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Date: 04-27-17

Dr. Duke & Eric Striker Discuss the Zio War on Free Speech at Berkeley, the Mossad, Israeli Bomb Threat Hoax Unravels, plus the Zio NY Times Says USA Must Support ISIS!


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Date: 04-26-17

Dr. Duke Tells Truth About Confederacy and Why the Zionist Takeover of Media and Politics in America is Why We no longer Know the Truth


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Date: 04-25-17

Dr. Duke Makes a Rousing Defense of Our Southern Monuments and Explains Why the Zio Deep State Seeks Destruction of Our History!


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Date: 04-24-17

Dr. Duke Gives a Passionate Call for White People to Defend our Monuments and our People & He Condemns the Cowards Who Cuck to the Zionist Masters of Media & Politics!


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Date: 04-21-17

Dr. Duke Says Julian Assange Should Be Honored as One of World's Greatest Heroes for Peace and Freedom!


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Date: 04-20-17

Dr. Duke & Mr. Striker Expose the Jewish Ultra-Racists Who Tried to Shut Down Spencer and The Zionist Media and Deep State Who Support ISIS & Oppose Assad !


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Date: 04-19-17



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Date: 04-18-17

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Call on Patriots to Support Spencer at Auburn U & Expose the Zionist Power Behind Crisis of Western Mankind!


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Date: 04-17-17

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Expose the Zionist Neocon Direction of Policy to North Korea that May Lead to World War!


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Date: 04-14-17

Trump's Choice" a Zionist War in Syria for ISIS and al Qaida or MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !


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Date: 04-13-17

Donald Trump Must Fire Corrupt Zionist Kushner to Save his Presidency!


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Date: 04-12-17

Prez Trump: Drain the Swamp Starting with the Cesspool of Zionist Leftists Kushner and Cohn!


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Date: 04-11-17

Dr. Duke interviews Syrian Partisan Girl Exposing the Zionist Role Behind the American Support ISIS in Syria!


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Date: 04-10-17

Dr. Duke Exposes Jewish Neocon Treason in Iraq and now in Syria supporting ISIS!


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Date: 04-07-17

Trump Caves to Jewish Neocons & Bombs Syria - But it Exposes Zionist Control of the USA!


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Date: 04-06-17

Dr. Duke and Eric Striker: Trump Must Put AMERICA FIRST- No War for Israel in Syria!


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Date: 04-05-17



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Date: 04-04-17

Dr. Duke & Anglin Expose Zio Fake News and the Jewish Led Entertainment and Porn Industry!


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Date: 04-03-17



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Date: 03-31-17

Dr. Duke & Mark Collett Expose the Jewish Elite's Supreme Role in the Immigration & Genocide of Western Man!


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Date: 03-30-17

Dr. Duke & Eric Striker Expose the Jewish Elite's Role in the USA Drug Epidemic that Kills More People per year than Auto Accidents!


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Date: 03-29-17

Dr. Duke and Atty Don Advo Urge Jeff Sessions to Fire the AG Civil Rights Div. & Stop Massive Racial Discrimination Against Whites!


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Date: 03-28-17

With Dr. Duke & Anglin - Hoax Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats Turn Out to be Anti-Goy Hate Crimes!


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Date: 03-27-17

Exposing #Hoaxgate Black Propaganda & the False Flag in Hoax Jewish Bomb Threats


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Date: 03-24-17



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Date: 03-23-17

Who Would Have Guessed that Jews Are Behind Bomb Threats? Dr. Duke for One. & Dr. Slattery and Duke on Stopping Ryan Care!


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Date: 03-22-17

Dr. Duke & Atty. Advo Expose Fake Hate Crimes & Fake News about Them!!


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Date: 03-21-17

Exposed: 26 Billion Tax-free Bucks for Jewish Nationalist Agendas and for Israel! Dr. Duke Documents the Racist Hypocrisy!


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Date: 03-20-17

Dr. Duke: Definition: Today an "Anti-Semite is Anybody Who Asks the Jewish Elite to Act as They Demand of Genitles!


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Date: 03-17-17

Dr. Duke Discusses Financial Weapons Against Free Speech * With Atty Advo Discusses Federal Court Tryanny Aagianst Trump!


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Date: 03-16-17

Zionist Organizations Try to Ban & Censor Duke Videos exposing Zionist Hypocrisy with. Dr. Duke & Eric Striker.


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Date: 03-15-17

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery on Schizophrenic Jewish Ethnocentrism & White Racial Destruction!


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Date: 03-14-17

The Zionist Israel Zangwill & Proposing a Melting Pot for America & a Jewish Supremacist Ethnostate in Israel


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Date: 03-13-17

Dr. Duke Exposes the attack opn Rep. King Who Dared to Oppose the Ethnic Cleansing of White People in America!


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Date: 03-10-17

Dr. Duke & Mark Collett Expose the Jewish Elite's Supreme Role in the Immigration & Genocide of Western Man!


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Date: 03-09-17

Dr Duke and Erik Striker On Ryan Obamacare & the Jewish Supremacist Deep State!


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Date: 03-08-17

Dr. Duke & Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina on Juan Peron and the Movement to Preserve Western Civilization


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Date: 03-07-17

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin on the Twitter Shutdown/Restoration & Exposes the "Hate Crime" Hoaxes & WikiLeaks Expose of CIA Election Hacking!


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Date: 03-06-17

Duke Twitter Shutdown After Duke Exposes Obama Admin Crimes & Directly Urges Trump to Prosecute!


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Date: 03-03-17

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett Expose Celebrity Chef Boudrain's Call for White Genocide. Dr. Duke then Makes an Inspiring Call for White Awakening and Survival


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Date: 03-02-17

Dr. Duke and Eric Striker Expose the Jewish Establishment War on Trump and Sessions


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Date: 03-01-17

Dr., Duke And Andrew Anglin Expose the Zio Media False Flag Psych War to Stifle Criticism of the Jewish Establishment Agenda


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Date: 02-28-17

Dr. Duke and Author of The Bad War on the True Origins & Greatest Crimes of the Second World War! Part II


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Date: 02-27-17

Dr. Duke and Mike King Expose the Jewish Establishment's Role in the Catastrophic Second World War which Caused 60 Million Deaths!


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Date: 02-24-17

Dr. Duke with Mark Collett on Why D. Duke's My Awakening is Awakening our People and Changing the World


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Date: 02-23-17

Dr. Duke & Eric Striker on the Milo Unmasking and McCain's Treason in Syria!


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Date: 02-22-17

Dr. David Duke Exposes the Real Holocaust Denial and Silence on the Biggest Mass MUrder in World HIstory by Jewish-Led Communists!!


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Date: 02-21-17



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Date: 02-20-17

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Is Prez Trump an "Anti-Semite?" Yes, Says the Jewish Establishment as They Pull Out Their Knives!


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Date: 02-17-17

Dr. Duke & Mark Collett of the UK Discuss Why The Jewish Deep State Hates Donald Trump - He Exposes the Lies of the Jewish Media & ultimately Exposes Jewish Supremacist Power!


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Date: 02-16-17

Dr. Duke with Eric Sriker on the Jewish Deep State War on Trump - Rochester anti-White Hate & Jared Kushner Zio Mole!


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Date: 02-15-17

Dr. Duke Exposes the Attacks on General Flynn and Trump as Simply Jewish Hatred Against the Goyim - Also Joining in is Dr. Slattery.


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Date: 02-14-17

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin Expose the Jewish Control of Comics and Movies for Murderous Wars and the Jewish Supremacist Ethnostate of Israel!


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Date: 02-13-17



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Date: 02-10-17

Dr Duke and Mark Collett of the UK expose the JEWdicial coup in overturning the rights of the President of the United States and the American Elected Government.
Greta Show!


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Date: 02-09-17

Dr. Duke and Eric Striker Expose the Jewish NeoCon Commies Like Bill Kristol advocating the Destruction of White People!


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Date: 02-08-17

Dr. Duke and Atty Don Advo Explain the Latest Attack on President Trump's Constitutional Right to Defend our Borders for Terrorists and Alien Miscreants!


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Date: 02-07-17

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin Show How Saudi Arabia and The Jewish Zionist Elite are the Real Source of the Islamist Threat! & Much More!


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Date: 02-06-17

Rebroadcast of - 02-03-17

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett on Why the Jewish Establishment Hates Fascism! Fascism is Actually Nationalism & the Fasces is an honored Symbol of America!


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Date: 02-03-17

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett on Why the Jewish Establishment Hates Fascism! Fascism is Actually Nationalism & the Fasces is an honored Symbol of America!


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Date: 02-02-17

Dr. Duke and Eric Striker Show How Trump Chooses Bannon over Jewish Extremist Kushner & Discuss How Jewish Tribalists Infiltrate & Subvert Gentile Leaders


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Date: 02-01-17

Dr. Duke and Atty Advo Celebrate Trump's Pick for the Supreme Court! & The Blatant Jewish Liars Who Condemn Ideas of White Ethnostate While Supporting Their Own: Israel!


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Date: 01-31-17

Dr. Duke & Norman Lowell of Nova Europa in Malta. They Discuss the Heroic History of Malta and the European People & Our onrushing White Revolution!


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Date: 01-30-17

Dr. Duke and Atty Don Advo talk about How the ZioMedia Uses PC Terminology such as Racist as a Psychological Weapon Against White People!


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Date: 01-27-17

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett of UK on his Great New Book: The Fall of Western Man & They Discuss the Core Principles of Our Worldwide White Movement!


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Date: 01-26-17



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Date: 01-25-17

Dr. Duke & Atty Don Advo Expose the New Jewish Pack of Lies, Anti-White Hafe film: Hidden Figures & Trump's Triumphant 1ST Davys!


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Date: 01-24-17

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin on How the Jews Attack True White Women, and the Jewish extremist Incitement of Violence Against Any Person Who Opposes Their Tyranny!


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Date: 01-23-17

Dr. Duke Calls Upon Young Men to Save Our People, Our Women, Our Families Our Children by First Embracing the Warrior Spirit!


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Date: 01-20-17

Dr. Duke Celebrates White Revolution with the Trump Inauguration with Mark Collett and Dr. Slattery on Location on the Mall: "The Official First Day of the White Revolution across America and The Western World~!


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Date: 01-19-17

Dr. Duke & Eric Stryker Celebrate the Defeat of the Jewish Neocons in the Election of President Trump. They Contrast Trump's Executive Orders Compared to What Clinton Would Have Done!


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Date: 01-18-17

Dr. Duke Says Trump's Election Based on Issues We have Trumpeted Our Entire Lives & Opposed by the Jewish Elite -- Is a Great Victory for All of Us - Also How to Identify Our True Frends in the Face of Jewish Divide-&-Conquer!~


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Date: 01-17-17

Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin Expose Traitor US Gov and CIA Officials Warning Israel NOT to Share with the USA because of Trump!


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Date: 01-16-17

Dr. David Duke Exposes Zio Propaganda Techniques and Zio Attack on The Right Stuff & Mike Enoch!


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Date: 01-13-17

Dr. Duke & Mark Collett of UK Expose the Vicious Lies about Donald Trump & Russia by the Fake News of the Powerful Jews!


