that most thoughtful blacks want for their people.

In order to divert black and white people from his truthful comments about the Jewish power behind this filth, Zio media has lied and said that Duke attacked Minage because she spoke in support of anti-police demonstrators. Totally untrue.
The have lied that Duke said blacks didn't create rap. Untrue, Duke said that the Jewish moguls of music simply popularized it and its most destructive forms in their controlled media.

And finally they lie that David Duke blames Nicki Manaj for this damage. In his originally reported radio show he says specifically she in not to blame, she is nothing, one who deserves no recognition and would receive none in a healthy media and society, the blame must fall on the music moguls who peddle this toxic filth to our youth!

Duke also early in the show talks about the secret relationship between blacks and Jews and the role of the Jews in the most horrendous part of slavery the slave trade itself under which millions of blacks endured horrendous suffering, all while they demonize whites for the slave trade which actually was Jewish not European based. -- But not a word of this Jewish control in the mainstream Zio media.
Dr. Slattery joins Dr. Duke in the final segment and he documents the whole controversy.

listen, share, and be sure to support davidduke.com and the work of Dr. Duke tangibly with your dollars in addition to your agreement!

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Date: 01-07-15

Dr. David Duke has foundational show on how the media uses psychological means to emotionally program people to have negative feelings against anyone who exposes the Jewish racist control of American society and to brand those who criticize Israel as anti-Semites.

He talks about the key words they chronically ring like the bell Pavlov showed would condition dogs to salivate even when food was not present. By ringing a bell when the dogs were fed, all they had to do was ring the bell even when food was not present -- to cause the dogs to salivate.

Today they ring the bell of "anti-Semite, racist, hater or white supremacist" to try to prevent people to carefully weigh the reason and humanity of people such as Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery.

Dr.Duke goes into the CNN program and shows how the parts that CNN removed were the parts that showed Dr. Duke's true sense of fairness towards African Americans and other races.

He shows how they deleted his most powerful comments from the interview about the complete Jewish control of congress, and his comments revealing Washington Post articles showing how the 2 percent Jewish population controls more than 50 percent of campaign financing.
He points out that the blocked out part included Dr. Duke's comment that Jewish power has prevented any real dissent in Congress on Israel. Every other issue can be debated, except for supporting the racist, terrorist State of Israel!

He also talks about his and our true feelings about race and human rights and shows the way to talk about our views in loving and decent way which will help you to bring your family and friends to recognition and understanding of the true racist, supremacist power that rules over America, an ethnic supremacism that also, of course, rules over the Palestinian people and who have caused so much suffering in the world.

Dr. Slattery goes into the recent viral stories about Dr. Duke's exposing of the Zio music moguls who promote gangsta rap that has so damaged both African American and European American youth, and indeed many people of varying races all over the world through the global zio media.

He shows how in the Nicki Minag controversy they have tried to get African Americans to not pay attention to his comments on the Jewish role by saying that Dr. Duke criticized her only because she spoke out against police brutality. In fact, Dr. Duke didn't even know she had done, that and he published articles on her and the Zio moguls control of rap long before her statements of police brutality.

Great show.

Once again Dr. Duke breaks through the electronic Zio Curtain over America and the world!
Listen, share, and support Dr. Duke's great work.
Go to DavidDuke.com and support his heroic efforts!

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Date: 01-06-15

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery on the Zio Media Avalanche of Attacks on Dr. Duke and Rep. Steve Scalise Today's show is earthshaking.

He discusses his appearance on O'Reilly, CNN and Rachel Maddow's biased coverage as well as the overwhelming support he has gotten from (believe it or not) young black hip hop fans who agree that the Jewish Music Moguls are destroying young people by their promotion sick violence, drugs, thuggery, gangster-ism, disrespect of women, and degenerate sexual behavior and pornographic filth.

This is a show you must listen to and promote.
Remember to go to DavidDuke.com and support his work!

Share this powerful show, post the links to this archive everywhere!

