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Date: 02-05-16

Dr. Duke Launches his new powerful video: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchs!



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Date: 02-04-16

Dr. Duke and Rev. Dankof on the incredible treachery of Cruz and Rubio

Dr. Duke started the show by revealing that the Obama administration is planning on settling some 10,000 Middle Eastern refugees in Montana, a move designed to destroy one of the last bastions of traditional European Americans. He also disclosed that a high-ranking German official has called for making Arabic a mandatory subject for German schoolchildren in order to smooth the resettlement of migrants.

He then brought on Rev. Mark Dankof for a discussion of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Rev. Dankof spelled out Rubio's financial ties to Jewish megadonors and listed the Zio policies that Rubio sold them, which necessarily will lead to World War III. He also pointed out that Rubio's campaign slogan comes straight from the Project for a New American Century, the neocon think-tank that planned Bush's 9-11 policies. They then went on to read a long list of Ted Cruz's deep pocket Jewish backers, so many of whom are actually cultural Marxists! Cruz, the pathological liar, is the perfect vehicle for Zionists who want to destroy traditional Christian values.

This is a show you must hear and spread widely!


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Date: 02-03-16

Dr. David Duke with new info exposing Zio Shabbat Goy Cruz and the Jewish Oligarchy that rules America!

Dr. Duke started the show by listing numerous examples of Ted Cruz's dishonesty, from hiding the massive loans he has received from Goldman Sachs to the dirty tricks he played to steal Ben Carson's Iowa supporters. He also talked about how Donald Trump is already rebounding with a rally featuring Ann Colter and focusing on immigration.

They he brought on Dr. Slattery and they discussed U.S.-Russian relations. Dr. Slattery pointed out that the Obama administration has announced it will send troops and weaponry to former Soviet states on Russia's border in clear violation of a major 1997 treaty, the NATO Russia Founding Act. This is part of a series of events pushed by Zionists within and outside the government that has led U.S.-Russian relations to all-time lows.

This is another extremely informative show that will educate you and inspire you. Please share it widely.


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Date: 02-02-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald Expose Cruz, Rubio & Trumps path to President !

Dr. Duke analyzed the results of the Iowa caucuses, reminding listeners that he had predicted such a result the day before but maintaining that in the coming primaries Trump’s immense popularity will translate into votes more easily. He brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald and they discussed how the election could impact foreign policy towards the Middle East and Russia.

They went on to talk about the strong showing of Bernie Sanders and what we might be able to expect should he actually win the election. Professor MacDonald raised the many negatives of Hillary Clinton in terms of her scandals and shady associations and questioned how many people could vote for her out of enthusiasm, as opposed to simply avoiding a Republican victory.
He added that she is vastly preferred by Jews, who vote (and contribute) based on their ethnic interests, and lamented that whites “just don’t get it” tend to vote on abstract ideals and not their ethnic interests.

This was another insightful show that will help you and your friends put events into perspective.


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Date: 02-01-16

Dr. Duke How Jewish Insiders control politics and more on Oscar Boycott.



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Date: 01-29-16


The GOP Fox Zio Faux Debate about Nothing but the Big Lies of Ted Cruz


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Date: 01-28-16

Dankof: Is Donald Trump a Shill or for Real? Why the Jewish Establishment Hates him!



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Date: 01-27-16

Why The Jewish Establishment Hates Trump!

Dr. Duke opened the show by talking about how rapidly Europe is sinking into a 1984-like nightmare. He pointed to the arrest of two Germans accused of running a website that is "anti-Semitic" and intolerant of immigrants. He also raised the example of a Swedish woman who has been charged with assault for scratching the eyes of her would-be rapist.

Then Dr. Slattery joined the show and they discussed the news of Donald Trump's announcement that he will boycott the Fox News-sponsored Republican debate. They pointed out that although Trump has always voiced complete support for Israel, the Jewish establishment is pulling out all the stops to stop Trump. The reason? All candidates voice complete support for Israel, so it is Trump's opposition to immigration that enrages the Zionists. Our open borders policy is as much a top priority for them as is support for Israel, even if most non-Jews don't understand that it is Jewish political power that created the immigration crisis in America and Europe.

This is a lively and informative show that you need to share widely.


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Date: 01-26-16

Dr. Duke Exposes the scumbag Slimeball Ted Cruz as a total ZioShill !

Today Dr. Duke exposed Ted Cruz for the Zio fraud that he is. He pointed out that Donald Trump is now raising Senator Cruz's connections to the criminal banking entity Goldman Sachs, including his wife's position as a Houston regional Vice President for Goldman Sachs.

Dr. Duke also played a clip of Cruz speaking in favor of amnesty to illegal immigrants so they could "come out of the shadows." Dr. Slattery joined the show and asked if we should pass a law to allow car thieves to acquire titles to the cars they drive so they can come in out of the shadows.

This is another powerful show that will set anyone straight on the Zio duplicity of Senator Cruz. Please share it widely.


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Date: 01-22-16

Fab Friday-How the Yid Banks Rob us - Actors calls Black Oscars protest "anti-white racism" - Immigration Rubicon approaches! Tops Jews honor spy Pollard!

Today Dr. Duke covered a lot of ground, first recounting some little-known aspects of Goldman Sachs involvement in the 2008 banking crisis and the special treatment they received from Jewish regulators.

Then he and Dr. Slattery discussed some breaking news stories, including the feting of Jonathan Pollard by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, a dire warning by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte that the passport-free European travel zone may fall apart in six weeks due to the migrant crisis, and major white actors criticizing the #OscarsSoWhite drive to boycott the ceremonies over "lack of diversity."

This show is overflowing with information that will spice up your weekend conversations. Please share it widely.


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Date: 01-21-16

Dr. Duke reveals Hillary has been personally bribed with 3 million from the big Jewish banks headed by Goldman Sachs! Also Dr. Slattery on Ukraine.

Today Dr. Slattery started the show by talking about possible changes in the confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, as the negative results from the disastrous policy pushed by arch neocon Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland have become all too apparent.

Then Dr. Duke joined the show and revealed the extent of Hillary Clinton's financial links to Jewish banks like Goldman Sachs as well as to other Jewish organizations. Aside from the countless millions in campaign funds her superpac has raised from well-known Jewish billionaires, she has also amassed a sizable personal fortune from speeches she has made to banks and to Jewish organizations. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and the tune is Hava Nagila!

This is another fascinating show that will arm you with the information you need to help take back our society. Please share it widely.


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Date: 01-20-16

Jewish Holly wood Mogul Revealed as Israeli Spy & Swedish Patriot Reports on The European Awakening!

Today Dr. Duke started the show by discussing the case of Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, who is credited with over 100 films, including the new Oscar-nominated "The Revenant." It turns out that not only is he a movie mogul, but an Israeli spy and gun runner as well. He talks with Dr. Slattery about his new article on the subject on DavidDuke.com.

Then he brings on Swedish publisher Stefan Jacobsson, who has just released a Swedish translation of Dr. Duke's "My Awakening." They also discuss the ethnic invasion of Sweden, the destruction of the Swedish people, and the Jewish role in it.

This is another amazing show that will leave you shaking your head and wanting to wake up your friends and relatives. Please share it widely.


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Date: 01-19-16

Dr. David David Duke Expose the Jewish Group Racism they promote while individualism among non Jews!



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Date: 01-18-16

Dr. Duke Debunks the Myth of an All White Hollywood - He and Dr. Slattery Expose the Real Racist Supremacist Jews Who Run It!

Today Dr. Duke turned his focus on Hollywood and the ridiculous uproar over the lack of black actors nominated for Oscars, leading to the #Oscarssowhite hashtag. Dr. Duke quoted Jewish sources to show that, far from being a bastion of white power and privilege, Hollywood is actually not just totally run by Jews but is in fact very hostile to white Europeans.

Then Dr. Slattery joined the show and they discussed the implications of phenomena such as the early plethora of Jewish actors with gentile names and appearances or the more recent trend towards promoting actors with more stereotypical Jewish features as heroes and sex symbols. All this was placed in the context of a society where whites are increasingly demonized.

With the Oscars coming up, this is all essential knowledge. Please pass it on.


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Date: 01-15-16

Dr. Duke on The Jewish War Against Europeans and All Mankind & How we Can Defeat Them!

Today Dr. Duke concentrated on the centrality of the problem of Jewish power in our society and how we can overcome it. He talked about the Jewish domination of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and how Jews eventually lost control of the Soviet Union at the same time their power was increasing in the United States. This led to the phenomenon of the Neocons, Jewish supremacists who moved from following Trotsky to taking over the Republican Party as they saw Zio America as having become the stronger vehicle for advancing their tribal interests. Yet, whether Trotskyites or Neocons, social policies destructive to European Christians are always pursued.

He then brought on Dr. Slattery, who emphasized the centrality of the problem of Jewish power. He said that the laundry list of political issues in the news are for the most part symptoms of Jewish power and the polarizing divide and conquer tactics that the Jewish elite uses. They then talked about how to overcome Jewish power, including the openings provided by the Trump campaign.

This show is must-listening for the weekend. Please share it widely.


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Date: 01-14-16

Dr. Duke, Slattery and Pastor Dankof explore the Zio Media Lies about Iran and coverup of Israel -Then- Fahrakkan supports Trump and black separation!

Today Dr. Duke had Pastor Mark Dankof as his guest for the hour. First they discussed the matter of the Iranians intercepting an American naval vessel that strayed into its territorial waters. They pointed out that despite the sabre rattling and history of aggression from Zio America, the Iranians treated the crew members well and promptly repatriated them. This is a remarkable contrast to the Zio-America condoned recent shooting down of a Russia plane and the murder of its crew by Turkey.