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Date: 01-12-17

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Show How the Trump Press Conference & the Tillerson Hearing Reveal Nefarious Jewish Power in Government and Media!


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Date: 01-11-17

Dr. Duke, Don Advo and Patrick Slattery Expose the Vicious Jewish Media Lies Alleging Trump Treason to Russia!


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Date: 01-10-17

Duke and Anglin Expose the Real Fake News as Jewish News - How the Real Hacking of our Politics, Media and Banking is Zio Hacking & Clarifying Our Revolution for the Current Year!


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Date: 01-09-17

Dr. David Duke Quotes Major Jewish Academics Who Admit Jewish Supremacism & Richard Spencer Exposes Jewish anti-White Racism in Whitefish!


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Date: 01-06-17

Dr. David Duke & Mark Collett on Exposing the Zio Media Lying Spin on the anti-White Kidnapping & Torture


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Date: 01-05-17

Dr. Duke with Striker and Advo -- When the Zio Media Lies - White People Die!


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Date: 01-04-17

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Show Why We always Must Expose the Jewish Supremacist Lies about Our People the Truth About Them!


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Date: 01-03-17

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin Expose Alt-Right Purity Tests & discuss Personal Revolution in relation to Political Revolution!


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Date: 01-02-17


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Date: 12-30-16

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett Expose the Jewish Establishment Attack on Free Speech and Why that is Vital to Their Ongoing Destruction of European Mankind!


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Date: 12-29-16

Dr. Duke & Erik Striker Expose How the Mainstream Left Now Openly Supporting White Genocide & Israel is Our Enemy NOT Our Ally!


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Date: 12-28-16

Dr. Duke Interviews Animator, singer and White Activist Emily Youcis & Forbes Says David Duke was pivotal to Trump's White vote and Victory!


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Date: 12-27-16


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Date: 12-26-16

Dr. Duke & Richard Spencer The Whitefish -- The Time to Stand Up and Save Our People and Our World!


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Date: 12-23-16

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett on Creating a Christmas of Beauty & Renewal in Our Lives!


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Date: 12-22-16

Dr. Duke Exposes NY Times Hateful, Anti-White Fake News & Why ISIS-Fighting Putin is Loved by True American Patriots!


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Date: 12-21-16

Dr. Duke and Adrian Salbuchi Celebrate the Victory in Syria and Giant Christmas Celebration of the Victorious Syrians over the Anti-Christian Jewish Tyrants Who Rule America!


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Date: 12-20-16

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin Red Pill on Russia and Why Russia is so Hated: Because Jewish Power Hates Russia!


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Date: 12-19-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Talk About the Jewish Coup Planned Against the Trump Presidency & How to Expose It and Fight It!


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Date: 12-16-16

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett Expose the Lies of the Jewish Media on Russian Hacking and the Jewish organized efforts to Destroy Richard Spencer's Family!


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Date: 12-15-16

Dr. Duke and Eric Striker on the Vicious Zio Propaganda against Assad on Behalf of ISIS!


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Date: 12-14-16

Dr. Duke Opens by Cheering the Syria Victory over ISIS and the has a spirited discussion with Atty Don Advo on Jewish Schemes to Invalidate Trump's Election Victory!


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Date: 12-13-16

Please Note: Due to technical issues today's program is missing the first two minutes


Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Prove that it is not the Russians who are our Enemies but the Jewish Supremacists!


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Date: 12-12-16

Dr. Duke with Ferrin Shoaf: The Lie of Russia Hacking & Will the Supreme Court Invalidate Trump's Election?


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Date: 12-09-16

Dr. Duke and Atty Don Advo on Race, Jewish Supremacy and Jewish Hypocrisy! Great Show!


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Date: 12-08-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald on the Jewish War on White People & on Christmas!


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Date: 12-07-16

Dr. Duke: If you really want human diversity you must preserve races -- not destroy them!


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Date: 12-06-16

Everything you want to know about the Jewish Porn Industry but were afraid to ask!


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Date: 12-05-16

Dr. Duke refutes Jerusalem Post attack on him for exposing Jewish role behind Porn!


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Date: 12-02-16

Dr. Duke & Mark Collett of UK on How the Zio Media Manipulates the Masses & What We Can Do About IT!


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Date: 12-01-16

Dr. Duke and Activist Eric Striker on the Fires of Tennessee and the "Suffering of Israel"


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Date: 11-30-16

Dr. Duke & Pastor Dankof Expose the Jewish Elite Who are Waging Hateful War on Christmas!


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Date: 11-29-16

Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin declare we will never let the Jewish-controlled enemy decide our who are friends and enemies are!


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Date: 11-28-16

Dr. Duke and Adrian Salbuchi on the overthrow of Globalist Jewish Supremacism


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Date: 11-25-16

Dr. Duke Lauds White Hero Richard Spencer, the NPI and the True Alt Right!


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Date: 11-23-16

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof on Trump's America First Foreign Policy


Standard Player
Date: 11-22-16

Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin - The True Voice of the Republican Party!


Standard Player
Date: 11-21-16

Dr. Duke & Farren Shoaf: We are the Republican Party Now & We are Coming for You Zio-Commies!


Standard Player
Date: 11-18-16

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett to the Anti-White scum who promised to leave: Get the Hell Out!


Standard Player
Date: 11-17-16

David Duke Exposes the LIes of MSNBC and Greenblatt of the ADL


Standard Player
Date: 11-16-16

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof quote Jews Boasting of Jewish Media Power. Good Show


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Date: 11-15-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery show why our survival totally depends on defeat of Jewish Power!


Standard Player
Date: 11-14-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the
"Color Revolution" against Trump & the Jewish war against him and America!


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Date: 11-11-16

Dr. David Duke and Andrew Red Pill and White Pill our People in an hour of ultimate Political Incorrectness!


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Date: 11-10-16

Dr. MacDonald & Dr. Duke Expose the Vicious War on Trump by the Jewish Establishment!


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Date: 11-09-16

Dr. David Duke and Pastor Dankof discuss the Magnificent victory of Donald Trump against the globalist warmongers and criminals!


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Date: 11-08-16

David Duke Exults: This is the day we begin to take America Back! We are Confident but whatever the outcome tonight, Our people are awakened!


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Date: 11-07-16

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin Discuss the most important vote and Election of our lives!


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Date: 11-04-16

Dr. David Duke and Mark Collett of the UK discuss Dr. Duke's Senate race, Brexit and the ethnic supremacism no one is free to discuss.


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Date: 11-03-16

Dr. David Duke and Dr. MacDonald on the Senate Debate Victory!


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Date: 11-02-16

Dr. David Duke storms Into the Senate debate tonight fighting to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!


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Date: 11-01-16

Dr. David Duke and Adrian Salbuch : The international impact of a U.S President Trump and U.S. Senator Duke!


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Date: 10-31-16

Dr. David Duke & Ferrin Shoaf - Countdown 7 days left to Trump's Presidency and the critical first primary to send Dr. Duke to the U.S. Senate!


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Date: 10-28-16

Dr. David Duke with Mark Collett of the UK. Collett explains why Duke & Trump victories would change politics forever!


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Date: 10-27-16

Dr. David Duke and Dr. MacDonald Call for Prosecution of Hillary for Treasonous Support of ISIS.


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Date: 10-26-16

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery Expose Hillary's Treason and Why Trump & Duke will Win!


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Date: 10-25-16



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Date: 10-24-16

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin expose and annihilate the lying media, criminal globalist banks and political corruption that rules America!


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Date: 10-21-16



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Date: 10-20-16

Dr. Duke & Pastor Dankof Dissect the Trump Hillary Debate & Expose the Totally Corrupt Media & Establishment!


Standard Player
Date: 10-19-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Show Trump How He can totally Destroy Hillary in the Debate!


Standard Player
Date: 10-18-16

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Expose Hillary and Zio lying, Controlled Media Desperately Trying to Stop Trump!


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Date: 10-17-16

Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin-- Hillary's Treason, Trumps radicalization, Duke for Senate and Why People in LA can't wait to vote for Trump & Duke!


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Date: 10-14-16

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett on the War on Donald Trump & His Transformation to a True Warrior for US!


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Date: 10-13-16



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Date: 10-12-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery on the leaked emails proving Hillary is guilty of treason!


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Date: 10-11-16

Dr. Duke: "Trump must Now Expose and Destroy Hillary for Her Treasonous Support of Saudi Arabia and ISIS!"


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Date: 10-10-16

Dr. Duke & Mr. Shoaf: Donald Trump Destroys Hillary in Debate Unlike any other in American History!


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Date: 10-07-16

Dr. David Duke and Atty Don Advo discuss the Commie-style suppression of freedom in the West & the Insane USA support for ISIS and al Qaeda terror in Syria!


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Date: 10-06-16

Dr. Duke interviews Dr. Kevin MacDonald on the Political War Waged Against Trump and White Americans!


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Date: 10-05-16

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof: Is Pensef "assasination bait" danger to President Trump? & Exposing the Insane foreign policy of the US bosses!


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Date: 10-04-16

Dr. Duke and Adrian Salbuchi discuss the Globalist destruction of the Middle Class and European Mankind -- Incredible show!


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Date: 10-03-16

Due to technical difficulties today's show is missing the last 15 min. we are sorry for the inconvenience


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Date: 09-30-16



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Date: 09-29-16

Dr.Duke has Deep and Powerful discussion with Dr. MacDonald on Foreign Policy and other issues vital to America, Europe & the World!


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Date: 09-28-16

Dr Duke Exposes How Bogus Polls and Lying Media Corrupt Politics. In the 2nd half of the Show He is Joined by Dr. Andrew Joyce!


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Date: 09-27-16

Standard Player
Date: 09-26-16

Dr. Duke Salutes the Hundreds Courageous Men & Women Supporting The Jackson Monument -- & Farren Shoaf from Charlotte Today!


Standard Player
Date: 09-23-16

Dr. David Duke Announces He Will Stand at the New Orleans Andrew Jackson's Statue to Stop it's Illegal Destruction by Black Criminals!


Standard Player
Date: 09-22-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald: Charlotte: There is a State of War Against White People in America!


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Date: 09-21-16

Today Dr. Duke had pastor Mark Dankof as his guest for the hour. They talked about the ridiculous media outrage over Donald Trump Junior's analogy using a bowl of skittles with three tainted ones as a means of illustrating the danger of allowing inadequately vetted "refugees" into the country.


Standard Player
Date: 09-20-16

Dr. David Duke and Don Advo Salute Lil' Wayne for Honestly Proclaiming that NO Racism Exists Against Black People!


Standard Player
Date: 09-19-16

Dr. Duke interviews Andrew Anglin who is a prominent Alt Right Activist On The War on White People!


Standard Player
Date: 09-16-16

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett of the UK Chart the Path of White Revolution and Renaissance!


Standard Player
Date: 09-15-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald Show in the Wake of Media Attacks on Pence for not Condemning Dr. Duke - Trump Surges in Polls!