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Date: 01-05-15

Hear this absolutely incredible show today with Dr. David Duke who is later joined by Dr. Patrick Slattery.

Dr. Duke gives the behind the scenes story of being in the eye of the media hurricane over the last week.
He exposes the incredible lies and bias of the media and why they lie. He gives the inside story of both the media celebrities he as talked with over the past few days, and gives specific examples of censorship in the media of his real message.

He also talks about the original CNN interview was edited possibly in an attempt to suppress his truth telling about the Zionist takeover of America.
He quotes from the HipHopDX website, the most popular HipHop website in covering his recent attack upon the music company moguls who support the horrific degeneracy, violence, drug culture, sexual dissolution and thuggery in HipHop music!

Even though Dr. Duke is labeled a "White supremacist" and racist by the Zio Media (which he is not) and although there is obviously a lot of resentment among blacks against him because of this media portrayal -- most the African American posters on the HipHop site wrote that Dr. Duke was 100 percent right about the damage done to black people by the HipHop Jewish producers.

It is interesting to see that not only do European Americans agree with Dr. Duke, even young black people who are fans of HipHop overwhelmingly agree with his view on this issue.

A great show and once again proof of Dr. Duke's incredible successful efforts to speak for all of us.
If you appreciate his incredible work, don't you think you should support it with generous gift because without your unselfish support he can't accomplish what he does!

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Date: 01-02-15

Today's show was hosted by Dr. Patrick Slattery, with Dr. Duke joining mid-show to discuss the media attention that he is getting. Attorney Don Advo also joins the show. As a result of efforts to thwart Representative Steve Scalise's appointment to a top leadership post in the new Congress, the media has invoked his possible attendance at a meeting in his district of an organization founded by Dr. Duke. This has lead to an upsurge in attention paid to Dr. Duke's actual words, as opposed to the caricature manufactured by the Zio-media. And this seems to be backfiring on the Zionists, as audiences of every background are being exposed to and are expressing support for Dr. Duke's positions and analyses. This includes the commentators on a major Hiphop website, who overwhelmingly are agreeing with Dr. Duke's condemnation of the Zionist-backed work of rap diva Nikki Minaj and his observation that this depravity is not coming FROM the black community so much as AT the black community, thanks to the Jewish masters of the record industry. Also, Don Advo and Dr. Slattery describe their voyages from very different political backgrounds to an understanding of the threat posed to all humanity by the Jewish supremacist attack on people of European heritage. This is an important show to share widely!

Standard Player
Date: 12-31-14

Dr. David Duke is joined today by Don Black and they discuss being in the eye of the hurricane surrounding the speech that Rep. Steve Scalise spoke at hosted by David Duke.

Dr. Duke opens by discussing the enormous lies and twisting of the facts concerning the national media coverage of the controversy.

Among the lies Dr. Duke completely disprove are:

The labeling of the Dr. Duke as a racist and white supremacist when in fact he actually vociferously condemns and form of racial supremacism and oppression and any hateful racist rhetoric or racist suppression against anyone.

He has preached this for years and preached this to everyone including European American followers and supporters. For instance in the Ferguson case and the demonstrations he has pointed out that Europeans should be upset with African American anger, they should be far more upset with the vicious racist anger and racist hatred against European Americans who have been incited by the national media.
He points out to African Americans how their greatest harm has come from the Jewish Zionist racists who control the entertainment movie and music industry that has promoted gangsta rap, violence, drug and alcohol abuse and the destruction of values that are important for healthy black families and young people and the same in regard to whites.

The number of blacks who have been shot dead by police are tiny and almost all have been engaged in criminal activity. In truth huge numbers of blacks have been shot and harmed by other blacks who have been influenced toward such horrific behavior by the Hollywood movie and entertainment media, overwhelmingly in control of the ultimate racists, the Jewish, Zionist tribalists.
He and Don talk about the fact that much of the media didn't even mention the fact that Dr. Duke was an elected public official and that he overwhelming public support in the district now represented by Mr. Scalise. In that Congressional district Dr. Duke received over 60 percent of the popular vote for U.S. Senator and for governor.