They then went on to discuss recent comments by Minister Louis Farrakhan, who has praised Donald Trump for telling an assembly of prominent Jewish Republicans that he does not want their money, indicating that he is prepared to be independent from their political influence. Farrakhan also called for blacks to peacefully separate from white society. Dr. Slatery also joined the discussion.

This was another fascinating and informative show that you will want to share with your friends and family.


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Date: 01-13-16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald Expose the Jewish Money Stranglehold Zio-Whore Hillary & All Politicians!

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They discussed the absolute domination of campaign financing by Jewish extremists. Not only are ALL of Hillary's top seven donors Jewish, but the megadonors to her Republican rivals, such as Sheldon Adelson, are also Jewish.

They talked about how the Jewish domination of the media allows this ethnogarchy to go unchecked. As an example, Dr. Duke read the guest list from the Jewish neocon William Kristol's talk show, which is heavily Jewish with a sprinkling of the most shameful Sabbath goyim. Professor MacDonald pointed out the vulnerability of the Jewish power structure to one major media outlet or political leader (Trump?) going rogue and exposing the American people to the nature of Jewish rule over them.

This is a vital show for you to redistribute widely.


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Date: 01-12-16

Dr. Duke Reveals that all of the Top 7 Mega-Givers to Hillary Clinton are Jewish Supremacists!

Today Dr. Duke revealed campaign contribution data that shows that the seven top donors to Hillary Clinton's superpacs are ALL Jewish supremacists. As shocking as this seems, it is in fact in line with a long-standing tradition among Democratic presidential candidates and a more recent but very powerful trend among Republicans. Remember, he who pays the piper calls the tune, which sounds a lot like Hava Nagila.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and they discussed the implications that this financing is having on politics, This explains how the political elite winds up enacting policies that are so much against the interests of the American people, from endless wars for Israel to the replacement of the white majority by third-world immigrants. It also explains the Jewish alarm at the Trump candidacy, for although he speaks very supportively of Israel, he is funding his own campaign and thus cannot be controlled by Jewish donors.

This is another important show that you will want to share with your friends and relatives.


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Date: 01-11-16

Dr. Duke exposes the Jewish Driven Movie and Music Industry that promotes drug slavery!

Today Dr. Duke went into the details of the Zio media's promotion of drugs and promiscuity, as well as their efforts to feminize white men at the same time as they teach white women to idolize black gangsta stereotypes. He gave the example of Nikki Minaj, who is heavily promoted by the Jewish-controlled music industry. He also noted the support he has received from even prominent black rappers regarding his criticism of Minaj and her Jewish backers.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and spoke to recent statements made by Maine Governor LePage, who pointed out that the heroine that is reaping havoc in his overwhelmingly white state is being brought in by out-of-state non-whites. While he is being called a racists, nobody called Congresswoman Maxine Waters a racist for pointing out that the cocaine that was ravaging her mainly black constituency was being imported by non-blacks.

This was another fascinating show full of information. Please share it widely.


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Date: 01-08-16

Dr. Duke Defends Maine Governor Exposing of Black Drug Predators and White Victims! Also - Pastor Mark Dankof!



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Date: 01-07-16

Dr. Duke and Sinead McCarthy talk about the threats to whites and the hope on the horizon

Dr. Duke started the show by reading from the memoirs of an Israeli who recounted his upbringing in Israel, including the disdain with which they viewed Christianity and all non-Jews. He then brought on musician and activist Sinead McCarthy, who talked about the psychology of paranoia inculcated in Israelis that desensitized them to the misery they inflict on others.

They discussed Jewish-led social engineering via ideologies such as feminism. Mrs. McCarthy brought up the alternative anti-women ideas inculcated by the Jewish media, such as the pick-up culture that leads men to view women as objects. They then went on to discuss the plight of whites in South Africa, who are subjected to wide-spread violent attacks. This is never talked about in the Zio media but may well be a foreshadowing of what is in store for white Americans once we become a small minority.

This is an important show that you will want to share widely.


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Date: 01-06-16

Dr. David Duke Completely Exposes Today the Zionist Terrorism Against America!

Today Dr. Duke introduced his audience to new information about Zionist treachery against the United States and the loyalty of mainstream Jewish organizations to Israel over America. Regarding the attack on the USS Liberty, he quoted from then-CIA director Richard Helms' 2003 memoirs, in which he said that an inquiry into the attack concluded that "there could be no doubt that the Israelis knew exactly what they were doing in attacking the Liberty."

They also discussed Seymour Hersh's new article that states that the Obama Administration has been knowingly aiding ISIS in Syria in order to get rid of President Assad, despite warnings from his own military. Moreover, Hersh asserts that the CIA has been shipping Libyan weapons left over from Ghaddafi's arsenal to extremists in Syria by way of Turkey.

This is an important show that demonstrates what thin ice the Zio establishment is treading on and how completely vulnerable they are to the truth. Please share it widely.


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Date: 01-04-16

Dr. Duke, Dr. MacDonald & Dr. Slattery Christen the New Year with Trump, The Big Short Movie and Exposing Jewish Hypocrisy!

Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They discussed Donald Trump's exposure of Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy for supporting a wall along Israel's borders, but opposing a wall for the United States.

They then went on to discuss to the Zio Hollywood movie "The Big Short." They pointed out that while this movie portrays Wall Street's culpability in both creating the housing bubble during the last decade and then ripping off investors as the bubble collapsed, it papers over the massive Jewish role in the collapse. Jewish characters were played by gentile actors. This is a familiar pattern in other Hollywood movies about wall street.

This was a great first show for the year. Please share it widely.


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Date: 12-31-15

Dr. David Duke Recounts the Great Victories of 2015 & Prospects for Defeating the Jewish Supremacists in 2016.

Dr. Duke wrapped up an incredible 2015 by talking about the great inroads he was able to make through his numerous interviews both on major mainstream media programs but also alternative media where he could reach new and unlikely audiences. He also talked about the rise of a new generation of inspiring young voices in the struggle to free our nation from the grasp of Jewish supremacist tribalists. (At one point while talking about Sinaed McCarthy's great work he erroneously called her Sinaed O'Conner.)

He and Dr. Slattery looked forward to the prospects for the new year, including the opportunities presented by Donald Trump's candidacy. They also discussed recent news revelations about President Obama having ordered the NSA to monitor the communications of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, including his calls to members of Congress and leaders of American Jewish organizations.

This is a show that underscores the progress we are making and will inspire you with hope for the coming year. Please share it widely.


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Date: 12-30-15

Dr. David Duke Exposes Widespread Media Lies about His View of Donald Trump!

Today Dr. Duke responded to the constant lies about him in the media. Major outlets are reporting that the "long-time KKK leader" [sic] is calling Donald Trump "more radical" than himself. The fact is that Dr. Duke, who a long time ago was involved in a non-violent group, commented that Trump sometimes speaks more radically in that he is not careful about chosing his words and thus uses radical-sounding rhetoric.

Then he brought on Dr. Slattery who talked about how labels like Communist and leftist can be misleading, because now that the neocons have taken over the Republican party even people labeled as Conservatives or rightist are engaging in activities such as population surveillance in ways Bolsheviks could only have dreamed of. The real issue is Zionist Jewish tribalism, which comes in right and left varieties and is fundamentally hostile to the interest of the majority of the population.


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Date: 12-29-15

Dr. David Duke Exposes the Real Racist Jewish Supremacists Who Orchestrate the Destruction of European Mankind and the Promotion of ZioGlobalism!

Today Dr. Duke talked about the media's ability to put forward ideas that are contrary to the interest of most American and then stifle any dissenting view. The proposition that the diversity caused by massive immigration is a source of strength and the central theme of American history is one such example. He pointed out the methods used to stifle debate, such as vicious character attacks on anyone daring to step out of line.

Then he and Dr. Slattery discussed the writings of the Jewish columnist for the Nation Magazine Eric Alterman. Alterman, who has admitted to a dual loyalty that sometimes leads him to support Israeli interests over American interests, himself has pointed out the singular loyalties of major American Jewish organizations as well as the overwhelming role played by Jewish neocons in the government and media in getting America into the disastrous war in Iraq.

This is another great show that you will want to share with your friends.


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Date: 12-28-15

Dr. Duke, Pastor Dankof & Dr. Slattery Expose the vicious ultra-racist anti-White, Weinstein Bros. hate flick The Hateful 8 !


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Date: 12-24-15

Dr.Duke Does an Inspiring and fascinating Christmas Eve (and rebroadcast on Chriistmas Day) show! Dr. Slattery joins him as well!


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Date: 12-23-15

Dr. David Duke is joined by Dr. Slattery in discussing the War on Christmas and the ZioWar on European Mankind!


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Date: 12-22-15

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Kevin MacDonald Expose the Latest Jewish Scheme to Destroy Trump's Candidacy if he wins the GOP Nod!

Dr. Duke spoke about the Zionist machinations to stop the nomination of Donald Trump, and should that fail the enlistment of a kosher Republican to run a third-party bid in order to throw the election to Zio Hillary. He and Professor MacDonald discussed a recent tweet by Weekly Standard editor-in-chief Bill Kristol soliciting names for the new anti-Trump Zio party. How about the Zio-cucks?