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They talked about the increasing backlash against the establishment coming in so many forms. For instance, television ratings for the NFL are down across the board as a result of the establishment's support for Colin Kaepernik's refusal to stand for the National Anthem. Now North Carolina is holding firm against the NCAA's attempt to punish it for refusing to let cross-dressing men use woman's bathrooms and locker rooms.

They also talked about the need for people on the right to stop kowtowing to the Zio-establishment insistence that they condemn David Duke. As long as the establishment can set the bounds of our discourse and our associations, we can never win.

This is a great and thought provoking show. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-14-16

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Andrew Joyce as his guest for the hour. They talked about the continuing media pressure being put on VP candidate Mike Pence to call David Duke "deplorable." They went on to talk about the phenomenon of "whiteness studies," in which taxpayer money is used to indoctrinate young white and non-white college students to hate white people, history, and culture.

The also talked about the anti-climax after the Brexit vote, in which great emotional energy and resource investment went into a project which may well wind up being scrapped. Professor Joyce said that the focus should have been directly on changing the immigration system in order to stave of the steady disposession of native Europeans.

This is a great and thought provoking show. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-13-16

Today Dr. Duke had Adrian Salbuchi as his guest for the hour. They discussed the amazing development when, despite the

prodding of Wolf Blitzer, Trump's VP candidate Mark Pence refused to condemn David Duke. Following the uproar about Hillary calling half of Trump supporters a "basket of deplorables," Trump and Pence insisted that the comment was insulting to his supporters. Blitzer tried to get Pence to say that at least David Duke is deplorable, but Pence held his ground and refused to insult Dr. Duke.

Dr. Duke and Mr. Salbuchi went on to discuss the rapid changes that are going on in American and around the world that are waking people up and leading people to vote their interests, whether that be Brexit or Donald Trump or David Duke.

This is a great show. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-12-16

Dr. David Duke discusses the Rep. Boustany Prostitution Murder-Corruption Scandal Revealing rank Media hypocrisy!


Standard Player
Date: 09-09-16



Standard Player
Date: 09-08-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald on Trump vs the Goldman Sachs and Corrupt Witch of the West: Shillary Clinton!


Standard Player
Date: 09-07-16

Dr. David Duke and Jay Hess Expose the Goldman Sachs Blackmail of their employers who would dare to support Donald Trump!


Standard Player
Date: 09-06-16

Dr David Duke and Dr Letour from Geneva expose the War on White People in Europe and Wherever We Are on Earth! DukeForSenate.com


Standard Player
Date: 09-02-16

Dr. Duke and Talkshow former U.S Congress Candidate Farren Shoaf on the FED, Campaign Reform and Endless Wars! Incredible show!


Standard Player
Date: 09-01-16

Dr. Duke interviews Andrew Anglin on the hard core Trump anti-immigration speech!


Standard Player
Date: 08-31-16



Standard Player
Date: 08-30-16

Dr. Duke brings the truth to a Senate candidates forum, Dr. Slattery spells out debt blacks owe to whites.


Standard Player
Date: 08-29-16

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Expose the Kaepernick Racism & the High School raped, murdered and fed to alligators in Carolina!


Standard Player
Date: 08-26-16



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Date: 08-25-16

Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Duke Expose Hillary's Attack Today on the Alt-Right, David Duke & Trump!


Standard Player
Date: 08-24-16

Dr. Duke on Hillary Clinton Speech on Alt Right, Duke and Trump - She Throws Gasoline on a Brush Fire!


Standard Player
Date: 08-23-16

Dr. Duke And Economist Adrian Salbuchi Cover the Trump and Duke Campaign and their importance to not only America but the Entire World and European Civilization!


Standard Player
Date: 08-22-16

Dr. Duke Interviews Dr. LaTour from Geneva Switzerland on the Immgration Catastrophe that will destroy Europe and America unless stopped now!


Standard Player
Date: 08-19-16

Dr. David Duke on his Livingston Parish Visit to Aid Flood Victims and his US Senate Surge!


Standard Player
Date: 08-18-16

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin on CNN LIes, O'Reilly saying Soros is like Duke, & Showing how DNA proves Racial Reality!

Today Dr. Duke had as his guest for the hour Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Daily Stormer. The first talked about a poorly written article that tried to allege both that race is a social construct also that DNA testing shows that millions of whites have 1% or so of African ancestry, and that these facts somehow prove that Dr. Duke and his supporters should leave the United States.

They then brought up the example of CNN playing a clip of the sister of the Milwaukee criminal whose shooting by a black police officer sparked the anti-white riots. The sister called for rioters to stop burning down their own neighborhood and instead burn down the suburbs. However, CNN edited the clip and claimed she was calling for peace. However, CNN failed to hold anyone responsible for this lie, in stark contrast to their immediate firing of Rick Sanchez for simply pointing out the truth that his company was run by Jews. Finally, the talked about a inane commentary by Bill O'Reilly that compared George Soros to Dr. Duke. Go figure!

This is a great show that will keep you rivited. Please share it widely.


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Date: 08-17-16

Dr. David Duke updates the latest on the flood catastrophe and with Dr. Slattery and the flood of invaders that unless stopped will destroy the America we love!


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Date: 08-16-16



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Date: 08-15-16

Dr. David Duke & Andrew Anglin Discuss Trump, the La Flooding, Duke for Senate and the Race War Against White People!


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Date: 08-12-16

Dr. Duke and Mark Collet of the UK speak 1 hour of absolute truth! Duke for Senate!


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Date: 08-11-16

Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Duke discuss the Media Onslaught Against Trump and Duke -- and How We Can Win!


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Date: 08-10-16

Dr. Duke and Atty Don Advo discuss the hard realities and horrors that lie ahead for our people unless we have a true political revolution.


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Date: 08-09-16

Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina Comes on to Speak about the Impact Duke for Senate Campaign Worlwide!


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Date: 08-08-16

Dr. David Duke Discusses the REAL RACISM and VIOLENCE promoted by the Media against European Americans!


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Date: 08-05-16

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Date: 08-04-16

Andrew Anglin on How to Smash the anti-White Media Brainwashing & the Critical Importance of David Duke for Senate!


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Date: 08-03-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Discuss the Media Onslaught Against Trump and How We Can Fight It!


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Date: 08-02-16

Dr. Duke and Atty Don Advo on Why a Duke for Senate Victory Represents Real Revolution for America!


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Date: 08-01-16

Dr. Duke Launches the Smash the Political Bosses Campaign to Raise Funds to Qualify for Senate Debates!


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Date: 07-29-16

Dr. Duke with Mark Collet in UK on Immigration Terrorism & Duke Campaign Director Mike Lawrence


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Date: 07-28-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Show that Mainstream Republicans are Joining the Duke for Senate Movement!


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Date: 07-27-16

RNC Insanity: Rather lose the U.S. Senate and the Supreme Court than Back David Duke!


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Date: 07-26-16

Dr. Duke interviews the controversial young satirical Andrew Anglin and effect of Duke for Senate on young people To support drdukeinfo@gmail.com


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Date: 07-25-16

Dr. David Duke & Dr. MacDonald Expose the Republican Sellout Bosses and Why Never Trump is the Same as Never Duke!


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Date: 07-22-16



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Date: 07-21-16

Dr. Duke Exposes the Craven Traitor Ted Cruz and Why We Must Bring Down the Political and Media Establishment!


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Date: 07-20-16

Dr. Andrew Joyce Urges Dr. Duke to Run for Congress for All of Us. The Time is NOW!


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Date: 07-19-16

Dr. David Duke talks about Media Lies about Melania Trump & How no one Dares to Say a Word in Support of White People!


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Date: 07-18-16

Dr. David Duke with Pastor Dankopf Outlining Why it is Urgent and Vital that Dr. Duke Runs and Wins Federal Office!


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Date: 07-15-16

Dr. Kevin MacDonald Pledges his Support for the Dr. Duke Campaign!

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. Professor MacDonald talked about the importance of Dr. Duke running for Congress. They talked about the need to have at least one person in Congress willing to stand up for the ethnic interests of whites, which are being trampled in such a was as to make America worse for everyone. For instance, the massive third-world immigration has depressed wages, increased crime, and left the door open for terrorists to come into the country.

They also talked about the disintegration of the black community over the past 50 years, a result of a media that has promoted destructive values and misguided welfare policies that bred dependency. They also weighed in on Trump's poor, but not surprising, choice of an establishment neocon politician as his running mate. Mike Pence supported all the recent wars as well as back door amnesty for illegal aliens, and his selection definitely paints a target on Trump's back.

This was a thought-provoking show that you will want to share widely.


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Date: 07-14-16

Today Dr. Duke had James Edwards, the host of the Political Cesspool radio show, as his guest for the hour. James Edwards spoke about the groundwork that Dr. Duke has laid for the Trump phenomenon through his career of speaking the truth in an atmosphere of political correctness.

He also talked about how anyone who supports the ethnic interests of white is automatically described as a "white supremacist." Even calling for replacement level fertility for white people will earn soneone that moniker these days. But now things have gone so far that white people are willing to listen to a new message, making 2016 a very exciting year.


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Date: 07-13-16


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Date: 07-12-16

Dr. Duke Authorizes Campaign Committee for Possible Run for Congress!


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Date: 07-11-16

Dr. David Duke Exposes the Raging War on Whites & that He authorized a campaign committee to consider a Run for U.S. Congress against Sell-out Steve Scalise!


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Date: 07-08-16

Dr. Duke Exposes the Raging, Vicious War Being Waged Against Whites in America & the World!


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Date: 07-07-16

Dr. David Duke with UK Activist Mark Collett on The Battle for Western Civilization & the European People.

Today Dr. Duke had his British correspondent Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They discussed the Jewish led push for wars in the Middle East, which serve the dual purpose of weakening Israel's potential enemies and also provoking a tsunami of migrants towards Europe's shores. This migration is welcome by the Jewish elite as it displaces and marginalizes Europeans, whom Jews see as their main competitors.

They also talked about the Trump meme about corrupt Hillary, and how ridiculous it is to call anti-Semitic when in fact it is verifiably true.

This is a fascinating and inspiring show. Please share it widely.


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Date: 07-06-16

Dr. Duke & Dr. MacDonald on the "Trump Truth Tweet" Proof of Corrupt Politics & who the Corrupters Are!


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Date: 07-05-16


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Date: 07-04-16

Dr. Duke & Dr. MacDonald Expose the War on White People and Address Why We Support Trump Even Though He is Too Moderate!

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They talked about the literal war on white people in the United States. They talked about the hope offered by the Donald Trump campaign, but also about how he does not go far enough in many ways. Professor MacDonald explained that in the current climate, it is understandable that Trump would not raise certain issues, as it would just make his task more difficult. At the same time, he said that Trump has made some tacticle mistakes, like making a big issue out of the Mexican judge, even though his position was correct.

Dr. Duke then offered some ideas on electoral campaign reform, such as requiring television networks to provide free, equal time to all balloted candidates. They talked about the promise of Donald Trump's non-interventionist foreign policy, which has been one of the main reasons the pro-neocon media has attacked him so. Still, he has given too much lip service to Israel and needs to give his foreign policy views more priority, as they really set him apart from the dangerous warmonger Hillary Clinton.