Don discusses the meeting and their long history, and at the end of th show they discuss New Years resolutions and how to make meaningful resolutions and achieve the life of your dreams.

An incredibly powerful show. It is one to share with your family and friends!
May each of you have a very Happy and Meaningful New Year for you and your love-ones and for our freedom and precious heritage!

Standard Player
Date: 12-30-14

In today's dynamic program, Dr. David Duke discusses the national and world wide headlines of the media concerning the fact that a few years ago, the current Republican Majority Whip in the U.S. Congress came at spoke at David Duke meeting in Louisiana. In this broadcast David Duke sets the record straight that there was no political relationship between Rep. Steve Scalise and himself, and that truth is that dozens of Democratic as well as Republican elected officials did have a true political alliance and friendship.

He pointed out that if Steve Scalise is to be crucified for simply speaking at a David Duke meeting, than dozens of Democratic and Republican elected officials must be condemned as well, because they actually supported Dr. Duke's political races among their constituents, and overwhelmingly voted for his signature bill in the House of Representatives that would forbid racial discrimination in state hiring that is euphemistically called "Affirmative Action."
Although Dr. Duke and Representative Scalise were not political allies, he said he thought it horrible that he was castigated for speaking before constituents in a congressional district that David Duke won with 60 percent of the vote for both the U.S. Senate and for Governor of Louisiana!

The first part of the show Dr.Duke talks about why the Zio media lies about him constantly -- Its because he is the only major American political figure who dares to stand up the real ultra-racists who control America and Israel, the Jewish supremacists.

That's why they slander him incessantly. They know he and his books and writings expose the Zionists better than any public figure in the Western World!

Dr. Slattery Also comes on to discuss the issue

Standard Player
Date: 12-29-14

David Duke has a foundational show on racism. What is it? How is defined?

Racism is defined as oppressing, exploiting, harming or defaming a race. By that definition who are the most powerful racists in America? And who is their racism directed against?
If someone says Jews as a group are shysters he is considered racist. if someone says that blacks are promiscuous he would be considered racist.

But what if one says that whites are racist. "Racist" is about the worst thing you can call a person or a race of people. So, the question is, why is calling white people racist not itself racist?

In truth, as racism is defined, if you believe in mutual respect of all peoples, and you oppose the oppression of a people by another people, you are not racist, but actually anti-racist. The truth is that any race can practice racism, not only white people.
The truth is that the real ultra-racists are those who control the media. The Zio Media demonizes whites and incites hatred in blacks toward whites and self-hatred in many whites toward themselves. They do this so they can divide and conquer and control us all. They especially hate whites and seek to demonize whites because they see the 60 percent of the white population as their biggest competitors for power, so they want to weaken and demoralize white people, and create a coalition against white people while they are the true masters of media, finance and government.

The Zio masters of America want both whites and blacks not to recognize the real source of their disintegrating nation, the Jewish masters who leading us all to tyranny and dissolution.

He shows how only tiny numbers of blacks have shot by police but that huge numbers of blacks have been shot by other blacks because of the Zio media that promotes gangsterism, violence, thuggery drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, sexual degeneration that destroys families and that makes kids fatherless, etc. Not only are blacks affected by these toxic poisons of the Zio media, many innocent whites fall victim of black violence as well. And many white young people are also culturally poisoned into drug addictions and destructive lifestyles.

Atty Don Advo joins with Dr. Duke to add a lot of interesting info about the true black leader Marcus Garvey.

This is an incredible discussion of the foundational issues that are wracking the well-being of both whites and blacks in America.
It is a powerful, heartfelt discussion that you must share to those you are trying to awaken!

Standard Player
Date: 12-26-14

Dr. David Duke has a really valuable post-Christmas show today on the true meaning of Christmas and how we can use these special days, what he calls anniversary days, to renew and redirect our lives toward living the life our dreams, about being at the causation of our lives rather than at the effect. We have take control our lives and stop being remotely directed by the Zio media and its meaningless and destructive diversions of modern life.