They then went on to discuss comments by General Wesley Clark (who himself had a Jewish father) clearly stating that ISIS was nurtured by "our allies" in order to fight Hezbollah. Professor MacDonald went on to talk about the long-held Jewish goal of replacing the white majorities in America and Europe with a multi-racial, multi-cultural milieu, leaving Jews in control and whites as a hated minority. Unfortunately, the end game is within sight unless something happens

This was a fascinating show and will make a great stocking stuffer for all your friends and relatives.


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Date: 12-21-15

If Trump Wins GOP -- Jewish Oligarchs Unveil the Plan to Run Republican 3rd Party Candidate to Win for Hillary!


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Date: 12-18-15

Today Dr. Duke with John Gage the True Path to Manhood!

Today Dr. Duke had activist Angelo John Gage as his guest. He played an inspirational video produced by Mr. Gage. They then talked about what it takes for a person to inject discipline into one's life in order to improve physical health, confidence, and effectiveness.

They then proceeded to give specific pointers and practical advise that can help anyone take control over their bodies and minds so they can feel better about themselves and be more attractive and magnetic to others.


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Date: 12-17-15

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery: Can Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin Together overthrow Zionist Globalist Hegemony?


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Date: 12-16-15

Dr. David Duke, Pastor Dankof, Dr. Slattery -- Dissecting and Deprogramming the CNN Blitzer Ziofest Repub Debates!


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Date: 12-15-15

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the Cultural Marxism Takeover of Academia, Ted Crux and Donald Trump


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Date: 12-14-15

Dr. Duke Exposes how the Zionists "Control Opposition" and why we need martial arts in our lives!


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Date: 12-11-15

Dr. David Duke & Pastor Dankof debate whether Donald Trump Really on Our Side! Also Preview of new Duke video!


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Date: 12-10-15

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Exposes Netanyahu ant-Trump vitrol & Zio Terrorist calls for gun confiscation!


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Date: 12-09-15

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald: Is Donald Trump the Great White Hope?


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Date: 12-08-15

Dr. David Duke Says Donald Trump Backs Cucks Against a Wall on Our Right to Preserve Our Heritage!

Today Dr. Duke focused on the call yesterday by Donald Trump to shut down Muslim immigration. Dr. Duke made the case for Americans and Europeans preserving their heritage, a right which is universally recognized for every other nation on earth. However, our Zio overlords have effectively brainwashed too many of us to believe that any desire to preserve our own heritage is pathological racism.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and stated that while Trump's comments tended to demonize Muslims, large-scale immigration in general and the potential for radicalized Muslim infiltration in particular are indeed problematic. He said that while the implications of a Trump presidency are impossible to predict, the other major candidates all too predictably would continue us on our current fast track to self-destruction.

This is another important show that really slices to the core of current events and gives you valuable insights you simply won't get elsewhere. Please share it widely.


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Date: 12-07-15

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Expose the Jewish Hate and Genocide Menorah at the White House while Christian Symbol


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Date: 12-04-15

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery tie in massive immigration to the terror attacks in Europe and the USA and exposing the Zio role in them!


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Date: 12-03-15

Dr. David Duke exposes the real reasons for the mass shooting horror in San Bernadino!


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Date: 12-02-15

Dr. David Duke goes solo showing how "Merry Christmas" is now "hate speech" and exposes the Jewish War on Christmas


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Date: 11-30-15

Dr. Duke discusses Zionist article attacking him titled: "The World's Most Dangerous Anti-Semite" Dr. Slattery joins in this amazing show!


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Date: 11-25-15

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald on the meaning of Thanksgiving!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about evidence that the original settlement of North America came from Europe thousands of years before the ancestors of Indians crossed the Bearing landbridge. Then he brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald to talk about the recent case in which Black Lives Matters protesters attacked whites who had come to interview them. The whites turned out to be armed and defended themselves.

Professor MacDonald brought up the case of neocon Douglas Murray, who just wrote an article in the Jewish Chronicle warning Jewish organizations not to be so out in front of opening the doors to so-called refugees. Likely fearing a backlash, Jewish organizations over the past few days have scaled back their calls for accepting the maximum amount of migrants. They also talked about events in Russia, Europe, and the Middle East.

This is another dynamite show from the dynamic duo. Please spread it widely.


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Date: 11-23-15

Dr. Duke Interviews activist/singer Sinead McCarthy on why our Movement is vital for Women!


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Date: 11-20-15

Today: The Zionist Devastating Treason Proven by the Israeli Pollard Spy Case!


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Date: 11-19-15

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof Prove the Zio-origin of the terrorism and genocide against the European people!


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Date: 11-18-15

Dr. Duke and Germar Rudolf discuss the only possible overthrow of the Zionist tyrants: Pan-European Unity!

Dr. Duke once again had the German chemist and researcher Germar Rudolf as his guest for the hour. Mr. Rudolf, citing demographic trends, pointed out that the indiginous peoples of Europe face the same kind of marginalization and replacement as Amazon Indians or Tibetians face.

They discussed the decline of Christianity in Europe as well as the capture by Zionist power of the remaining Christian institutions. They also agreed on the leading Jewish role in bringing about the conditions that are causing the demise of white Europeans, from immigration policy to anti-white propaganda to the wars that create terrorists.

This is another high-quality show that will stimulate your intellect. Please share it widely.


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Date: 11-17-15

Dr. Duke and Germar Rudolf expose the rotten roots of European Genocide!

Today Dr. Duke had German researcher and activist Germar Rudolf as his guest for the hour. Mr. Rudolf explained the demographic collapse faced by Europe, and Germany in particular, and juxtaposed it with the population explosions that are on going in Africa and the Middle East. When combined with a Zionist led open borders immigration policy, the result is a rapid replacement of Europe's native population with foreign groups that are fundamentally hostile to its culture.

The discussed the difference in policies between the former East and West Germanies. While Democratic West Germany, with full knowledge of its plunging birth rates, let in massive numbers of Muslim immigrants with much higher birthrates. By contrast, Communist East Germany promoted native German birthrates, especially among high performing university educated women.

This is an eye-opening show that explains so much about the dramatic events we see unfolding around the world. Please share it widely.


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Date: 11-16-15

Dr. Duke Gives a Clarion Call to Europeans Across the World to Stop our Zio-Genocide!


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Date: 11-13-15

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the massive, hateful, racist discrimination and hypocrisies against people of European descent!


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Date: 11-12-15

Dr. David Duke & Dr. Slattery expose the anti-White Lynch Mob Mentality at Mizzou U.

Dr. Duke focused on the insanity going on in American universities where the Black Lives Matters pseudo movement has caused the resignation of the President of the University of Missouri and is now making outrageous demands on universities across the country. He pointed out that blacks at most major universities are already the beneficiaries of affirmative action, very much to the detriment of non-Jewish whites.

Dr. Slattery pointed out that the football players who threatened to boycott were likely violating the terms of their scholarships. This new attack on whites at the education institutions they founded (but have been hijacked by Jews) is the latest front in the accelerating Zio campaign to marginalize and replace whites around the world.


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Date: 11-11-15

Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They discussed the dismissal of the President of the University of Missouri over his inaction regarding unsubstantiated accusations of racial slurs used on campus. They talked about the complicity of neocons and other so-called conservatives in the leftist political correctness that has taken control of college campuses.

They also talked about the lack of qualifications and the bizarre statements made by presidential candidate Ben Carson, and the sad phenomenon of evangelical and other white conservative support for Sleepy Ben.

This is another great show that you will want to share widely.


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Date: 11-10-15

Dr. Duke on magic uncle Ben & then Germar Rudolf a true European hero!


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Date: 11-09-15

Dr. David Duke Once Again Deconstructs the "Magic Negro" Ben Carson -- John Gage Joins in as well.

Dr. Duke continued to expose the hypocrisy of the media in promoting the totally unqualified presidential candidate Ben Carson simply for his race, and tried to awaken Carson’s conservative supporters to the folly of their actions. Dr. Duke also raised the issue of Ben Carson’s recent statements embracing the ridiculous notion that the pyramids were built by the biblical patriarch Joseph in order to store grain. What kind of economic policy would that be?!

Dr. Duke brought on activist Angelo John Gage to discuss the Carson issue as well as pro-European activism.
This is another great show that you will want to share with your friends.


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Date: 11-06-15

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof Annihilate the Ben Carson "Magic Negro" Mythology!


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Date: 11-05-15

David Duke completely demolishes the myth of Ben Carson!

Today Dr. Duke had a powerful show exposing presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. While he is touted as being the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins attached at the head, he actually missed that milestone by decades. Moreover, he has shown poor judgement in attempting the same procedure on adults despite every indication that they would not survive. Both died on the operating table.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and noted that seeing as Dr. Carson has no experience in policy or in government, his judgement during his medical career is all voters have to go on when evaluating what kind of decisions to expect from him as president.

This is a show that should wake up even those voters whose eyes are as droopy as Dr. Carson's. Please spread it around, and make it into a video if you can.


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Date: 11-04-15

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Expose the Zio-induced death of 500,000 White workers in America!


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Date: 11-03-15

Dr. Duke issues clarion call for liberation from the Zio-Tyrants who lead America and Europe to destruction!

Today Dr. Duke revealed shocking facts about new Zio media and Neocon darling Marco Rubio, who has literally been groomed by Jewish money since he got out of college. No wonder he obligingly pushes their agenda of unconditional wars for Israel and massive immigration and amnesty.

He and Dr. Slattery also discussed the artificial Zio media phenomenon of Ben Carson, who is an attractive "outsider" for Zionists because his incredible ignorance regarding policy matters would make him a complete pushover.

This is a another great show. Please share it widely.