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Date: 07-01-16

Dr. Duke & Dr. MacDonald Expose the War on White People and Address Why We Support Trump Even Though He is Too Moderate!

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They talked about the literal war on white people in the United States. They talked about the hope offered by the Donald Trump campaign, but also about how he does not go far enough in many ways. Professor MacDonald explained that in the current climate, it is understandable that Trump would not raise certain issues, as it would just make his task more difficult. At the same time, he said that Trump has made some tacticle mistakes, like making a big issue out of the Mexican judge, even though his position was correct.

Dr. Duke then offered some ideas on electoral campaign reform, such as requiring television networks to provide free, equal time to all balloted candidates. They talked about the promise of Donald Trump's non-interventionist foreign policy, which has been one of the main reasons the pro-neocon media has attacked him so. Still, he has given too much lip service to Israel and needs to give his foreign policy views more priority, as they really set him apart from the dangerous warmonger Hillary Clinton.


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Date: 06-30-16

Dr. Duke addresses the ethnic Armageddon faced by white people & why we must vote for Trump although he is far too moderate on immigration!


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Date: 06-29-16

Dr. Andrew Joyce & Dr. Duke discuss the Jewish globalist agenda and ant-Brexit Hysteria

Today Dr. Duke had as his guest the promising young scholar, Professor Andrew Joyce. Professor Joyce discussed the Brexit vote, quoting numerous major Jewish sources stating that Jews overwhelming voted to remain in the EU. One such source decried the possible loss of a "multicultural paradise" in which she barely saw a white face.

Dr. Joyce explained that white interests and Jewish interests are fundamentally different. He went into the history of both immigration and censorship in Britain, and stated that he has documented that Jews were the ones who were behind these policies, and nobody who checks his sources will be able to deny it. He also gave his impression of the UK Independence Party and its leader Nigel Farage.

This is fascinating show with a great new voice for our people. Please listen and share it with your friends.


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Date: 06-28-16

Dr. Duke & Pastor Dankof Expose the Phony Jewish Anti-Establishment Movement and Why They Hate and Fear the Trump Effect!

Today Dr. Duke had Pastor Mark Dankof as his guest for the hour. They went into deep detail about the corrupt "conservative" leaders and donors, like Hank Paulson and Paul Singer, who are supporting Hillary Clinton. While these people talk about conservative principles, they in fact prioritize Jewish interests over conservative principles or the interests of the American people.

They delved into the Brexit vote, and the implications of it. Among other things, it demonstrates that people still have the means of taking control of their futures. The Brexit vote was not stolen, and its supporters were not put in FEMA camps. We can win our election here this year as well.

This is a fascinating and informative show. Please share it widely.


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Date: 06-27-16

Dr. David Duke condemns the vicious attack on White Nationalists in Sacramento & exposes the lunatic Left establishment gangsters!


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Date: 06-24-16

Dr. Duke talks with and honors Mark Collet and all British Patriots who Won Brexit! Smash the EU and SAVE EUROPE!


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Date: 06-23-16

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery talk Brexit - Affirmative Action Racism! - Hillary & WWIII


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Date: 06-21-16

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery discuss the foiled assassination attempt on Trump & the Jewish media hate torrent on Trump!

Today Dr. Duke talked about the intensification of the Jewish attacks on Donald Trump. He pointed out the massive infusion of Jewish money into the Hillary campaign and the seemingly impossible intensification of anti-Trump propaganda in the Zio-media.

Dr. Slattery presented an optimistic view that the Trump train is still rolling, and that Hillary will prove vulnerable when foreign policy finally gets discussed. He quoted Paul Craig Roberts as saying "if you vote for Hillary you are definitely voting for the end of the world." The fact is that relations with Russia are deteriorating rapidly due to Obama/Clinton policies, and this is the "Trump card" that can win the election.

This is another great show that you will want to share with your friends.


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Date: 06-20-16

Dr. Duke is joined by Lana Lokteff of Red Ice Radio - Women & White Survival!


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Date: 06-17-16

Dr. Duke on the EU Brexit campaign & the methods of media brainwashing - with correspondent Mark Collett!


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Date: 06-16-16

The Shocking Connection of Jewish Media to Terror, Immigration and the LGBT Agenda!



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Date: 06-15-16




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Date: 06-14-16

Dr. Duke has special guest Mark Collet of the UK on Brexit & The Orlando Terror & The Dark Side of Diversity video is now out!



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Date: 06-13-16

Dr. Duke shows how How Massive Immigration Caused Orlando Terror & Mr Martin from France!


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Date: 06-10-16

Dr. Duke Completely exposes the Total Jewish Control of Hillary and Jewish Hatred Donald Trump

Today Dr. Duke addressed the media attack on Donald Trump. He noted that the media is trying to smear Donald Trump with Dr. Duke's own ancient history, while ignoring the more recent history of Hillary's whoring for Jewish power. He pointed out that Hillary's top campaign contributors are ALL Jewish billionaires from the media and financial industries.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and they had a discussion of they talked about the law suit against Trump University, the Jewish role in it, and the strong ethnic identity of the Mexican American judge in the case. They talked about the importance of people being able to express their desires to preserve their heritage without being branded racists.

This is another important show that you will want to share widely.


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Date: 06-09-16

An Incredible Conversation Between Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin on the Alt Right Revolution Against Jewish Supremacism!

Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin as his guest for the hour. They talked about the Trump University case brought by the Jewish activist Art Cohen. Mr. Anglin talked about the Anti-Defamation League council that has been convened to crack down on his trolling activities (his free speech), which they claim has a chilling effect on their free speech and is impacting the election.

The went on to talk about the (((echo))) meme, which has been used to identify Jewish names and organizations. Jews have seen this as particularly threatening because it addresses the differential recognition between Jews and non-Jews, which is a power source for Jews. He talked about how young people, who do not have decades of identification with a particular ideology, tend to be more open-minded to new ideas, and the memes that Mr. Anglin deals in have been particularly effective in communicating those new ideas.

This is a fun and interesting show that you will want to share widely.

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Date: 06-07-16

Dr. Duke and MacDonald Expose the Jewish Racist Hateful Onslaught in Regard to Trump University!

Today Dr. Duke and Professor Kevin MacDonald discussed the question of whether the Mexican heritage of the judge in the Trump University case is a relevant issue. They pointed out that Judge Gonzalo Curiel belongs to an activist organization of Hispanic lawyers. They noted that Supreme Court Judge Sotomayor described herself as a "wise Latina" whose heritage impacts her decision making. So the idea that Judge Curiel's self-identification as a Latino could impact his conduct should not be controversial.

They then went on to discuss what a huge impact that Jewish heritage has on the activities of Jewish public officials. The Neocons who dragged us into unending wars in the Middle East, for instance, mostly had very strong Jewish identities and close ties to Israel. They also talked about the growing awareness of Jewish power and ethnocentrism, with internet trolls and aps like the "coincident detector" helping point out the Jewish identities of so many prominent people who otherwise would fly below the Jewdar.

This is a great show. Please share it widely.


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Date: 06-06-16

Dr. Duke Talks with Dr. Slattery about his Masterpiece, The Complete Updated "My Awakening" now available to Stream and Download Free.


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Date: 06-03-16

Dr. Duke Shows how the anti-Trump riots and mayhem foretell the destruction of all our rights and heritage in America!

Today Dr. Duke had a lively show about the dire situation we are in and the bright prospects for saving ourselves. He and Dr. Slattery discussed the violent attacks on Trump rallies and supporters that are occurring regularly in California. With the media no longer able to suppress images of Hispanics waving Mexican flags and burning American ones as they riot, some "progressive" writers are calling on demonstrators to restrain themselves lest they alienate voters and throw the election to Trump. Dr. Slattery suggested these progressive writers jump on the Trump train in order to preserve an America capable of preserving some of the better progressive values.

They also discussed world events. Dr. Duke pointed out that the State Department has designated Iran as the number one state sponsor of terror, despite a complete lack of any evidence and also despite the fact that the American military is cooperating with Iranian forces right now in Iraq in order to take back territory from ISIS (which until now we have been protecting in Syria)!

This show is packed with information in insights. What a great show to send to your friends for some weekend listening!


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Date: 06-02-16

Mass killings, brutality - It is not Evil Guns, but Evil Jewish Tyrants of Media Who Poison Humanity!


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Date: 06-01-16

Dr. Duke Exposes the Attack on Free Speech in the Shutdown of Truth on Jewish-owned Social Media!!

Today Dr. Duke quoted an article from Breitbart on an agreement between the EU and internet companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to effectively censor "hate speech," which of course is anything Jews hate to hear. The agreement would set up a "network of trust reporters" (including Jewish groups, no doubt) who will flag objectionable content, and the companies will then have 24 hours to review and delete it before it can go viral. Dr. Slattery read from a Jewish Telegraphic Agency article that lauded the central role played by Jewish groups in bringing about this deal and helping to create the legal framework for outlawing "hate speech."

They then went on to talk about an article from Commentary Magazine, which is one of the oldest and most distinguished Jewish intellectual publications, titled "Taking Trump Seriously on Israel." The point of the article was that if Trump actually follows through on his albeit cautious remarks on foreign policy in general and Israel in particular, it would be very bad for the Jewish state, which could find its military aid slashed and proxy army in the region pulling back to guard America's borders.

This was another great show full of information that underscores how the Jewish elite is completely freaking out about the progress we are making. Please share it widely.


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Date: 05-31-16

Dr. Duke completely Exposes the Vicious Jewish Enemy of Our White Heritage: Ayn Rand -- real name Alisa Rosenbaum!

Today Dr. Duke had a show that focused on Ayn Rand, the Jewish intellectual godmother of the Libertarian Party. He played a clip of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson condemning Donald Trump's "racism" for saying that many criminals and rapists were crossing the border illegally from Mexico and absurdly contending that the "absolute opposite is true." He exposed the strong Jewish background of Ayn Rand (born in Russia as Alisa Rosenbaum), who was all for ethnic identity when it came to supporting Israel's theft of land from "savage" Arabs, but preached individualism and condemned "racism" for the goyim.

Then he and Dr. Slattery talked about other aspects of her hypocrisy, such as how her stated opposition to the Vietnam War clashed with her enthusiastic support for the half-Jewish candidate Barry Goldwater, who favored nuking Vietnam. While libertarianism may seem the polar opposite of communism, both philosophies can be viewed as vehicles for transforming different societies to Jewish ethnic interests.

This is a foundational show which will really help you see through the wool which is being pulled over your eyes. Please share it widely.



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Date: 05-27-16

Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin on Polar Bear Supremacism and Trolling the Jewish Establishment!

Dr. Duke had Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the Daily Stormer, as his guest for the hour. The talked about the Washington Post article that polar bears are facing a crisis as a species from male grizzly bears coming into polar bear territory and mating with polar bear females. Mr. Anglin jokingly spoke of "white bear supremacists," but scientists point out that the mixed offspring are poorly adapted for the polar environment and that polar bears could be mixed bread out of existence.