Dr. Duke goes into the life savers morning ritual routine that helps direct our day and moves our lives toward the truly important things. It is called Life Savers.

Then Dr. Duke joins with Dr. Slattery discussing the latest revelation in the Jewish media about a major Jewish group admitting that they have an absolute ban on their leaders intermarrying with non-Jews. They point out that if an European-run organization had such a policy the Zio media would have been screaming from the rooftops about "White Racism" etc. Once again we see that Jewish racism is the only racism the media won't dare address, yet Jewish racism and tribalism is the most powerful, radical and oppressive racism on earth. Through racist discrimination and favoritism, the Jewish tribe dominate and control the media, international banking, academia and politics.

Finally Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the new movie, The Interview and how sick, perverted it is. How the movie is being praised and one of the principles, even while "Super Jew," Seth Rogan promotes drug use and degenerate behavior in our teens and even our children, constantly promoting many kinds of horrifically destructive behavior.
A great show today. One more incredible show worth sharing!

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Date: 12-25-14

Be sure to listen to this beautiful and heartfelt program for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Joined by Dr. Slattery, Dr. David Duke looks at the harsh reality of the world but shows us the beauty and meaning of Christmas.

Also be sure to listen to Dr. Duke's special Christmas eve podcast available on DavidDuke.com! It move you deeply and also strike a wonderful inspiring note among your family and friends. Share!

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Date: 12-24-14

Be sure to listen to this beautiful and heartfelt program for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Joined by Dr. Slattery, Dr. David Duke looks at the harsh reality of the world but shows us the beauty and meaning of Christmas.

Also be sure to listen to Dr. Duke's special Christmas eve podcast available on DavidDuke.com! It move you deeply and also strike a wonderful inspiring note among your family and friends. Share!

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Date: 12-23-14

Dr. David Duke has an incredible pre-Christmas show today on why America and the world is becoming so conflicted. He exposes the biggest obstacle to "Peace on Earth" and "Goodwill Toward Man."

The truth, he says, is that the Jewish media racistly promotes hatred and racism against the European people as a means of inciting other groups against the very group that Jews perceive as their biggest enemy, the European people. If the Jewish Zionists are going to control America, they must depose the European American majority who stand between them and their complete control takeover of not only European nations but the world at large.

He exposes the fact that police, on a per ca-pita basis have a much greater chance of shooting and killing European American criminal suspects than Black suspects, that the media and politicians are aware of this, but this hateful, racist myth is perpetrated that White racism is causing police to shoot down Black people.

In reality, for instance in New York for the year 2011, whites were less than 3 percent of criminals who fired guns in the commission of crimes, while they were 44 percent of those killed by police gunfire. At the same time blacks who were 67 percent of criminal shooters were only 22 percent of those shot and killed by police.

If there is any racial bias, the facts are clear: it is whites are who shot a vastly higher disproportion than are blacks!
But although the mayor of New York had to be aware of these facts, he helped incite the recent murder of the two policemen, as the Jewish dominated mass media has perpetrated the myth of white racist killings of black people!

The truth is that Jewish media are the real racist perpetrators, and that they promote and incite racist hatred and a degree of self-hatred against whites, both harming whites and black alike.

This is a shocking fact, and once one understands this truth, one quickly realizes that is very convenient for the focus on "racism" is on whites and blacks rather than the real, ultra-racists whose discriminatory tribalist suppression of non-Jews is the key to their supremacy over both whites and blacks in America!
An incredible show today! Share it.

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Date: 12-22-14

Hear Dr. David Duke discuss the real reason why the US government is hostile towards North Korea--and no, it is not because that nation has an appalling human rights record, or because it is armed with nuclear weapons: it is simply because that country is hostile towards Israel!

Joining Dr. Duke is Dr. Patrick Slattery, who also discusses the Zio-influence in creating degeneracy in the media and culture through the promotion of hatred, violence and drugs through music.

An exciting and magnificent show... extremely powerful! Share it!