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Date: 11-02-15

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery give the Inspirational message of the Great Smokey Mtn Summit!


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Date: 10-30-15

Dr. Duke broadcasts today an incredibly inspiring message from the Smokey Mtn. Summit with special guest Jay.


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Date: 10-29-15

Dr. Slattery and Reverend Dankof present smoking gun evidence of Zio support for ISIS

Dr. Patrick Slattery filled in today for Dr. Duke and had as his guest for the hour Reverend Mark Dankof. Reverend Dankof presented a great deal of new information on the REAL Benghazi scandal, which involved an illegal invasion of Libya, the complete destruction of its civil society, and the plundering of the Libyan arsenal in order to run guns and jihadists to Syria in order to create ISIS.

Reverend Dankof presented credible information on the capture of an Israeli colonel who was directing an ISIS unit in Iraq, complete with name, rank, and serial number. He and Dr. Slattery discussed a photo of an award ceremony with Zionist Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Richard Blumenthal honoring the jihadist Abdelhakim Belhadj, who is now leading ISIS in Libya. Too strange to be fiction, but just what we have come to expect from Zionism!

This is a show that you simply cannot miss. Please share it, repost it, and make videos from it.


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Date: 10-28-15

Dr. Slattery and Don Advo on the Zio targeting of Russia, Syria, and Europe

Today Patrick Slattery filled in for Dr. Duke. Dr. Slattery had attorney Don Advo as his guest for the hour. They discussed the notion that the Cold War era was succeeded by the Zio War era. They went over the history of Zionist power and noted how it frequently changes horses, so that Russian Communist Party was once the main weapon of Zionist aggression against the goyim, but by the 1990s was crystal clear about the crimes committed by international Zionism that resulted in the demographic collapse of the Russian people.

They then went on to connect Zionist power to the war in Syria and to the Tsunamigration of people from the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa into Europe. Don Advo compared the Tsunamigration into Europe to the less dramatic but pernicious immigration into the United States, which is completely transforming our demographic composition. He concluded that Zionists use mass immigration as a weapon to destroy European people wherever they live. He noted that the backlash has begun and can be seen in the anti-immigration rallies in Europe, the Trump candidacy, and the election of an anti-immigration party in Poland.

This was a fascinating show full of information. Please share it with your friends and on social media and YouTube.


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Date: 10-27-15

Dr. David Duke and Pastor Dankof explain how and why the Jewish establishment supports the European Genocide!


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Date: 10-26-15

Dr. David Duke on Smokey Mtn Summit Deadline & Walking Dead European Zio-Zombies!


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Date: 10-23-15

Dr. Duke & Dr. MacDonald complete expose the Jewish-led Holocaust of European Mankind!


Standard Player
Date: 10-22-15

Dr. Duke: If Questioning Aspects of Holocaust Dogma is Illegal: "Prosecute Netanyahu for Defending Hitler!"

Dr. Duke talked about Israeli PM Netanyahu's recent contention that Hitler didn't want to kill the Jews but rather wanted to let them emigrate, but it was in fact the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who suggested the "Final Solution." He noted that such a departure from the official Holocaust narrative would be enough to get a German thrown in jail, yet Netanyahu will be safe on his upcoming visit with Angela Merkel.

He and Dr. Slattery then talked about the incredible bald-face lies that the Zio New York Times prints, such as the constant mistranslating of Iranian President Ahmedinajad's comments about the eventual passing from the pages of time of the "regime occupying Jerusalem," despite having originally printed a correct translation of his speech.

This is another fine show that you will want to share.


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Date: 10-21-15

Dr. Duke & Pastor Dankof on Smokey Mtn Summit Deadline & on Russia, Ukraine, Syria & Jewish Power!


Standard Player
Date: 10-20-15

Dr. Duke is joined by The Golden One and Angelo John Gage on personal and national revolution!

Self-discipline, physical fitness and strength, ideals of health and beauty -- and the path to personal and national salvation!


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Date: 10-19-15

New song out: "David Duke Please tell me!" Also Dr. Duke historic speech in Syria. Dr. Slattery joins in as well.

Today Dr. Duke started the show by playing a couple of recordings, one a song by Robert Lloyd and another an excerpt from a speech he made years ago in Syria. Then he brought on Dr. Slattery to discuss events in Syria.

They talked about the long-standing Israeli and Zionist connection to the Syrian civil war and America's policy towards it. They also got into Russia's entry into the war and the hope that it generates for ending the war, defeating ISIS, and stemming the tsunami of migrants into Europe. Dr. Slattery noted that one of the few people ever seen in the mainstream media who speaks honestly on Russian involvement in Syria is Princeton Professor Stephen F. Cohen, whose prolific writings on Russia actually have considerable overlap with Dr. Duke's own writings.

This is a lively and thought-provoking show that you will want to share with your friends and family.


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Date: 10-16-15

Decoding the big lie of the word "anti-Semitism"

Dr. David Duke and Pastor Dankof go deeply into the myths about anti-Semitism instilled by the Jewish media conglomerates. Among the issues discussed: Is it simply a Zionist problem or "Jewish problem?" -- Is Zionism simply a political and state expression of Judaism? -- Although are some disagreements among religious Jews on the Israel State, of ten of thousands of synagogues how many could be described as enemies of Israel?

In fact, in regard to that last question, far less than one percent of Jewish Synagogues could be classed as enemies of the State of Israel.

A great show today that will make you think deeply on many hidden aspects of the Jewish Question, including a fundamental question, why is Jewish religious opposition always exponentially exaggerated by some to suggest that true Jews, or true Torah Jews oppose Zionism when such religious Jews comprise only a tiny fraction of religious Jews. -- To divorce the Zionist threat from Judaism and Jewish tribalism is a fundamental mistake of a portion of the anti-Zionist community and one probably instilled in us by as misdirection by the Zionists themselves!


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Date: 10-15-15

Jewish leader says Jews love immigrants in Holland, just don't put them in Jewish Neighborhoods. Dr. MacDonald Today!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about news of a wave of rapes being committed by the tsunami of immigrants that have been flooding into Europe from Syria and beyond. He brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald to talk about the Jewish role in indoctrinating Europeans with the idea that their countries are "proposition nations" that do not have an ethnic basis and should open their borders to immigration from anyone in the world.

They then moved on to the issue of major Jewish religious and secular leaders declaring the qualitative superiority of Jews over non-Jews. The late Chabad Lubavich leader Menachem Schneerson and the former Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yosef declared that non-Jews have no soul and were placed on Earth strictly to serve Jews. Just this week the Israel Deputy Defense Minister made similarly supremacist comments. They then went on to discuss how white homosexuals and white women get turned into Jewish-dominated grievance groups through ideologies such as feminism.

This is a show that would be a great one to share with friends in order to open up their minds.


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Date: 10-14-15

Dr. Duke's Special Guest The Golden One Today and short commentary on Democrat Debate!

Dr. Duke started the show by assessing last night’s Democratic presidential candidates debate. The CNN moderators had the candidates jump through hoops to show who is most in tune with the Zionist agenda, including gun control, Putin bashing, and Syria bombing.

Then he brought on Marcus Follin, a Swedish strength trainer and YouTuber also known as “The Golden One.” The Golden One explained how Swedes are brainwashed into denying the very existence of the Swedish people as they are inundated with non-Europeans from Africa and the Middle East. He spoke about the explosion of rape attacks perpetrated by these outsiders on the streets of Sweden, where white Swedish women are no longer safe. Just thirty years ago Sweden was considered one of the safest societies on Earth.
This is another important show with vital information. Please share it widely.


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Date: 10-13-15

Dr. Duke Discusses the Torah Jews Deception and with Don Black talks about the Smokey Mtn Summit! on Oct. 31st



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Date: 10-12-15

Columbus Day is now officially the racist: "Day of the Race!" Rise up for our European heritage and freedom!

Dr. Duke had a very special Columbus Day broadcast today. While the holiday is no longer observed in many parts of the United States and has even been renamed "Indigenous Peoples Day" or the "Day of the Races," it is undeniable that Columbus was one of the most significant people in history. Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed pre-Columbian movements of people into the Americas and looked at the significance of evidence that the very first people may have been from Europe, and not Asia. They pointed out that even in historic times, Mongols and Bantus were every bit the conquerors that Europeans were, yet Europeans are regarded as uniquely genocidal even thought it was Europeans, at the height of their power, who introduced a new morality to world affairs that outlawed the age-old practices of slavery and conquest.

Dr. Slattery talked about the anti-scientific Zio establishment that has taken over academia and represses work on Solutrean settlement of America, the origins of the Kennewick Man, and other non-Indian groups that may have reached America. He also raised the issue of the obliteration of the history of the Australian pygmies, the likely first Australians who were displaced by the subsequent arrival of the Aborigines. These pygmy tribes still lived in Queensland in the 20th Century and were well-studied, yet their existence was virtually erased from the record when 1960s radicals decided that they were inconvenient to the narrative of uniquely genocidal Europeans conquering a singular Aboriginal race that had owned the continent from time immemorial.

This is absolutely a must-listen show that you need to share widely!


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Date: 10-09-15

Dr. Duke Exposes the Affirmative Action Fraud of Ben Carson & Pastor Dankof Exposes the Zio-Isis Coalition!

Dr. Duke started the show by pointing out that Conservative darling presidential candidate Ben Carson has stated on air that he opposes people in urban areas being able to own semi-automatic guns, which constitute the vast majority of firearms nowadays. He then brought on Reverend Mark Dankof, who exposed the fact that the source of the report that Russian cruise missiles had crashed in Iran is in fact a group headed by a militant homosexual Zionist Jew.