They then went on to talk about the on-going movement of millennials away from Hillary and towards Trump. They also talked about Mr. Anglin's unorthodox but successful methods of subverting the Jewish cultural narrative, such as over-the-top worship of Taylor Swift as an Aryan Nazi goddess and adopting Bane, the villain of the Batman movie, as a heroic icon.

This is a fun and fascinating show. Please spread it widely.



Standard Player
Date: 05-26-16

Dr. David Duke asks -- Will Jewish Extremists Assassinate Donald Trump?



Standard Player
Date: 05-25-16

Dr. Duke interviews the leader of TradCatKnight who destroys Christian Zionist Lies!

Today Dr. Duke had Eric Gajewski as his guest for the hour. Mr. Gajewski runs the most popular Traditional Catholic website TradCatKnight.blogspot.com. He quoted a number of past Popes who warned of the role that Jews play in the world.

Dr. Duke also contributed a number of quotes from Popes condemning the Talmud and Jewish crimes against Christians and Christianity. They pointed out that Christian Zionists have been literally brainwashed into accepting the doctrine of Jewish chosen-ness. Dr. Duke questioned how a people that has been so involved in war and exploitation throughout history could possibly be viewed as God's chosen people.


Standard Player
Date: 05-24-16

Dr. Duke & Dr. MacDonald Expose the Immigration Disaster as a "Jewish Movement"!

Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They responded to charges made by the Israeli press against Melania Trump that she is blaming Jewish behavior for the anti-Semitic trolling against a Jewish reporter who did an attack article on Mrs. Trump. Doctors Duke and MacDonald agreed that historically anti-Semitism IS a response to Jewish behavior that is hostile to the interests of the host population.

They then went on to discuss the Jewish nature of the anti-Trump movement. They laid out the evidence that Jews are behind the immigration disaster. They agreed that there is a serious risk of a Jewish assassination on Donald Trump, as Trump, with his fortune and celebrity and charisma, is irreplaceable. They agreed that if he takes on a Zio running mate like Newt Gingrich, he is signing his own death warrant.

This is another great show that will deepen your understanding of our life and times. Please share it widely.


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Date: 05-23-16

Dr. David Duke Exposes the ZioMedia's Role Promoting Human Degradation & Brutality

Dr. Duke addressed the issue of the growing Jewish domination of Christianity. He pointed out that in past centuries, Christianity was one of the bulwarks protecting Europeans from exploitation by Jewish moneylenders and malfeasants. But Jewish influence in the Catholic Church has grown to the point that the Zio media was able to force the first papal resignation in over 600 years, while protestant denominations are being taken over with Christian Zionism and "interfaith dialogue."

Dr. Slattery joined the show and they discussed the issue of whether people like themselves are actually scapegoating Jews in order to protect the REAL rulers of world: the secret government of CIA Nazi reptilians. While agreeing that there are in fact secrets and conspiracies, Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery contended that the vast majority of what goes on is in fact out in the open, and indeed that Jewish power is so plainly evident that conspiracies can be relegated to minor supporting roles in the great drama of human events.

This is another great show that will deepen your understanding of our life and times. Please share it widely.


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Date: 05-20-16

Today Dr. Duke Interviews Nick Latour from Geneva on the Zio Globalist Drive to Destroy the European People! Amazing Show!

Dr. Duke spent the hour with Nick Latour of Switzerland as his guest for the hour. He explained how the governments of Europe are not governing in the interests of their people, but in fact are betraying their people. He said that the problem was not so much the Muslims coming into their country as the "usual suspects" (aka Zionists) who are bringing them into Europe.

He described the situation in Brussels, where even Muslim immigrants are complaining that there are no longer enough European children in the school to provide examples for how to speak French. They then went on to relate the tsunamigration into Europe to the massive demographic and cultural transformation and destabilization of the United States

This is a wake-up call of a show. No decaf here. Please share it widely.


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Date: 05-19-16

A Great Show about Jews in Israel Who Have the Same Views of Jews as Dr. Duke!

Dr. Duke read an amazing article quoting the deputy chief of the Israeli military, Major General Yair Golan, comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. While his statements have predictably generated an outcry, a newspaper article from Haaretz compiled a list of 25 comparisons between Nazi Germany and Israel.

Dr. Slattery and Dr. Duke discussed the list, saying that often its treatment of Nazi Germany was too severe, while some of Israel's biggest atrocities were not even dealt with.

This is an amazing show that will form the foundation for an understanding of Jewish hypocrisy regarding both history and current events. Please share it widely.


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Date: 05-18-16

Dr. David Duke with Andrew Anglin Expose Zio Zuckerman's Facebook Censorship of anti-Immigration Activists!


Standard Player
Date: 05-17-16

Dr. David Duke Exposes the Pope Who Seeks to Wipe Out Christians, Catholics and European Mankind!

Dr. Duke started the show by calling out the Pope and others of his mindset that are trying to brainwash the European peoples to accept their own replacement in the lands they have lived in for thousands of years by exploiting the natural empathy of Europeans. He and Dr. Slattery then had a discussion about the implications of a country restraining its population growth within protected borders as opposed to open borders.

They talked about the demands for slavery reparations, pointing out that the massive sums being asked for in no way reflect that fact that the vast bulk of our wealth has been accumulated just in the past few decades and relatively little remains from agricultural workers of past centuries, who were usually lucky just to produce enough for their own subsistence. Regarding the focus of Jewish economists on growth, Dr. Slattery pointed out that having two women leave their homes and be paid by each other's families to take care of each other's children boosts the GDP, whereas staying home to take care of their own children does not.

This is a show with lots of big ideas that you will want to hear and share.


Standard Player
Date: 05-16-16

Dr. David Duke interviews Political Activist Roy Armstrong on Coming European Revolution!

Dr. Duke pointed out that white countries including the United States have been told that they need to accept immigrants from all over the world to make up for their labor shortages. At the same time, these same countries already have chronic unemployment, and the migrants arriving in them usually have few job skills, do not speak the local language, and may not even be literate in their native language.

Dr. Duke spoke to Roy Armstrong, an American who has been a long-term resident of Germany. He talked about the massive sexual assaults that took place in Cologne on New Years Eve and have become epidemic across Europe. He also described the massive financial and social burden placed on the German people due to the immigration, which could cost as much as one trillion euros to resettle and train this latest wave of migrants. Yet the EU is threatening to levy massive fines on member nations who do not accept migrants.

This is another fascinating show with vital information that you will not hear elsewhere.


Standard Player
Date: 05-13-16

Dr. David Duke Exposes The Jewish Racist Oligarchs of Money & Media!

Dr. Duke started the show by reviewing the foundation of Jewish power in the United States. He went over the names of the top contributors to presidential candidates, clarifying that the vast majority were Jewish.

Then he and Dr. Slattery discussed the opening that the new media has created and how brilliantly Donald Trump has exploited it. Dr. Slattery commented that the fact that Trump does not conform to conventional political labels is an indication that he is actually trying to think for himself and is not simply following a pre-packaged, Jewish-created ideology.

This is another fascinating show that will make your weekend great again.


Standard Player
Date: 05-12-16

Dr. David Duke - Is Trump a Zionist Shill? The Zionists Sure Don't Think so!


Standard Player
Date: 05-11-16

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald-- Will the Jewish Extremists Assassinate Donald Trump?


Standard Player
Date: 05-10-16

Dr. David Duke interviews British Activist Mark Collett on the Rising Movement in the UK to Save Britain and the People of Europe!

Dr. Duke is joined by British activist Mark Collette. Mark explains the implications of the election of a Muslim mayor of London, which can only further the ethnic cleansing of the British people from the British capital.

Mr. Collette also spoke about how welcome it was for the British people to hear Donald Trump say that Obama should not have threatened the U.K. with trade repercussions should it exit the EU, with Trump actually stating that he though Britain would be better off outside the EU.

This is a great show that you will want to share widely.


Standard Player
Date: 05-09-16

Dr. Duke has an incredible live interview with Pierre Martin in Paris on Battle against the Jewish-Led Ethnic Cleansing of Europe!


Standard Player
Date: 05-06-16

Alt Right Activist Paul Allen Reveals the Secrets of "Trolling" the Jewish Neocons!


Standard Player
Date: 05-05-16

Dr. David Duke and Pastor Dankof Revel in Winning the War Against the Jewish Neocons!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the attack on him by Chris Hayes of MSNBC, who cited the David Duke Show when quoting him as saying that Jews were behind the Never Trump Movement. To "prove" his point, he brought on two Jewish individuals who indicated that they were willing to vote for Trump over Hillary. Case closed.

He and Pastor Mark Dankof then talked about the Jewish control over the historical narrative, including the glorification of American involvement in the two World Wars. In fact, entry into those wars was contrary to American interests, and American nationalists and regular people had been opposed to the wars.

This is a great show that you will want to share widely.


Standard Player
Date: 05-04-16

Dr. David Duke with Dr. Kevin MacDonald -- We Have the Jewish Oligarchs on the Run!

Dr. Duke started the show by welcoming the victory of Donald Trump in the Indiana Primary, effectively securing the Republican nomination. He then brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald, who spoke about Trump's victory as well as the significance of the defeat of the Jewish neocon-led Never Trump Movement.

Professor MacDonald described it as "revolutionary" that Trump could overcome 64,000 ads costing $75 million dollars aimed at smearing him with accusations of racism and ties to the KKK, and none of it stuck. He praised Trump for calling for an "America First" foreign policy and not backing down when the ADL protested.

This was a show that you will be sure to enjoy. Please share it widely.


Standard Player
Date: 05-03-16

Dr. Duke Discusses the Jewish Effort to Subvert and Control the Trump Movement that They Hate!

Today Dr. Duke talked about what seems to be the start of a fundamental shift in the Zio establishment's strategy on Donald Trump. With the prospects of stopping him from being nominated at the Republican convention fading, there are increasing signs of attempts to infiltrate his campaign in order to moderate or undermine his message.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery talked about the need for Trump supporters to hold his feet to the fire, to keep him on message, and not to jump ship if he stumbles. With Trump's ability to self-fund, he is relatively immune to Jewish money and much more sensitive to the interests of his voters.

This was a fast-paced show that will keep you ahead of the curve in terms of understanding the revolution unfolding around us. Please share it widely.


Standard Player
Date: 05-02-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery on Fulfilling the Promise of the Trump Movement!

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery had a lively give and take as the David Duke Show moves to a new format. They talked about the Jewish attack on the Trump campaign, and how the Jewish nature of the "stop Trump" or "never Trump" movements is becoming impossible to hide.

They talked about the distaste that many Sanders supporters have for Hillary, and the fact that many high-profile Sanders supporters like Susan Sarandon openly call Hillary a "war-monger" provides Trump a real opening to picking up a lot of support in the general election from Democrats and Independents.

This is a fun and informative show that your friends and family will enjoy. Please share it widely.


Standard Player
Date: 04-29-16

Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin Talk on the Core Mindset that Will Save our People and overthrow the Jewish Racist Globalists!

Dr. Duke started the show by recapping the news about the Trump rally that was besieged by aggressive demonstrators in Costa Mesa, California. Then he brought on Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, who talked about the success of Jewish tribalists in pushing the political "mainstream" towards Jewish interests.