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Date: 12-19-14

An amazing program today led off by Dr. David Duke with a wide-ranging survey of the history of the European people and the foundation of the ancient European recognition celebration and celebration of Solstice.

He also talks about how Christianity, when it came to Europe subsumed many of the ancient traditions of Solstice and the European folkways. This is where the Christmas tree comes from, the tradition of gift giving, and the great emphasis of the church on Mary, and the elevation of womanhood as compared to the Jewish tradition of treatment of women as "unclean" and "inferior" creatures only meant to serve their Jewish male masters in the same way Gentiles are only made to serve them.

If you don't believe this, then you must read Dr. Duke's book, Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening, which go into depth on these subjects with numerous quotes directly from Jewish religious texts.

Then he talks about the meaning of Solstice and Christmas in our own personal lives, and how we can make it a time of renewal and dedication in our own lives and in our own families.
Dr. Slattery joins in the show and shows how the tradition of gift giving really must be applied to our own movement for our freedom and heritage. That nothing is more important than to give of ourselves toward our freedom!

Dr. Duke closes by talking about although many people would see his life as one of great sacrifice, he doesn't look at like that. The fact that he has given his life to his people and human rights, has given his life great meaning and a deep sense of Joy and happiness. This is a powerful meaningful show today.

One more great show to share with your friends and loved-ones as we soon celebrate Solstice and then approach the meaning of Christmas day! Share!

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Date: 12-18-14

Dr. David Duke will startle and shock you today with documented proof of a massive Jewish hate campaign and war on Christmas and Christmas traditions in the Western World.
He quotes directly from Jewish sources and has such a powerful and logical presentation that anyone with simply a smidgen of open-mindedness will have an awakening to the reality of the Jewish-dominated society in which we live.

He points out the banning of Christian symbols at Christmas, while Jewish symbols representing Jewish massacres of their enemies are erected on public land are erected in the USA and around the world.

He shows how the media is completely controlled, because it does not expose the denial of rights to the 98 percent non-Jewish population to honor its traditions while the 2 percent of the population are given supremacy in their right to celebrate their own ethnic purity and power!

He also has a deep discussion with Dr. Patrick Slattery on the nature of the conspiracy that Alex Jones always talks about, how Alex Jones talks about some conspiracy of money when it is at heart a powerful globalism with a racial-supremacist core.

Dr. Duke shows how the Gentiles involved are actually servants who have their power dependent on their subservience to Zionist power, as although the world banking and media establishment supports open borders for America and Europe, it steadfastly supports the racist, terrorist, ethnic cleansing genocidal state of Israel. Why? Because any members of the establishment know that if they dare oppose Jewish supremacy they will be economically destroyed and media demonized.
This is a powerful show that you MUST SHARE with every loved-one…mail the link to this article to every friend in your email address book and post it on your Facebook and twitter pages!

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Date: 12-17-14

Dr. Duke has another very powerful show today on the outlawing of Christian Christmas symbols while Jewish religious symbols are not only not outlawed but promoted. Exposing this hypocrisy is a perfect way to expose the real rulers of America.

Most Americans love and respect our Christmas traditions and believe that we should be able to honor Christmas traditions in our schools and certainly in public institutions. Why shouldn't our children not be allowed to sing Christmas carols in our schools? It was done routinely for the first 150 years of our nation's existence.

Why are Christian symbols of Christmas banned while Jewish symbols erected by the thousands on public property. Why no outcry in the same media that told us that it is wrong to have religious symbols on public ground, but it is just wonderful to have Jewish racist religious symbols of Jewish military victory over their enemies honored on public ground?

Why should symbols supporting Jewish racial purity and supremacy be erected on public ground?
David Duke has a great discussion on the subject today with Dr. Patrick Slattery.

It is program you really need to share with all your friends and loved ones. This issue can help them wake up to Jewish supremacism and the tyranny it represents.

Share it!