They then talked about the connection between Syria and the Ukraine crises. Reverend Dankof explained that Zionist power fears the Russian state under President Putin as the main obstacle to their aim of establishing permanent Israeli hegemony over the Middle East and imposing a Zio-lead globalist, multicultural, culturally Marxist agenda on the world. Dr. Slattery also joined the show.

This is a great show to share with your friends for weekend listening.


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Date: 10-08-15

European American: Dr. Duke interviews New Testament Scholar on the Christian scripture concerning Jews!

Dr. Duke had as his guest for the hour Biblical scholar and broadcaster Blake Sawyer. Dr. Duke asked Mr. Sawyer about the relationship between God and the Jews as reflected in the New Testament. Mr. Sawyer explained that in the New Testament that there is not a single word about the restoration of a state of Israel and that it is clear that Jews killed Jesus.

He also points out that in the Old Testament, God's promises to the Jews were all conditional on their behavior, and that the Jews broke their covenant. "We are in the great apostacy," he said, pointing out that even self-proclaimed Christian ministers like John Hagee have to cite Talmud quoting Rabbis rather than even the Old Testiment when they make their twisted case for Christians supporting Israel. He finished up by making it clear that the antichrist of biblical prophecy is to be a Jew, and not a Muslim.

This is a great show to share with your Christian friends in order to wake them up to the fact that they are being led away from Jesus by the forces of Jewish supremacism.


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Date: 10-07-15

Dr. Duke and the "Shiksa Goddess" Discuss Anti-Zio Satire and Media to wake up the world!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about his upcoming book "The Illustrated Protocols of Zion." The original "Protocols" has proven to be extremely accurate in its predictions regarding subsequent developments in the 20th Century.

Then he brought on YouTube video producer Sinaed McCarthy to talk to her about the motivation for activities. Mrs. McCarthy recounted her experiences trying to launch an acting career in New York and being exposed to the hartred and degeneracy of the Jewish establishment that runs that industry. This led her on a voyage of awakening as to the true rulers of our society via the power of banking, media, campaign finance, etc.


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Date: 10-06-15

Dr. Duke started the show by bringing up an article from the Jewish Daily Forward stating the leading role being played by Jewish organizations in facilitating the ongoing tsunami-gration into Europe. Publications written by Jews for Jews often are very frank about Jewish machinations against Europeans, and Dr. Duke mentioned an article from a leading Israeli newspaper that proclaimed the Jewish Bolshevik Genrikh Yagoda as the greatest mass murderer of the 20th Century.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery then talked about the links between the Zio-sponsored civil war in Syria and the tsunami-gration invasion, the Jewish role in holding down European birthrates, and the various adverse consequences of following a Zionist foreign policy. Dr. Slattery quipped that he says "Thanks, Jews" everytime he takes his shoes off at airport security.

This is another informative and entertaining show that you will want to share with your friends.


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Date: 10-05-15

60 Minutes airs "The Forgotten Holocaust" -- Dr. Duke: "Forgotten? Give me a break!"

Today Dr. Duke started the program by talking about a segment on 60 Minutes last night titled "The Forgotten Holocaust." He pointed out that this was yet another example of the emphasis put on Jewish suffering during WWII, while turning a blind eye not only towards the suffering of non-Jews but also towards the crimes perpetrated by Jews in the years before the war which engendered bad feelings towards Jews.

He brought on Dr. Slattery who pointed out that while there was no Jewish state during WWII, Jews had enormous power in all the important countries and wielded it in their tribal interests. While it is true that the Jews who died in camps were victims and pawns, the same can be said of the dead in any war. Yet the Jewish-dominated media concentrates on Jewish suffering and disguises Jewish perpetrators of atrocities as simply "white."

This is another must-listen show that you will want to share with your friends.


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Date: 10-02-15

Dr. Duke talks the shocking truth about race and then is joined by Angelo John Gage on bringing the message to the people.

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about how genetics impacts not only the body but also behavior and personality. He noted how various traits are more common in certain population groups that in others, and that the pharmaceutical industry has different protocols for different races. Yet somehow it has become taboo to talk about any differences between races.

Then he brought on Angelo John Gage and asked him how he debates race issues in his activities in and around college campuses. Mr. Gage said he appeals to observations that everyone experiences that completely contradict the dogma that has come out of politically powerful Jewish-dominated social science departments about race being a social construct without any biological basis.

This show really demonstrates that the emperor has had a serious wardrobe malfunction. Help make this show go viral!


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Date: 10-01-15

Dr. Duke has a live discussion with a leading journalist in Hungary on the front lines defending Europe from Invasion


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Date: 09-30-15

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the Syrian civil war and how the Zionist forces in the United States and Israel were responsible for the creation of ISIS. He brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald, who agreed that it made sense for the Russians to be aiding the Syrian government, which is the only effective fighting force taking on ISIS.

They then moved on to the necessity of having spokesmen for European interests speak out on Jewish power using empirical data and arguments that are persuasive and verifiable. They talked about the problem of having Jewish intellectual leadership not only of mainstream left movements in our society but also on the right as well. Professor MacDonald explained why recent developments give him optimism regarding the future.

This is a fascinating show that will give you plenty to take away. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-29-15

Dr. Duke discusses the HLN (hateful Leftist Network) which invited me only to censor my words & Pastor Dankof Today!

Dr. Duke started the show by recounting his experience on CNN’s Headline News Network, where his audio was suddenly cut off, reminiscent of the “satellite is about to go down” moment with Wolf Blitzer. This happened just as he was presenting data from the U.S. Justice Department showing that a black is 27 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa.

Then he brought on Pastor Mark Dankof for a discussion of Russia and its roles in Syria and in Ukraine. Reverend Dankof made the point that Putin’s course of actions in both these regions are not only justifiable, but indeed Putin as a leader better defends traditional American values than our own government does.

This was a fast-paced show that covered a lot of ground and provided lots of information. Please share it with your friends and family.


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Date: 09-28-15

Dr. Duke shows how Trump tells truth about Zio Insanity in Syria. Says support Russia's fight against ISIS! How Zios Divide and Conquer!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the rare common sense regarding foreign policy that Donald Trump is exhibiting in an election cycle dominated by candidates who seem hellbent on starting World War III. He and Dr. Slattery discussed recent comments he made calling it "crazy" to oppose Russian support for the Syrian government in battling ISIS.

Then they moved on to the UN, which is controlled by Zionists via the U.S.-dominated Security Council. Even so, the more representative General Assembly regularly passes non-binding resolutions against Israel, which has led to the creation of a thoroughly Jewish "UN Watch" watchdog organization that confuses and misdirects people about the issues and workings of the UN.

This show is packed full of well-documented examples that you probably have not heard of regarding how crazy the truth has become. But verifiable evidence is better than any medication for maintaining sanity. Inoculate your friends today.


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Date: 09-25-15

Dr. Duke again addressed The Golden One, a Swedish bodybuilder and YouTuber who released a video critical of Dr. Duke's emphasis on Jewish power but who is now expressing a better understanding of Dr. Duke's views. He also brought up an article showing the extent of Zio media conditioning of people of all backgrounds against him. The article quoted a member of a minority group from India condemning the Indian prime minister (whom he accuses of genocide) by comparing him to former "Louisiana Governor David Duke."

Then he and Angelo John Gage discussed the conditioning of people by the media. While they don't want to blame people for being brainwashed, they do feel it is crucial to confront them with reality in order to wake them up.

This is another important show full of useful ideas and information. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-24-15

Dr. Duke answers Swede Challenge.....

Dr. Duke started the show by responding to a Swedish bodybuilder and YouTuber who goes by the name "The Golden One." The Golden One, while expressing many of the same values and goals as Dr. Duke, asserted that Dr. Duke overrated Zionist power during his debate with Alex Jones. Dr. Duke proceeded to tick off a list of examples of Jewish domination -- not in America but in The Golden One's native Sweden.

Then he brought on Angelo John Gage, a pro-European anti-Zionist activist. Mr. Gage went into linguistic devices used by Zio cultural overlords, such as using words like racist or xenophobic to trigger associations with Hollywood movies or other pre-programmed media images and thus repress us. He explained his strategy of linguistic jujitsu, such as having his critics define the trigger words and then prove they don't fit.

This is an interesting and inspiring show that you will want to share widely.


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Date: 09-23-15

Dr. David Duke Discusses Europe's Existential Crisis & Brings Sinead McCarthy about Her great Videos!

Dr. Duke started the show by referring to yet another article from the Jewish press exposing the Jewish role in promoting the ongoing tsunami-gration into Europe. 100 British Jewish clergy, invoking the Holocaust, signed a letter urging PM David Cameron to take in more Syrian refugees.

Then he brought on Sinead McCarthy, a pro-European journalist and video producer. They had a far-reaching discussion on the Zio media indoctrination of whites to feel guilt, view themselves in a negative light, and refrain from reproducing. They also talked about what regular people can do to make a difference in the struggle to liberate ourselves.

This is an inspiring show that you will certainly find valuable. Please spread it widely.


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Date: 09-22-15

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof Delve into the shocking Judaic elevation of Jews over God!