They then went on to talk about whether Jews are a race. Andrew Anglin pointed out that after Darwin, there was a great deal of interest in the biology of race, and attention was being focused on the non-European origins of Jews in Europe. Jews like Franz Boaz countered by attacking the idea of race itself, not because they saw scientific truth in this position, but because they saw denying the existence of race as being good for the Jews.

Yesterday's show with Mr. Anglin was extremely well received, and this one will again be very welcomed by all those you send it to.


Standard Player
Date: 04-28-16

Dr. David Duke & Andrew Anglin Discuss the Millennials Revolution Against the Jewish Oligarchs!


Standard Player
Date: 04-27-16

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof on the election, race relations, and Jewish domination of our society

Dr. Duke broke down the latest "Super Tuesday" results. He analyzed the ridiculous complaints by Ted Cruz that the liberal media establishment is favoring Trump, completely ignoring that not just the liberal media but even Fox News has been pulling out all the stops to stop Trump.

He then broght on Rev. Mark Dankof, and they had a discussion on race relations within a framework of Jewish supremacism, the reason that many in the black community would reject explainations for an array of phenomena that are racial in nature, and Biblical prophecy.

This is a fascinating show that has something for everybody. Please spread it widely.


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Date: 04-26-16

Dr. Duke slams "Cuckstianity," "Cuckservatism," and other suicidal Zio brainwashing

Today Dr. Duke exposed the phenomenon of "Cuckstianity," whereby misguided Christians support ideas and policies that lead to the destruction of Christianity itself. We see it in Europe from none other than the Pope, who is supporting the massive invasion of Muslims into Europe where they can out reproduce the native European Christians.

He also talked about "Cuckservatism," which is a distortion of traditional conservatism that accepts the Jewish supremacist priorities of endless wars for Israel, massive immigration, and enshrine black grievances against whites. Finally, Dr. Slattery pointed out that voters in Pennsylvania needed to see the voter's guide on DavidDuke.com in order to know how to vote for Donald Trump's delegates in today's primary.

This is a vital show that you need to share with everyone in Pennsylvania and across the world!


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Date: 04-25-16

The Horrific Jewish subversion of Christianity into a weapon against White Christians

Today Dr. Duke talked about the case in Indiana where the wife and unborn child of a minister was raped and murdered in his home by black assailants. The minister has voiced his forgiveness for the criminals and states he hopes they find Jesus so they can enjoy eternal bliss in Heaven. Dr. Duke made the case that forgiveness for the unforgivable is a trait that will only lead us to defenselessness and destruction.

He and Dr. Slattery discussed how Christianity has been subverted and is being used as a weapon against Europeans wherever they live. Dr. Slattery commented that those who promote massive immigration and deny racial differences are as much in denial of evolution as those who would have it replaced by creationism in our schools.

This is an important show that you will want to share widely.


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Date: 04-22-16

With Europe and America at a Tipping Point - Dr. Duke Says Any Collaboration with the Jewish Establishment is Treason!

Today Dr. Duke was really on fire! He made the point that the only way forward is to wake up to the reality that society is dominated by Jewish tribal supremacists. He added that anyone offering himself as an advocate for the white population who is too timid to talk about Jewish power is misdirecting us and is part of the problem. We cannot free ourselves from Jewish power without recognizing it.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and made the point that although he is tired of talking about Jews all the time, because Jewish power is based on the ability to prevent the discussion of Jewish power, the only way forward is to talk about Jews. He insisted that once we can openly talk about how Jews took over society, we can get our country back.

This is an important show that you will need to share with your friends going into the weekend.


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Date: 04-21-16

Today Dr. Duke explains that delegate selection process and how it is corrupt

Today Dr. Duke focused on the nuts and bolts of the delegate selection process. He played a clip of a Sean Hannity interview with Ted Cruz in which Cruz first insisted that voters don't care about the integrity of the voting process, and then when challenged lied about having won elections in states that did not hold elections.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and went into details of how delegates are selected, and what, if anything, binds them to vote for a candidate. He disclosed that the big prize in next Tuesday's contests, Pennsylvania, will send a mostly unbound set of delegates to the convention even if Trump wins by a landslide, and that voters will have practically no means of preventing an anti-Trump group of delegates from being selected. Still, he predicted that in the end, the national Republican establishment will decide it would be suicidal to deny Trump the nomination in Cleveland, and will try to undermine him in other ways that won't impact Republican candidates down ticket.

This is an enlightening show that will benefit all who listen to it. Please share it widely.


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Date: 04-20-16

Dr. Duke Goes Deep into the Economic, Political and Media Mechanism of Jewish Oligarchy in America!



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Date: 04-19-16

Dr. Duke discusses the Jewish control of the Federal Reserve and the Jewish Oligarchs who Rule Both the Republican and Democratic Party!


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Date: 04-18-16

Dr. Duke Exposes the Jewish Bankster/leftist Obama Donor but Gives 11 mil to Cruz to Stop Trump!

Dr. Duke started the show by revealing to his audience that Jewish tribalist billionaire James Simons, a long-time megafunder of Democratic candidates like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aws well as liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood, is emerging as the main contributor to Creepy Ted Cruz. This shows not only how much Jewish supremacists like Simons are desperate to stop Trump, but also how they think that Cruz is acceptable and controllable.

Then he brought on Dr. Slattery, who added that the fact that Trump is losing delegates in the states where he won primaries is not because of Cruz's superior planning and organization, but because the local establishments who control the process are siding with Cruz when selecting delegates, adding that candidates for the electoral college are often being selected the same way. They then discussed how people of European decent are uniquely vulnerable to Jewish supremacism because of the asymmetry in group recognition, meaning that Jews are much better at distinguishing between Jews and Europeans than Europeans are.

This is another vital show that you need to promote to your friends and family.


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Date: 04-15-16

Dr. Duke Does a Life Show Today on the Power of Focus and Organization, Connecting With Your Ancestors & Comments on Sanders vs. Clinton

Today Dr. Duke focused on health and fitness, and in particular the mental well-being you get from being organized and focused. He took on the myth of multi-tasking, pointing out that studies show that whatever increase in accomplishments achieved through multi-tasking is more than offset by a decrease in the quality of those accomplishments. He stated that it is more important to organize your tasks to flow logically, and recommended preparing an well-organized to-do list each day.

He brought on Dr. Slattery for additional comments and to discuss last night's Democratic debate. While Sanders and Clinton have much in common in terms of a multicultural agenda that promotes massive immigration and scapegoats white racism for all the evils of society, Hillary distinguished herself as being more belligerent towards Russia, more a paid shill for Wall Street, and much more subservient to Israel. Sanders may be a dedicated communist, but Hillary seems to have no ideology other than a ruthless pursuit of her own personal interests regardless of the death and misery her actions inflict on others.

This is a great show heading into the weekend. Please share it widely.


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Date: 04-14-16

Why the Jewish tribe Acts so Jewish& Jewish musical chairs in Ukraine


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Date: 04-13-16

Dr. Duke Shows How America's Political System is No Longer Free & Shows the First Revolutionary Step to Vote forTrump!

Today Dr. Duke explained how America, far from being the freest country in the world, is a country full of political taboos that limit our freedoms of speech and assembly. Not only does discussion of Jewish power lose someone his or her job in certain industries, but now even voicing support for Donald Trump borders on "hate speech." Violent demonstrators blocked a Trump rally in Chicago last month, and Black Lives Matter activists shut down a students for Trump meeting on the West Coast.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery had a discussion on the possibility of bringing some Sanders supporters over to Trump. Dr. Slattery pointed out that Sanders is criticized in some "progressive" circles for having supported the invasion of Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq. Moreover, if Trump wins the Republican nomination but Sanders if frustrated at the Democratic Convention by establishment superdelegates, many Sanders supporters could be attracted to Trump in the general election with the right outreach.


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Date: 04-12-16

Jewish Media Oligarchs Boast that They, Not the Voters - Rule America!


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Date: 04-11-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery on the Never Trump movement, Glen Beck, and the unprecedented Jew

Today Dr. Duke discussed the Never Trump movement, which is an almost completely Jewish-led affair. He revealed the polling results show that Trump has the lowest support levels among Jewish voters of any presidential candidate on record. He went on to talk about Glen Beck's anti-Trump appearance on Meet the Press, during which Jewish supremacist host Chuck Todd never called out Beck on any of his outrageous and patently false assertions.

He then brought on Dr. Slattery, and they discussed the level of Jewish establishment animosity towards Trump. They talked about Bernie Sanders as being a "controlled opposition" candidate designed to lure anti-establishment voters on the left to effectively support the status quo and prevent a share of them from supporting Trump, who would more likely support their economic interests through nationalist trade policies.

This was another fascinating show that will get your week off to a great start. Please share it widely.


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Date: 04-08-16

Dr. David Duke Once More in News Exposes LIes About Himself and The Anti-White Racists Who Rule Media and Politics!



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Date: 04-07-16

Dr. David Duke Discusses Norway Politico Urging no deportation Black Immigrant who Sodomized Him & Dr. Slattery on Jewish Racist Control of America!

Today Dr. Duke started the show by talking about a case in Norway whereby a straight white man was gang raped by Somali immigrants four years ago and now that one of the immigrants' prison term is ending he is opposing his deportation. This is an example of how Europeans have been brainwashed into a level of altruism that is suicidal. Then he launched into a great new article reposted on DavidDuke.com by Professor James Petras about the myth of Jewish meritocracy.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and described the article, which contends that if these Jewish elites that come out of the Ivy League schools and dominate our financial and foreign policy bureaucracies were really so brilliant, how come the results of their policies have been so devastating. He names the names and makes a compelling case. Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery explain how the combination of affirmative action for blacks and Hispanics, merit-based admissions for Asians, and nepotistic admissions for Jews all come at the expense of European Americans, and that this phenomenon is not limited to universities but can be seen in the media, the bureaucracy, and corporations.

This is an eye-opening show that reveals just how strong the case against Jewish supremacism really is. Please share it widely.


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Date: 04-06-16

Dr. Duke Shows the Surprising Fact that Wisconsin Proves How Trump has altered American Politics!

Dr. Duke started the show by explaining that even though Donald Trump lost the Wisconsin primary last night, he has fundamentally altered American politics by shifting attention to the immigration issue and other nationalist issues. Without Trump this would be another election where Republicans would simply be talking about the size of the federal government and how best to balance the budget.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and proposed that the loss in Wisconsin was just the wake-up call that Trump himself desperately needed. Until now he has been able to declare victory week after week by capturing a plurality of the votes even as he has lost some states he should have won and consistently under-performed his polling numbers. He hasn't felt the need to heed the advise of those around him who tell him to stay on message and act more presidential, and instead has allowed himself to be lured into embarrassing pronouncements about his male endowment and into tweeting unflattering pictures of Heidi Cruz.

This show will really put things in perspective and convince you that, whatever the outcome of the election, we are making vital progress.


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Date: 04-05-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald Talk on Our Counter Revolutionary Movement Against the Jewish Takeover of the GOP!


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Date: 04-04-16

Dr. Duke Does the Ultimate Expose of Commie Bernie and the Jewish Media Tyranny in America!