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Date: 12-16-14

Today's David Duke Show is a classic.
It is based on the powerful new article on DavidDuke.com:

Christian Christmas Symbols Banned while Giant Jewish Menorahs Erected on Public Land!
Judaized America: you cannot put up Christian Christmas symbols in public places - But Jews can put up Hanukkah symbols and have Jewish religious rites of Hanukkah, which is a celebration of Jewish racism and mass murder of Gentiles as well as murder of Jews who dare to assimilate with Gentiles.

Also Dr. Patrick Slattery exposes the Jewish racism in Hanukkah and the absolute hypocrisy of the Zio Media and Zio Government control in America.

Share this program. Help awaken your Christian friends and all lovers of freedom!

The hypocrisy of the rights of Hanukkah and Jewish symbols on Public Ground while Christian symbols are banned is proof of the Jewish extremist takeover of the United States!

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Date: 12-15-14

Dr. Duke has another foundational show based on the release of documents of ISIS in Mosel telling its fanatics that is okay to enslave anyone who does not have the same version of Islam that they preach, and even gives its fanatics to rape and kill women!
Dr. Duke then talks about the fact that fundamental Judaism also okays slavery of other people by Jews, along with rape and murder of women, men, children.

He gives direct quotations from the Jewish book of laws the Halacha, from the Talmud which make this very clear, as well as all sorts of rape, pedophilia of both little boys and girls by Jews, including Jewish priests and pious ones. It literally gives sanction to these acts.

Then he goes into the Jewish control of the world white slavery industry and the horrific degradation and enslavement of tens of millions of Europeans through global Jewish crime syndicates based in Israel. He quotes Jewish run newspapers such as the New York Times in documenting this horrific, Jewish racist reality.

Dr. Slattery adds prescient commentary and the show is one of those programs that will shock you and motivate you to act against this globalist evil!

Share this show!

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Date: 12-12-14

Dr. David Duke has a ground-breaking show again with proof of the chief rabbi of Israel demanding Nuremberg-style racial laws in Israel. Israel has the strictest laws of any nation on Earth regarding a racial basis of immigration and a racial basis of marriage. ll they while Israel condemns any other nation that desires to preserve their heritage. Learn the truth in this incredible broadcast. Also joining Dr. Duke is Don Advo, a brilliant attorney from California who shows how America's immigration policy is led by Jews as a tool to ensure their own supremacy and exploitation of the people of the United States! A powerful fundamental program today!

share it!

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Date: 12-11-14

David Duke gives a very impassioned talk in the beginning of this broadcast that is worthy of a thousand people making videos of it and distributing them to the world.

He talks in depth about the Jewish media role in damaging European Americans and African Americans in the recent Ferguson controversy, then dives into the torture question and how the Jewish media, which pretends it is a guardian of human rights, actually promotes torture and the incredible evil of the Zionist State of Israel.

Next, he goes into the latest article on DavidDuke.com which is about Masha Gesson, a Jewish Marxist who demands the abolishment of the institution of marriage and the traditional family, yet she is the person in charge of propaganda going to the Russian people on the U.S. Government financed Radio liberty!

Dr. Duke shows that she is praised to the skies by fellow proud Jew, john Kerry, whose actual family name is Cohen. He then ties this with the openly stated Jewish books and articles in the Israeli press that boast that Jews are leading the fight in America against a "family friendly culture." The article subtitles that Jews are "asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity."

They are proud of destroying the family friendly culture in America and the Western world but openly support a "family friendly culture" in Israel for their Jewish brethren. However, you will only find these headlines and admissions in the Jewish press directed for Jewish consumption.

Dr. Duke brings on Adrian Salbuchi at the half hour mark and Mr. Salbuchi discusses the perception of the world of America before and after the torture revelations, about the how Argentina is a target of the Zion globalists and how the Zio media is infecting and damaging the young people of Argentina just as it degenerating the entire world.

This is a great show that you truly need to share with all your family an friends, worldwide!