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Date: 09-21-15

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery on Ann Coulter and the debate over immigration and Jewish power

Today Dr. Duke discussed Ann Coulter’s role in the ongoing political debate over immigration. Coulter’s book has already had a massive impact if for no other reason than having been read by Donald Trump. Her more recent “tweets,” simply by virtue of using a disrespectful expletive before the word “Jews,” could be seen as an attempt to chip away at the reverence with which our society has been conditioned to speak of Jews in our public discourse.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and talked about his new article on DavidDuke.com. In it he recognized the contribution made by Coulter to the discussion of the immigration issue, but also pointed out the shortcomings and problems with her book, which falied to link the immigration issue to Jewish power. By incorrectly assessing blame for the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act on “liberals,” she distracts attention from the real power behind immigration which must eventually be confronted in order to solve the problem. Moreover, by turning immigration into a partisan issue, she alienates many liberals who are already troubled by immigration.

This show will deepen your understanding of the history of the immigration issue and how it fits into the political debate. Please share it with your friends and family.


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Date: 09-18-15

Dr. Duke breaks down Coulter controversy, then provides eight-point list for a happier and healthier life

Dr. Duke spent the first half of the show talking about the controversy over Ann Coulter's tweets. Coulter has since clarified that she loves Jews and loves Israel but just doesn't want to hear candidates pandering to them every second any more than she wants them to pander to pro-life people every second. But of course Jews have far more power in our society than pro-life evangelicals or any other group, and simply evoking their name prefaced by an obsenity is an act of defiance. Dr. Slattery pointed out that her implication that Republican candidates were pandering to Jewish DONORS flies in the face of the worn-out "canard" that politicians pander to Jewish VOTERS.

The second half of the show was health and fitness. Dr. Duke presented an eight-point list of habits that will promote a healthier and happier life, starting with getting enough sleep. It is especially important for those of us who are awakened to the tremendous threat we are under to do everything we can to stay strong in body and mind so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones and counter the ruinous Zionism that has penetrated virtually all aspects of our society.

This is a show that you will find extremely valuable. It is also a great introductory show to Dr. Duke and what he represents for your friends who are not yet familiar with him.


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Date: 09-17-15

Today Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the controversial Tweets about Republican candidates pandering to Jews by Ann Coulter during last nights Republican debate. She hit the nail on the head regarding pandering on Israel. What remains to be seen is whether she will now expose Jewish responsibility for U.S. immigration policy, which she avoided mentioning in her recent book on immigration.

Then Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina joined the show. He talked about the Pope's mistaken response to the European migrant crisis. He also cleared up misunderstandings about his rhetorical challenge to the Argentine Pontiff to suggest settling the Syrian refugees in Patagonia.

This is an exciting show that will both inform and inspire you and anyone you share it with.


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Date: 09-16-15

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald discuss Jewess Who Paints Portrait of Trump in Her Menstrual Blood to Support Immigration

Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They started off by talking about examples of bizarre behavior by Jews that have been in the media this week, from an animal sacrifice ritual aimed at absolving the sins to be committed in the year ahead to a Jewish "artist" who painted a portrait of Donald Trump using her own menstrual blood and donated it to a pro-immigration organization to auction off in a fundraiser.

They then got into the Jewish role in the tsunamigration crisis in Europe as well as the transformation of the United States into a Zio-dominated multicultural state with a white whipping boy minority. Dr. Slattery joined in the discussion of the Zio-controlled opposition and the Galileo-style oppression of academics who defy orthodoxy to speak the obvious truth about Jewish domination of society.

This is a fantastic show that will deepen your understanding of all these aspects of Zionism. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-15-15

Dr. Duke talked about the threat to European mankind from the massive flood of refugees into Europe fleeing Zio wars as well as from economic opportunists. While some white nationalists are seeking a white homeland in Eastern Europe or the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Duke spoke of the need to defend all of the countries with European populations.

Pastor Dankof joined the show and brought up the co-opting of the Conservative movement, and even evangelical Christianity, by Jewish tribalists who do not share Conservative or Christian values. It has gotten to the point where the "Conservatives" seen in the media can be pro-gay marriage and pro-immigration, just as long as they oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

These two great researchers present information and analysis that you will find highly persuasive and won't want to miss!


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Date: 09-14-15

Dr. Duke asks for True SCV to Stand Up! & Dr. Thring of UK on the New Head of Labor: Corbyn!

Today Dr. Duke started the show by pointing out the obvious lies in the media coverage of his appearance at LSU in opposition to the Black Lives Matters "barbecue" of the Confederate Flag. He pointed out how the same media outlets would even contradict their own stories in order to denigrate him.

He then brought on Dr. James Thring from Britain, who talked about the new leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn was elected over the weekend despite a massive smear campaign by Britian's Zio-establishment over his association with anti-Zionist activist like Dr. Thring. Corbyn's landslide victory in the leadership election can be viewed as a positive sign that understanding of the harm being done to the world by Zionism is spreading.

This is a great show packed full of important information. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-11-15

The Sons of Confederate Veterans must fight not only for Monuments but also for the existence of our people!

Dr. Duke talked about his previous day's experience at a demonstration at his alma mater LSU to protect the southern heritage of that school, which was founded by Confederate veterans. Black Lives Matter, a Zio organization that does not even reflect the values of the black community, staged a rally on campus to burn Confederate flags and demand the removal of Confederate symbols, and in particular the Liberty Monument.

Dr. Duke was asked by members of the Daughters of the Confederacy to counter the Black Lives Matter rally. However, the Zio media manipulated the story to make it seem as if Dr. Duke had come to LSU uninvited and unwelcome, and that the Black Lives Matter rally was to oppose Dr. Duke. Dr. Slattery joined the show and placed the struggle over Confederate symbolism within the context of the larger Zio effort to marginalize and replace the traditional majority population of the United States.

This is a foundational show that will deepen your understanding not just of the Confederate history but its relevance to the insanity of current events. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-10-15

Dr. Duke supports the students and friends of LSU to defend the heritage of LSU, the South and America

Dr. Duke revealed that he has been invited to speak at a demonstration organized at his alma mater, Louisiana State University, in defense of southern heritage. The event is a response to the attack on southern heritage from Black Lives Matter and the media, and is meant to rectify the false narrative in the media that blacks need to live in fear of violence from whites.

Dr. Duke presented recent U.S. Justice Department data showing that black violent crime against whites is far more prevalent than white violence against blacks. Yet the picture painted by the Zio-media is the exact opposite, and it is serving only to incite blacks into even more hatred against whites. Dr. Slattery also adds commentary.

This is an important show that you don't want to miss. Please share it widely.


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Date: 09-09-15

Today Dr. Duke addressed the migrant crisis in Europe. Dr. Duke pointed out that Zionist Jews have been supporting massive immigration into the United States and Europe for well over a century. Emma Lazarus, famous for the inscription that hijacked the base of the statue of liberty reading "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..," was herself an early Zionist proponent of a Jewish homeland. Dr. Duke said that if Zionists and their stooges like Angela Merkel were not pledging an open door, you wouldn't have families making dangerous boat voyages from the safe shores of Turkey to reach Europe.

He brought on Dr. Slattery and asked him what evidence there was that European Jews would support Muslim migration into Europe when European Muslims have been implicated in violence against Jews. Dr. Slattery cited a recent article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that quoted numerous Jewish leaders all invoking the Holocaust to make the case for accepting more migrants. Even if this winds up causing some European Jews to leave for Israel, it will not diminish Jewish control over the media, banking, and other key industries, as the recent Russian experience shows. In fact, Jews believe a divided and multicultural Europe will be easier for them to dominate.

If you have any interest in the European immigration crisis, then this is must listening! Please share it with your friends and family.


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Date: 09-08-15

Dr. Duke described the invasion of Europe by "migrants" from the Middle East and Africa. He posted a video that shows men from Syria rioting on the Greek island of Lesbos. He had Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer as his guest for the hour.

They had a far-reaching discussion, from the immigration crisis to Zionist media brainwashing. Mr. Anglin discussed the uses of social media including Facebook and Twitter as well as the comment sections of traditional websites for propagating the truths that will inevitably wake up our people to the existential threat that they are under.

This is a fun and informative show that you will not want to miss. Please share it widely.


Standard Player
Date: 09-04-15

Today Dr. Duke had Pastor Mark Dankof as his guest for the hour. Dr. Duke introduced his listeners to an article in the leading newspaper of Salzburg, Austria by its Jewish former editor who is trying to manipulate the inherent kindness of the Austrian people by saying that Austria needs the smiles of Syrian children. This Jewish tribalist even had the chuzpah to cite Israel's acceptance of Jews from Russia as an example of the benefits of immigration, failing to point out that Israel has not accepted a single Syrian child and in fact is responsible for the deaths and maining of countless of them.

They discussed how the Jewish neocon takeover of the Republican party has made it completely complicit in our own immigration crisis. Pastor Dankof called out Fox News for its role in brainwashing American conservatives to effectively turn their backs on their own traditional principles and instead to support Zionist foreign policy objectives and to mislead them as to the causes and nature of our domestic policy problems, from immigration to gay marriage.

If you want important information and rational analysis of the kind that is extinct in the mainstream media, this is a show you won't want to miss. Please recommend it to your friends also.


Standard Player
Date: 09-03-15

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. Dr. Duke related his struggle to protect the Liberty Monument in New Orleans from a move by the anti-white establishment to destroy it. He and Professor MacDonald then discussed the Jewish role in immigration and the possibilities for change in this area presented by the Donald Trump campaign.

Professor MacDonald explained that Jews fear a homogeneous society in which one group (European Americans in the case of the United States) have the power to enforce their own ethnic interests. He also said that historically they have a hatred of Europeans, whom they have been competing with for 2000 years and whom they reflexively see as evil Nazis.

This is an incredible discussion between the two leading intellectuals of our movement. Use it as a wake up call for your associates.