Today's show focused on Bernie Sanders. Dr. Duke pointed out the double standard of himself constantly being introduced as former KKK while there is never a mention of Sanders having volunteered at a Stalinist kibbutz in Israel in the 1960s or his running as a presidential elector for the openly communist Socialist Workers Party in 1980.

Dr. Duke claimed that in Sanders' case these past affiliations are actually more relevant, because Sanders continues to describe himself as a socialist and much of his recent political record reflects his communist tendencies. Dr. Slattery quoted Sander's own Senate website and a transcript from an interview on the O'Reilly Factor to show that when it comes to relations with Russia and Syria, Sanders is actually pretty close the neocons, who themselves have roots as Trotskyites.

This is an eye-opening show that you will want to share widely.


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Date: 04-01-16

Dr. Duke tells listeners to "Feel the Bern." April Fools!

Today Dr. Duke offered first aid to those who "feel the Bern." He pointed out that Bernie Sanders has an openly communist past, having volunteered at a Stalinist kibbutz in Israel and then running as an elector (member of the electoral college that under the Constitution actually elects the president) as a candidate of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party. He also is an unapologetic Zionist who consistently supports the racist state of Israel.

Dr. Duke pointed out that racism against whites isn't even worthy of mention in the Zio media. Bernie Sanders can make the assertion that white people don't know what it is to be poor, and nobody points out the racism of that statement. The fact is that whites face discrimination and prejudice in a variety of ways, yet if they so much as try to express their legitimate grievances they are branded as racist.

This is a great show to send to people under the subject heading "Feel the Bern." Remember, it's April Fool's Day.


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Date: 03-31-16

Dr. Duke has a Special Show interview with Dr. Slattery on His Awakening to the Jewish Problem!

Today Dr. Duke spent the hour interviewing Dr. Slattery about his own political evolution. Dr. Slattery described growing up amidst the backdrop of the Vietnam War in an antiwar family, which imbued in him a lifelong revulsion of wars that he sees as almost always unnecessary. The 1973 Arab Israeli war and subsequent Israeli atrocities against Palestinians provided an entry point for his understanding of Zionism, although it wasn't until the 1990s when he learned how to distinguish between Jews and non-Jews that he understood the domination of American society by Jews.

He credited Dr. Duke's book "My Awakening" with his later ability to take off the blinders of political correctness regarding race. He lamented the fact that in the current Zionist-imposed atmosphere of political polarization, it is almost impossible to have open and honest debates about issues because no one is willing to concede the other side's legitimate points or concerns. He said that he feels that with a proper conversation it is possible to enlighten others, provided you are open-minded yourself. He said it is necessary to learn to oppose people's ideas without alienating the people themselves, because you may need them as allies in the next struggle.

This is a fascinating show that should help you understand the potential for growing a mass movement to take back our society from Zionist domination. Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-30-16

Dr. David Duke Passionately Talks about the USA, the KKK and the War Raging for our Freedom and Heritage!

Dr. Duke responded to yet another instance of demonstrators disrupting a Trump rally by warning that America is headed towards a communist-style dictatorship. He went into his own history to explain to his listeners what motivates him.

He connected the rise of Jewish power in the media and in politics with the transformation of society in such a way as to undermine traditional values and replace the majority population with immigrants. He also pointed out that demonstrators are disrupting Trump rallies, while Trump supporters are not disrupting Sanders rallies or Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

This was an impassioned Dr. Duke that will inspire you and everyone you share the show with.


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Date: 03-29-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald - Why the Jewish Ruling Elite Hate Trump!

Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They talked about the Trump campaign. Professor MacDonald noted that Trump is from a generation that grew up in a very different culture, and that Trump is not happy with the direction of the country and has a vision, not necessarily well articulated, for how to rectify it.

They also discussed recent allegations that Ted Cruz is a serial adulterer. They agreed that the press has given Creepy Cruz a free pass on the issue, with no reporter daring to ask him directly whether he has cheated on his wife. They also talked about whether organizations like American Renaissance are doing themselves any good by trying to promote white interests while forbidding any discussion of Jewish power.
This is another tremendous show that will make your brain great again! Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-28-16

Dr. Duke does an analysis of the Jewish Power in America, why they hate Trump and now support Cruz!

Today Dr. Duke described the “pincer movement” in the media where Trump is being lambasted by the liberal media for his politically incorrect views and statements, while at the same time giving Cruz a free pass even when he apes the Donald’s positions. No doubt the media and Republican establishment think that Cruz is insincere when he talks about clamping down on illegal immigration.

Dr. Duke also talked about Trump’s recent statements in favor of an “America first” foreign policy, one that would be less interventionist and would emphasize American national interests, and would presumably therefore be less beholden to Israel. Dr. Slattery pointed out that the two periods of the 20th Century that Trump referred to when asked about when was America great in the past were both periods immediately before the great increases in Jewish power represented by the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the passage of the 1965 immigration act.

This is another tremendous show that will make your brain great again! Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-25-16

Dr. Duke Discusses the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal and How the Media Covers Stories in Line with the Jewish Agenda!


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Date: 03-24-16

Dr. David Duke has an incredible analysis of the reasons for terrorism in Belgium and the destruction of European Mankind!


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Date: 03-23-16

Dr. Duke had a very special Purim show today. He explained the violent and paranoid essence of the Jewish holiday of Purim, which celebrates the murder of the King of Persia, his entire family, and 75,000 Persians, along with their domestic animals. Today the massacre is celebrated in synagogues by reenacting the murders, having the children dress in costumes, and eating dumplings resembling the ears of the Persian king. It's fun for the whole family.

They also discussed Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, the leader of the National Synagogue in Washington, D.C. Herzfeld was quoted extensively in an article on Purim by Dr. Duke. He was in the news again this week protesting against Donald Trump at the AIPAC conference, where he shouted: “Do not listen to this man. He is wicked. He inspires racists and bigots.” We wish the rabbi a happy Purim as he and his congregation reenact a genocide and then engage in the ritual cannibalism of their enemies.

This is the kind of powerful and informative show that you have come to expect. Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-22-16

Today Dr. Duke addressed the terrorist attacks in Belgium, making the point that without massive non-European immigration into the country the attacks simply could not have taken place. He also made the point that in Europe, as in the United States, the driving force behind mass immigration is the organized Jewish community, which feels its interests are best served by a "diverse" society divided between antagonistic groups that can be easily dominated by their cohesive and privileged tribe.

Then he and Dr. Slattery discussed Donald Trump's pandering speech before AIPAC. As discouraging as it is to hear His Tremendousness spew the obvious lies about the existential threat that poor tiny Israel is under from the evil Palestinians and an Iran hell-bent on world domination, there is a limit to how much any candidate can be expected to overturn propaganda and indoctrination that has gone unquestioned for decades.

This is a fascinating show that you will want to spread widely.


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Date: 03-21-16

Dr. Duke talks about his important new video on why the Jews hate Donald Trump

Dr. Duke announced that he has released a new video on why the Jews hate Donald Trump. The video absolutely proves that the very same Jewish media and political elite that celebrate their tribal takeover of our society are terrified that the Trump candidacy could derail their long-sought objectives to replace European Americans as the majority population of the United States and eliminate any chance of a nationalist challenge to Jewish supremacy.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and said that even though Trump may mean it when he says he will be good for Israel, the Jewish political and media elite obviously worry that he will provide an opening for challenging Jewish tribal supremacy. He compared Trump to Putin early in his presidency, where he had to decide between continuing to be a Jewish puppet or pursuing the interests of the Russian people and basing his political future on popular support. Putin chose the latter, and the Jewish elite fears Trump will do the same.

This is a great show, and everyone needs to see Dr. Duke new video. Please spread it widely. It could change our lives.


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Date: 03-18-16

Dr. Duke starts by refuting vicious Jewish lies about Trump and Hitler then talks with Syrian Partisan Girl on why Zionists hate Syria!

Today Dr. Duke had Syrian Partisan Girl as his guest for the hour. She provided a native perspective on the Syrian civil war, which is really more of an international invasion than true civil war. This war threatens to expand into a greater Middle Eastern war or even a World War.

She explained that Syria has numerous religions and ethnicities, and that Zionist supremacists have long tried to exploit this in divide and conquer fashion. She said that proposals for federalism in Syria may sound reasonable to American ears, but that federalism would tend to exasperate religious and ethnic divides and would deprive residents of certain regions the benefits of the resources of the country as a whole.

This show will educate you about a vital issue about which the media does nothing but lie. Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-17-16

Dr. David Duke says to Trump: AIPAC? Why Bother? They Hate YOU! & Cruz Totally Exposed!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about an amazing article about the "Real Ted Cruz" written by Roger Stone, the son of director Oliver Stone. The article documents Cruz's deep insider connections to the worst elements of the Zionist oligarchy.

He and Dr. Slattery then discussed the Trump campaign, his scheduled appearance before AIPAC, the appointment of the Jew Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, and other important issues.

This is a show packed full of vital information. Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-16-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald Analyze the results of Super Tuesday and Expose the Jewish Hate of Donald Trump!


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Date: 03-15-16

Dr. David Duke Shows How the Tump Movement is a Vehicle to White Awakening and Liberation!


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Date: 03-14-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald- The Trump campaign has become a referendum on the future of America and the people whose forefathers created America!


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Date: 03-11-16

Dr. David Duke Talks the Trump Debate, Carson and Exposes the Zio Media Commie Lies !

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about Ben Carson's endorsement of Donald Trump, which will give Trump a bump even though Dr. Carson's reputation has been overblown by the Zio media. He went on to discuss the coverage of the recent presidential debates.

Then he brought on Doug from Chicago, an activist with the Donald Trump campaign. They had a discussion on health and fitness, and then moved on to talk about what Donald Trump means to his supporters. Doug is an example of how an activist can use volunteering and social media to help reach incredible numbers of people with a new and important message.

This is a great show that will inspire you to action. Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-10-16

David Duke Explains How Participation in the Trump Movement Can Advance our Cause!

Today Dr. Duke emphasized the need to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Donald Trump campaign. While acknowledging his many shortcomings, he urged listeners to find ways to support him, whether it be by volunteering for the campaign or leaning how to support him on social media.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and urged people to learn how to talk to people from different political backgrounds. Citing research by Harvard Professor Robert Putnam that shows that trust and cooperation deteriorates in diverse societies, he pointed out that two issues that are currently progressive sacred cows -- open borders and welfare programs -- cannot coexist for long in a democratic society. He said that the U.S. is like a plane losing cabin pressure, and that we have to put on our own oxygen masks (fix our own problems) before we can help others.

This is a great show that will inspire you to action. Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-09-16

Dr. David Duke gives an Inspiring message on the victory of Trump Yesterday and how the Media Lies about Trump and him are not Workin!

Dr. Duke opened the show with a response to Donald Trump's victories in yesterday's primaries in Michigan and Mississippi as well as the Hawaii caucus. He emphasized that these victories came in spite of massive negative press and negative political advertising.

He then went on to talk about the free pass that Bernie Sanders gets despite his own past associations with the communist Socialist Workers Party and a communist kibbutz in Israel. Dr. Slattery joined the show with additional information.