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Date: 12-10-14

Dr. Duke has an incredible, moving commentary exposing the Jewish tribalist role in America's horrific programs of torture. He shows how the same advocates and procurers of torture as American policy, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and others were former Trotskyite Communists. They along with the other Jewish founders of so-called neo-conservatism were worshipers of Leon Trotsky, the murderous head of the Red Army which tortured and murdered millions of Russians. The Jewish encyclopedia praised Trotsky as one of the greatest Jewish generals in history.

Now they created the greatest black mark on the United States and the people of the United States in our history. The official policy of the United States of America to conduct horrific torture.
No real American, no truly Patriotic American can stay silent and not speak about this abhorrent and un-American policy.

Don Advo also offers some prescient commentary from the perspective of an attorney who is a scholar on Constitutional rights.

Great Show…. one that you must share with every person on your email contact list

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Date: 12-09-14

Dr. David Duke is joined in the latter part of the show by attorney Don Advo. Today, Dr. Duke gives the most powerful proof possible that the whole Ferguson media hoopla is nothing but a most extreme incitement of racist hatred against European Americans. It is meant to demonize European Americans and direct African American anger toward Europeans rather than the real ultra-racist Jewish tribalists who are doing horrific harm to both African Americans and European Americans.
Dr. Duke contrasts the Michael Brown case with the Gilbert Collar case where a white teen was shot to death by a black police officer, but there was no outrage in the media and no headlines: "Black Policemen Kills Unarmed White Teen."

Black crime rates both against whites and their own people have skyrocketed in the last few decades because of the degradation and degeneration of the Jewish controlled media that has soaked young people in violence, degeneracy, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, and other forms of behavior that have led to millions of lives lost or ruined in the United States and around the world.
Don Advo joins the discussion and Dr. Duke shares the davidduke.com article on the Jewish financing of the 'Femen" radical feminist movement, and how the Jewish media has supported every attack on the foundations of the Western world and Western morality.

They both show that the mass media propaganda portraying the Ferguson incident as "White Racism" completely dovetails with their assault on every foundational pillar of a civilized society that truly respects human rights and values.

A great show. Share it!

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Date: 12-08-14

Dr. David Duke and guest Roy have a deep discussion of the real racism that rules America: Jewish supremacism and how it incites hateful racism and violence against European Americans as well as deflecting black awareness from the real exploitation of the Jewish tribalists who control, finance, media and politics and harm every racial and ethnic group in America and around the world. Great Show! Share it!

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Date: 12-05-14

Dr. David Duke on today with Pastor Mark Dankof, Dr. Robert Slattery, and writer, producer and composer Robert Lloyd.

Today Dr. begins by sharing with you the Chinese awareness of the Jewish tribalist takeover of the United States and the Western World. He quotes the Jewish Tablet magazine which quotes Chinese newspapers as saying that: “The world’s wealth is in Americans’ pockets; Americans are in Jews’ pockets”

Then Pastor Dankof comes in to talk about the Jewish role in the spread of ISIS and why America has supported the rise of al Qaeda and isis in Syria and Iraq because of their overwhelming hatred of the Assad Government which was one of the strongest anti-Zionist nations in the Mideast. His commentary is very powerful.

Next Robert Lloyd comes on to share another action clip segment from his audio movie of The Mutiny of the Elsinore. Listeners can get an idea of the quality and power of this great production by this gifted writer and composer.

Dr. Slattery also adds some prescient commentary on the ISIS crisis and how they pursue the interests of Israel and Jewish supremacy to the detriment of America and all nations on Earth.

A great show today, which needs to be shared with your family and friends! Do share it!

And be sure to order this book which makes a beautiful Christmas present for your friends and loved ones!