Standard Player
Date: 09-02-15

Today Dr. Duke talked about the genocidal threat that the European people face in every country where they dwell. Massive immigration is threatening the demographic annihilation of the traditional majority population in all of these countries, which have been rendered effectively defenseless due to anti-white brainwashing from the Zio media.

He read from an article by an Israeli columnist who admitted that the leading mass murderers of the Twentieth Century were in fact the Jewish Bolsheviks who were responsible for the man-made famine that caused the deaths of countless millions in Ukraine and neighboring parts of the Soviet Union. Dr. Slattery joined the show with additional insights.

This is a passionate, moving show that should inspire anyone who hears it to wake up and act. Please spread it widely.


Standard Player
Date: 09-01-15

Today Dr. Duke quoted Ben Gurion, the founding Prime Minister of Israel, asserting is faith in Jewish racial superiority. While America's Jewish cultural elite has done everything within its power to brainwash European Americans into self-loathing, Dr. Duke ticked off an amazing list of achievements that should make any European proud of his or her heritage. He then played two inspiring songs from Malukah, a Mexican composer whose music reflects the traditional beauty of her European heritage.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out the bogus nature of Jewish claims of moral superiority. He said that these claims are based on a completely ethnocentric view of morality rooted in Jewish tribal interests. He and Dr. Duke compared the beauty of traditional European music and poetry to the cesspool of filth and degeneracy represented by last night's Zio MTV Music Awards.

This was an inspirational show that will instill you with the hope and faith that, together, we will take back our societies before they have been forever ruined by a Zio elite that works for our destruction. Please inspire your friends today!


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Date: 08-31-15

Today Dr. Duke talked about his Sunday evening appearance on Aaron Klein's talk show. Aaron Klein broadcasts from Tel Aviv but is very much part of the American Zio-media establishment. A la Wolf Blitzer, Mr. Klein conveniently found an opportunity to have "Skype go down" when he had no answer for Dr. Duke's facts and analysis.

Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed a recent "study" conducted by a Jewish researcher at a Jewish hospital that asserts that "Holocaust trauma" altered the genes of survivors and that "Holocaust trauma" has been passed on genetically to their children. This, of course, could allow the Holocaust industry to continue extorting the governments and corporations of guilt-ridden goyim in perpetuity.

This was another exciting, inspiring show. Please share it with your friends and relatives.


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Date: 08-28-15

Dr. Duke talked about the amazing past week, covering both the incredible inroads he has been making as well as the tragic on-air shooting in Virginia. His programs with Tommy Sotomayor have exposed countless numbers of African Americans to the true David Duke, and his reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dr. Slattery pointed out that so many of the concerns expressed by Mr. Sotomayor regarding the plight of the black community have actually been discussed frequently on the David Duke show. This should dispel the Zio-media depiction of him as a "white supremacist" and bolsters his claim to be a true human rights activist.

This show, as well as the shows with Mr. Sotomayor, have enormous potential to open new eyes to the truths talked about on this show. Please copy and redistribute!


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Date: 08-27-15

Dr. Duke had as his guest for the hour Tommy (TJ) Sotomayor, an outspoken African American radio host. They had a far-reaching discussion on the destruction of the black community due to the cultural pollution that is being spewed out by the Jewish media elite.

Their discussion covered the destructive nature of gangsta rap, the media's active promotion of interracial dating, and crime within the black community. Dr. Duke expressed his admiration for Mr. Sotomayor and the work he is doing in bringing the truth to his African American listeners. Hopefully his message will help lessen black hatred and violence against Europeans as well as the destruction of the African American community.

This is a great show that demonstrates the potential for blacks and whites alike to recognize the common interests they have in standing up to the Jewish supremacist power structure in America. Please spread it around.


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Date: 08-26-15

Today Dr. Duke had radio talk show host Michael Rivero as his guest for the hour. Mr. Rivero shared a very detailed background on Israel's nuclear weapons program and related it to the hypocrisy of insisting at gunpoint that Iran restrict its own nuclear power industry.

Mr.Rivero, Dr. Duke, and Dr.Slattery had a discussion of the essence of the Jewish problem, covering everything from religious doctrine to genetic issues. They also talked about the incredible media coverage of Dr. Duke's views on Donald Trump, typically misreported as an endorsement.

This is a fascinating show that you won't want to miss! Please share it widely.


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Date: 08-25-15

Dr. Duke talked about news that Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch has called on Jewish multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg to enter the 2016 Presidential race. Dr. Duke said this illustrated the "controlled opposition" nature of Fox News, which bills itself as the defender of conservative values but actually tricks conservatives into supporting a Jewish agenda.

Then Dr. Slattery discussed a leading Professor of Russian Studies view of Donald Trump as being the least likely candidate to get into an unnecessary confrontation with Russia. Meanwhile, he called Joe Biden the most belligerent and militantly anti-Putin. They then went on to discuss examples of how prevalent anti-white racism has become, not just in the media but also in academia.

This is another show packed full of valuable information. Please share it widely.


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Date: 08-24-15

Dr. David Duke and Rev. Dankof expose the power driving the globalist New World Order!

On today's show Dr. Duke begins by discussing the sad fact that Alex Jones has removed any videos from his main Alex Jones YouTube Video Site of the debate. The same is true of his main internet Infowars.com site. But the videos have a life of their own with over 170,000 internet postings and articles and copies of the debate with tens of millions of views.

Dr. Duke has also mentioned and praised the work of Tommy Sotomayor who is a proud Black man who understands how destructive the Jewish Hollywood and media establishment has been to the Black community and to the Black family.
[8/24/2015 12:08:24 PM] European American: Great show!


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Date: 08-21-15

Dr. Duke discussed some of the reverberations of his debate earlier this week with Alex Jones. Then he brought on Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Daily Stormer website. Mr. Anglin explained how his goal was to counter the prevailing Jewish domination of culture by propagating ideas and images and memes that can replace the sick Jewish-imposed social norms.

They discussed the manipulation of blacks by Jews, such as the Black Lives Matter organization, which promotes the Jewish social agenda, incites blacks against whites and against the police, and ultimately has done incredible harm to the black community that can be measured in a skyrocketing murder rate in black neighborhoods.

This is a fascinating show with a fresh take on issues of interest. Please share it widely.


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Date: 08-20-15

Today Dr. Duke had another dynamite show. The debate has resulted in a big upswing in new visitors to DavidDuke.com, as Jones' listeners obviously liked what Dr. Duke had to say. In his postmortem of his debate with Alex Jones he again expressed his appreciation for being invited on the show and recognized the important areas of agreement between himself and Mr. Jones, but also noted the weakness in Jones' blindspot regarding Jewish tribal domination of our society, and by proxy of the world.

Dr. Slattery pointed out that Jones is mis-identifying who is dividing us. Listening to Jones one would think that "leftists" are dividing Jews from Gentiles. Jewish domination of the controlling heights of our society is obvious, and Dr. Slattery contended that Jewish tribalists get the "left" to implement their social agenda just as the Jewish Neocon-dominated "right" pushes Jewish foreign policy priorities, as the Republican debates make abundantly clear.

The full HD version of the Duke-Jones debate is available at DavidDuke.com. Please copy this version and repost it, and request that Alex Jones puts it back up on his site.

Standard Player
Date: 08-19-15

Dr. Duke thanked Alex Jones for having him on his show for two hours yesterday and encouraged him to post the full debate on his website. Currently, only a snippet of the debate is being aired on Jones' main channel, despite him having promoted the debate for days. In addition the show was misnamed "Epic War of Words with the KKK." Hopefully people will go to his website and respectfully protest this tiny clip and the absolutely deceptive title.

He then brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald to explain the evidence that the Jewish people are a biologically and genetically identifiable group. Professor MacDonald commented that the media filters out any discussion of even the most obvious and undeniable aspects of Jewish power, which results in the average person being unable to process evidence of Jewish supremacism even when they are confronted with it. This made Dr. Duke's opportunity to speak at length to Alex Jones' audience so valuable. Professor MacDonald and Dr. Duke also presented evidence not just of the massive Jewish over-representation in the various aspects of the American elite but also their ability to repress discussion of Jewish power.

This was an incredible show. Everyone should send it to their friends, especially if they are Alex Jones listeners.

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Date: 08-18-15

Dr. Duke announced that he will be on the Alex Jones Show at 1PM Eastern Time today. He then brought on Pastor Mark Dankof for a discussion of the implications of Donald Trump's candidacy. While Trump has deep ties to Jewish tribalists and is by no means a savior, the attention he is focusing on the immigration issue is extremely valuable.

Pastor Dankof noted the contrast between the way Trump is tolerated by the Zio media with how Pat Buchanan was shunned during his presidential runs, and posited that this was because Buchanan's anti-immigrant message was part of an overall platform that was contrary to Jewish interests, whereas Trump, who is calling for U.S. troops to be resent to Iraq, supports large swaths of the Zionist agenda. He concluded by pointing out that the Zio wars in the Middle East and North Africa are creating the conditions for the massive wave of immigration that is sweeping Europe.

This is another great show full of ideas and information. Please be sure to catch Dr. Duke on the Alex Jones Show later today and on the Jeff Rense Show tonight!

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Date: 08-17-15

Dr. Duke discussed Donald Trump's immigration policy position paper that was posted on his website over the weekend. In addition to taking a hard line on illegal immigration, it also chips away at important aspects of legal immigration. Dr. Slattery put the issue in the demographic context of falling white populations world-wide.