This is an inspiring show that will infuse you with hope that we are making progress and can save our country and save the world from Zionist exploitation and war. Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-08-16

Dr. David Duke Exposes the Jewish Oligarchs Hate Campaign against Trump!


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Date: 03-07-16

Dr. Duke shows that Black Lives Matter is a media creation that is detrimental to black interests

Dr. Duke addressed the continuing controversy over Donald Trump's inability to sufficiently beg for forgiveness every time he is asked to disavow David Duke. He recounted an interview he had last night with the black reporter who had asked Trump the question about Dr. Duke at the Feb 26 press conference that set off the whole media circus. During the interview he pointed out the lack of authenticity of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and added that the media took what was nothing more than a hashtag and turned it into a national movement via its spotlight, and that largely Jewish funding has transformed it into an organization. He and Dr. Duke discussed how the Black Lives Matter promotion of confrontation over understanding and reconciliation is actually very much against the interests of the black community, and has in fact led to dramatic increases in the black murder rates in cities like Baltimore where the police have acceded to Black Lives Matter demands that they back off, thus allowing violent criminal gangs to fill in the void.

This is a thought-provoking show that will get your week off on the right foot. Please share it widely.


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Date: 03-04-16

Exposing the ZioMedia Vicious Bias against Donald and Donald Trump

Dr. Duke addressed his continuing deamonization in the media, including in last night's Republican debate. His name and youthful association was invoked in the very first question to Donald Trump in an attempt to smear him. Oddly, nobody mentions that Cruz's wife is a Goldman Sachs VP, that Rubio's former roommate ran a gay porn business, or that Kasich himself cashed in his Congressional connections by going to work for the Jewish-owned criminal bank Lehman Brothers, whose collapse while he worked their triggered the 2008 financial crisis.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and asked why the media thinks there is nothing more important to talk about than the youthful association of someone who intends on voting for Mr. Trump. Do they think that the country is in such good shape that this is what voters need to know to make their decisions? He pointed out that in one of the few substantive exchanges of the night, amidst dangerous saber rattling from his rivals, Trump distinguished himself by calling for improved relations with Russia.

This is another vital show that you will want to pass on to your friends and relatives.


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Date: 03-03-16

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof demolish "KKK scandal," reveal Neocon War Party vendetta against Trump

Dr. Duke addressed the on-going CNN-generated hypocrisy of the "KKK scandal," revealing the sorted pasts of many of those involved. Van Jones, for instance, was a self-described communist at the same time Dr. Duke was an elected member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana. Bernie Sanders, by the way, was an elector for the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party in the 1980 general election.

Then Pastor Mark Dankof joined the show and provided a wealth of important information on the Neocon War Party's efforts to stop Trump at all costs, whether its Rubio or Cruz or Romney or even Hillary. He explained their willingness to embark on World War Three in order to achieve regime change in Russia and overthrow the very popular president Vladimir Putin.

This show will give you an education, and you won't need to take out any student loans either. Please spread it around.


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Date: 03-02-16

Dr. David Duke Exposes CNN Host - Zionist Berman, former radical Black Communist Jones & Idiot Jeffery Lord!



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Date: 03-01-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald Stump for the Trump on Super Tuesday -- Make History Today!

Today Dr. Duke addressed the media's baseless attempt to smear Donald Trump with the KKK. Amazingly, although he has been at the center of the news cycle over the past several days, he did not receive any interview requests until last night, when he was interviewed by Alan Colmes. (The interview is posted on Davidduke.com.) Obviously the media does not want the real David Duke to interfere with the fictionalized bogeyman caricature of him that they have constructed over the years.

He then brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald, who pointed out that the Trump candidacy has allowed Americans to focus on the real problems facing our society. He pointed out that if Trump were not running, the Republican debates would consist of minutiae about fiscal policy or posturing on abortion. He stated that Western civilization is on the verge of collapse in the face of massive immigration, and "principled conservatism" is not going to save us.

This is a powerful show. Listen to it, spread it around, and go out and vote or register to vote.


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Date: 02-29-16

Dr. David Duke Exposes the ZioMedia Lies about Himself and Donald Trump. You Can't Stump the Trump & You Can't Rebuke the Duke!

Dr. Duke used his show today to address the controversy over his qualified support of Donald Trump for president. Dr. Duke clarified the fact that he left the Klan almost 40 years ago, that his group completely and explicitly rejected violence, that he has acknowledged that his joining the group was a youthful mistake, and that never at any point in his life did he support the supremacy of any race over any other race.

Dr. Duke pointed out that even with this "scandal" of Mr. Trump's insufficient repudiation of him dominating the news cycle since last Friday, the most recent CNN poll shows that nationwide support for Trump has surged to new highs. Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out that Trump alone is calling for an improved relationship with Russia via diplomacy, whereas the rest of the candidates are all calling for policies, such as a no-fly zone over Syria, that would lead to World War III if they were actually implemented. He suggested that rather than trying to smear Mr. Trump with a fictionalized caricature of Dr. Duke, the media should actually do their job and have the candidates discuss these crucial issues of war and peace.

This was a show that repudiated the media for abdicating their responsibility to inform rather than to propagandize. It was tremendous and huge and your friends will love it.


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Date: 02-26-16

Dr. Duke Exposes the New York News Jewish-Neocon Commies & How Trump fights for Real Americans.

Today Dr. Duke responded to a New York Daily News article that tried to smear Donald Trump by pointing out Dr. Duke's support for his candidacy. The article called both Trump and his radio audience "racists," which is pretty ripe considering the newspaper and its publisher's dedication to the Jewish supremacist State of Israel.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery also deconstructed last night's Republican debate. While it was largely a shouting match and insult festival, significantly Trump insisted on acting as a neutral broker in pushing for an unlikely but very desirable peace in the Middle East, which predictably brought the wrath of Cruz and Rubio for not unquestioningly supporting Israel in all its atrocities.

This is great listening heading into the weekend. Please share it widely.


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Date: 02-25-16

Dr. Duke Exposes the Jewish Attacks on Trump and the Jewish Gangster Takeover of Las Vegas.

Today Dr. Duke started off the show by talking about how our hijacked political process does not produce policies that benefit the majority of the country but rather serve the narrow Zionist tribal interests. We see this trend in trade policy, immigration policy, and increasingly in gun rights. He brought up the news that Obama might appoint Nevada's pro-abortion, pro-immigration Republican Mexican governor to the Supreme Court.

Then he and Dr. Slattery discussed a recent article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that uncritically praised Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas' former mayor and current first husband, who started his career in the city as the lawyer for Las Vegas' notorious Jewish crime boss Meyer Lansky. Then they discussed how Jews who claim "white privilege" like Bernie Sanders are eating their bagel and having it too. Affirmative action quotas and set asides never come at the expense of Jewish over-representation, but serve only to further marginalize white entrance into society's elite career paths.

This was another powerful show with information you will not hear anywhere else. Please share it widely.


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Date: 02-24-16

Dr. Duke Says We Won Nevada Now Let's Annihilate the Republican Traitor Bosses in Super Tuesday!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about Trump's victory in Nevada. He encouraged listeners to get involved with the Trump campaign. He said it is a great way to meet people who are open to our ideas. It is also a way of gaining experience and personal networking that will payoff after the election, as we don't expect Trump to solve all our problems.

Then Dr. Slattery joined the show and talked about the outlook for Super Tuesday and for the general election. He pointed out that although Trump does not poll as well in head to head match-ups with Hillary as other Republicans at this point, his emphasis on deal making (i.e. diplomacy) should make him uniquely able to capitalize on Hillary's incredible vulnerability due to having supported and engineered disastrous wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

This is an inspiring show that you will want to make sure to listen to. Please spread it widely.



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Date: 02-23-16

Dr. Duke exposes Jewish billionaire domination of GOP and asks listeners break it by voting Trump

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about massive institutionalized discrimination against whites, including minority business set asides for government contracts and anti-white affirmative action in employment and education. He then went on to talk about the "controlled opposition" phenomenon in the Republican Party, where rising stars like governors Brian Sandoval and Nikki Haley provide "diversity" while taking positions at odds with conservative values and white interests.

Then he and Dr. Slattery explained how caucus systems can be dominated by establishment machines. Dr. Duke read a list of the largest donors to Republican candidates, who are all Jewish billionaires that support gun control and gay marriage, and showed how these are the money bags behind Rubio and Cruz. They then implored listeners in Nevada to go out and vote for Trump today, regardless of his various short-comings, because he provides an important opening for saving our country.

This was a powerful and important show that you will want to share widely.


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Date: 02-22-16

Dr. Duke Totally Exposes Ted Cruz and Foam Boy Marco Rubio as Enemies of European Americans!

Today Dr. Duke looked at the results from this past weekend's primary in South Carolina. He discussed Ann Coulter's accusation that Marco Rubio is running an "anti-white men campaign" due to his adoption of the Black Lives Matters narrative on race relations. Dr. Duke mentioned her references to Rubio's history as a young man attending "foam parties" in Florida, which were typically giant homosexual meet-up affairs.

Dr. Duke pointed out that both Rubio and Cruz have favored amnesty for illegal aliens. Dr. Slattery joined the show and emphasized that allowing people who have broken immigration laws to remain in the country is still amnesty regardless of whether they acquire citizenship. He also emphasized the importance of relations with Russia, where Trump alone is bucking the establishment trend to demonize Putin and push for war with Russia. His common sense proposition to avoid World War III is reason enough to vote for Trump, no matter what you think of his other positions.


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Date: 02-19-16

Dr. Duke Speaks IN DEFENSE OF WHITE WOMEN & Exposes The Vicious Jewish Attack on Trump as the "Anti-Christ!"



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Date: 02-18-16

[ Dr. Duke Talks the fundamentals of Genetics, Race and Gender and How the Jewish Racists Lead Us to Fratricide and Destruction!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about some of the possible cultural and genetic factors impacting the differential crime rates between blacks and whites, as well as the genetic and cultural aspects of Jewish behavior. He also talked about the need to respect the differences between men and women, and not become hostile to women because of these differences.

He talked about the need to look at the science of issues. He said that it is fine to subscribe to religion and religious values, but warned against allowing religion to preventing people from looking at the scientific explainations for how things are. Then Dr. Slattery cited the decoding of the Neanderthal genome to demonstrate that there has been isolation of Africans and non-Africans dating back many tens of thousands of years and that during this time evolution was taking place, thus proving a genetic, biological basis to race.

This is a very stimulating show that you will want to share with your friends.


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Date: 02-17-16

Dr. Kevin MacDonald utterly Destroys and Debunks the Khazar Theory!

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his
guest for the hour. They started off by discussing the
Khazar theory, which states that the Ashkenazi Jews
(those from Eastern Europe) were not descended from the
Jews of the Bible but rather were Turkic converts.

Professor MacDonald pointed out that population
genetics shows the close relationship between
Ashkenazi Jews and other Jewish groups around the
world. He also noted that their culture shows very
obvious Middle Eastern characteristics.

This is an enlightening show that will deepen your understanding of these very important questions. Please share it widely.