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Date: 12-04-14

Dr. David Duke has a great show once again bringing the key issues to play in the Michael Brown case. The damning facts that show the actual truth about police shootings. They reveal that black people involved in violent crime are shot at a much lower percentage than whites! Yet, these facts are totally suppressed by the Zio Media.
He also shows the vicious, racist Zio media in inflaming people against Europeans, and at the same time inflaming whites against blacks, when the truth is the African American people of America are actually being incited by the controlled Zio media.
He also discusses the latest unanimous treasonous sellout of the US Congress to Israel in the latest "Strategic Partnership Agreement" which makes America subservient to the Interests of the Government of Israel which has:
-- Committed terrorism against America in the Lavon Affair
-- Purposefully murdered 34 Americans and wounded 173 Americans on the USS Liberty
-- Spied on America in the most damaging espionage case in the history of the United States.
Dr. Slattery joins the show and points out is not the police who are the biggest problem for African Americans but the Jewish controlled media that has promoted the climate of drug and alcohol abuse, and violence in both the black and white community!
A great show, one you should certainly share with your friends and loved ones! Don't forget to order your Mutiny of the Elsinore Christmas Presents -- Do so now in time for Christmas giving at the special discount of 5 books for only $100.

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Date: 12-03-14

Dr. Duke does an incredible job showing how the Zio media created the Ferguson racial hatred out of lies. He goes into the true statistics of police shootings proving that police are far more likely to shoot white criminal suspects than black criminal suspects. He also reveals the obviously racist murder of a newlywed white man right in front of ride. It occurred during hateful demonstrations against "white racism" in St. Louis in the wake of the Michael Brown case. But the media has blacked out this horrible racial crime.

Then Dr. Duke talks about the new article on the hypocrisy of Zionist Refugee policy hypocrisy. It is exactly the opposite of the policy advocated for America and European nations.

Finally Dr. Slattery comes on to discuss all and there is a playing of Dr. Duke's powerful introduction to the audio movie of Jack London's great book, The Mutiny of the Elsinore.

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Date: 12-02-14

Dr. Duke begins this program with a foundational understanding of what racism truly is. He goes on to expose the hateful, lying, inciting racism of the Zio Media in America and around the world. He talks about the Ferguson protests and the brutal murder of a innocent White man by a Black gang in St. Louis, and how the Zio media has not only suppressed the story, but has promoted the lie that the attack had nothing to do with race, even though it occurred in the midst of massive demonstrations hatefully blaming all Whites for racism!

He shows why the media makes sure that you hear and know the name Michael Brown, the man killed in altercation by police right after a violent robbery, while you don't know the name Zemir Begic, a European immigrant who was attacked and killed with hammers by a Black gang!
Dr. Duke analyzes the entire media treatment of the Brown case and shows how the media itself incited the racist hate that led to the murder of Begic!

He and Dr. Slattery show that the media promotion of anti-White racism in Michael Brown case is all part of their divide and conquer tactics in America.

If you have the skills, make a video of this radio program and post it all over the internet, and don't forget to get your copies of the Mutiny of the Elsinore on DavidDuke.com in time for Christmas presents!

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Date: 12-01-14

Great Show today! Later, Dr. Duke interviews Robert Lloyd on the Mutiny of the Elsinore audio movie.

But first Dr. Duke exposes the latest Zio treason. He reveals a major Israeli publication that shows how the leaders of Israel were fully aware of the catastrophic spying of Jonathan Pollard when they assured America that they knew nothing about it!

This was headlines in the Israeli media, but of course almost totally suppressed in the mainstream American media which is more closely controlled for goyim consumption than the media for Jews in Israel! It proves once again the draconian Jewish control over the American media.

He refers to a picture on davidduke.com of Ziobama giving the highest American award to Shimon Perez, the man who was behind the spying of Pollard that was the most damaging spy case in American History.

At the half hour mark composer producer Robert Lloyd comes on to talk about this screenplay and audio movie made from the book. We also play an exciting excerpt from the audio movie which is performed by pad actors and actresses with professional editing and sound effects as well as an original music score.

Dr. Duke emphasizes that the audio movie will be given to those who make a significant gift in the annual fundraising drive for DavidDuke.com, along with an autographed, certified, numbered copy of this beautiful hundred year anniversary hardback of Jack London's amazing book!

Act now and be sure to share this show with anyone who needs to be awakened to the Jewish problem and those who know but need some motivation. If this show doesn't inspire you… then nothing will!

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