Dr. Duke also revealed that Alex Jones publicly invited him on his radio show twice. Dr. Duke looks forward to a chance to talk about issues of mutual concern as well as areas of differences. We will see if Alex Jones follows through on this invitation.

This was another show that really analyzes the news and provides deeper understanding. Please share it widely.

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Date: 08-14-15

Dr. Duke focused on the ways Jewish supremacists manipulate us through their control of the media to adopt their Jewish priorities. He brought up a recent article from the Israeli press that quotes an Israeli diplomat in Germany as stating that it is in Israel’s interest to maintain German guilt about the Holocaust and that normal relations between the countries was not being sought. As a perverse result, Germany gives Israel submarines capable of striking Germany with nuclear weapons!

Dr. Slattery joins and notes the evolution of the Holocaust narrative over the decades, comparing the scant mention of it in the 1950 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica with the Holocaust saturation in today's movies and textbooks. Dr. Duke comments that goyim are forever apologizing, but asked when Jews would ever have to apologize for the tens of millions killed by Jewish Bolsheviks or for the destruction of America through immigration, financial plunder, and moral degradation. Dr. Slattery replied that being Jewish means never having to say your sorry.

This is a show that will get you worked up. Work up someone you know.

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Date: 08-13-15

Today Dr. Duke shared an article from Britain's The Daily Mail newspaper that shows the impact of his radio show even in the U.K. The leading candidate to take over as next head of the Labour Party is being criticized for his associations with Dr. James Thring and Paul Eisen. The article emphasized that both these men have been frequent guests on the David Duke Show, and multiple photos of Dr. Duke were included in the piece.

Dr. Duke pointed out that the Labour Party is considered to be on the left in Britain, and stated that this is further evidence that the whole left-right paradigm pales in importance to the real dichotomy of Jewish supremacism versus human freedom, and that just as both the left and right wing establishments are under the control of Jewish extremists, there are growing numbers of people on both the left and right who are awakening to the perils of Jewish domination of our societies. He also discussed a recent U.S. intelligence report showing that U.S. policy helped create ISIS. Dr. Slattery adds commentary.

This is a fast-paced show full of analysis and information. Share it with your friends.

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Date: 08-12-15

Dr. Duke discussed the implications of Donald Trump's candidacy, explaining both the openings that it provided for discussion of important issues and the limits of what can be expected. Trump does not have a history of leadership on the immigration issue, nor does he show any real expertise on it, but has given it a spotlight that it would not otherwise have. Trump also has close ties to Jews and to Israel and thus offers nothing in terms of taking on the real oppressors of our society.

He and Dr. Slattery talk about two Black Lives Matters activists hijacking a Bernie Sanders event. The Black Lives Matters organization is generously funded by George Soros and on its website is tellingly championing "black queer and trans folks, black-undocumented folks, folks with records, women and all Black lives along the gender spectrum." They also discussed a recent disfiguring attack by black sexual predators on a white teenage girl in which the press is studiously leaving out any mention of the race of the victim or perpetrators.

This is more information and analysis of great value to the thinking person concerned about our future. Please share it widely.

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Date: 08-11-15

.Today: Dr. Duke & Pastor Dankof skewer Cuckservatives and CuckChristians!

Standard Player
Date: 08-10-15

Dr. Duke analyzed the response to the Republican debate and the media's handling of Donald Trump. While emphasizing that Trump is no savior, Dr. Duke portrayed the Fox News attack on Trump as a form of cuckoldry and controlled opposition, as Fox actually represents a conservative political establishment that is on board with massive immigration and the replacement of the traditional European majority in America with third-world immigrants.

He also read from an article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency titled "When it comes to Jewish ties, no GOP candidate trumps Trump." Dr. Slattery pointed out that it was fine for Trump to elevate the immigration issue in the national debate, but just talking about immigration won't change it as long as we have the same Zio Congress and Zio media. On the other hand, talking about Jewish power actually will change it because once people see the Congress and media as Zio they will no longer vote for or watch it.

This is another great show that you will want to spread around.

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Date: 08-07-15

Dr. Duke broke down last night's Republican presidential candidates debate, which Fox News used as a vehicle to lynch Donald Trump. He offered this as an example of Controlled Opposition that is in complete subervience to the Jewish supremacists who rule America, as illustrated by all the candidates vilification of Iran and support for Israel.

He and Dr. Slattery discussed how the abortion issue is exploited to divide Americans (particularly European Americans) as well as marginalize conservatives by getting them to support extreme positions with no hope of majority support. The candidates voiced their support for forcing rape victims to bear the offspring of their attackers, which is the ultimate in cuckoldry!

This is a powerful show that will give you insight into topics that will be part of everyone's weekend conversations.

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Date: 08-06-15

Dr. Duke started the show by describing a fascinating video of a baby cuckoo bird, whose egg was laid in a reed warbler's nest, destroying the eggs of the reed warbler so all of the energies of the reed warbler parents would go towards feeding a nestling that replaced their own genetic heritage. Dr. Duke compared that to the situation in American and Europe today, where so much of the energies of the majority populations are going towards insuring their own replacement by minorities and immigrants.

He then brought on Reverand Dankof, who described the failure to connect the dots by people who are aware of many of our problems but have not diagnosed the Jewish supremacist cause and thus are distracted by candidates pushing false remedies. He relates this to a variety of issues from immigration to the ISIS crisis.

This is another great show that you will not want to miss. Please share it widely.

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Date: 08-05-15

Today Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed a recent Ron Paul interview on Syria in which he criticized American military actions in Syria but failed to point out the Zio American and Israeli responsibility for creating the Syrian Civil War and ISIS Crisis in the first place. Dr. Slattery linked the Middle Eastern Zio Wars (Iraq, Syria, Libya) to the immigration crisis in Europe, which is an added benefit as viewed by Zio tribalists.

They then when on to talk about the impact that Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz (aka Jon Stewart) of the Daily Show has had on America. Stewart's last show will be tomorrow, and he no doubt has had a major impact on conditioning Americans to accept gay marriage, promoting the anti-white narrative, and mainstreaming pornography and obscenity. Dr. Slattery termed the new obscenity-dependent American vernacular "Zio Newspeak," commenting that even more than the artificial language created by Big Brother in Orwell's 1984, Zio Newspeak corrupts our English Language and renders our people inarticulate.

This is a powerful and educational show that you will want to share widely.

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Date: 08-04-15

Today Dr. Duke explained the meaning of the term "cuck" and explained how it applies to what is happening to Europeans in American and elsewhere. Through massive immigration and failure to reproduce, our populations in the societies we created are being replaced by new comers.

However, Dr. Duke makes it clear that the actual "bulls" in this scenario are not the immigrants or minorities, but the Jewish tribalists who have come to dominate our societies and use their power to change our immigration laws and use their media control to brainwash us into not wanting to reproduce.

This is a foundational show that puts our plight in a whole new light. Please illuminate your friends with it.

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Date: 08-03-15

Dr. Duke has Professor Kevin MacDonald on for the hour. They discussed Professor MacDonald's new article, "The Cuckservative Phenomenon." The meme "Cuckservative" was coined to call out people who portray themselves as conservatives but actually are water carriers for the Jewish elite that is destroying everything conservatives traditionally value and ultimately are replacing America's traditional European majority.

An impassioned Kevin MacDonald explained the psychology of white conservatives being cooped to work against their own interests as well as the evolutionary implications of this phenomenon. Dr. Duke pointed out that cuckolding for Jewish supremacists is hardly limited to modern conservatives, and indeed all mainstream political movements are under the sway of Jewish leadership and are working towards the destruction of the traditional American majority population and values.

This show is great show that features Doctors Duke and MacDonald at their most articulate. Please share it widely

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Date: 07-31-15

Today Dr. Duke had a health, life, and fitness show that focused on the differences between men and women and what men need to do to develop themselves as men. He talked about what kind of man evolution led women to be attracted to, and how the Zio-media is increasingly feminizing men into something that women are not attracted to.

He talked about epigenetics -- trait variations that are caused by external or environmental factors that switch genes on and off. He brought on Dr. Slattery who contributed examples and raised questions about the implications of Zio culture on epigenetics.

This is a great show to share with your friends for weekend listening.

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Date: 07-30-15

Today Dr. Duke had a fascinating show about the suppression of scientific inquiry into the evolution of humans and human races. A Jewish supremacist academic elite is imposing a new orthodoxy saying that human races are purely social constructs with no basis in biology. However, the suppression of discussion of racial differences doesn't make those differences go away. Rather, it makes them more difficult to deal with.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and shared a number of examples of human groups livings in extreme conditions, like the Eskimos, Bushman, and Tibetans, who evolved genetically based physiological adaptations to their harsh environments. He added that the new orthodoxy of those who try to block any discussion of racial differences is no different than the harassment of Galileo by the Catholic Church over his assertion that the sun is at the center of the solar system.

This is a show that will give you plenty of science to back up what you already know. It is an important show to share with others.

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Date: 07-29-15

Today Dr. Duke delved into the disconnect between self-described anti-racist progressives who are quick to accuse whites of every crime under the sun but are completely blind to the obvious Jewish racism and the widespread discrimination that non-Jewish whites are subjected to. He looked at the example of Gregor Gysi, the part-Jewish leader of the German Party of the Left, who vocally celebrates the demographic collapse of the ethnic German people.

He shows that the agenda of the “left” is actually lead by Jewish “anti-Zionist Zionists,” who maintain safe limits for any discussion of Zionist power but also push an agenda that is very destructive of the white majority. He brings on Dr. Slattery, who says that these anti-Zionist Zionists are the mirror image of the Jewish Neocons who control the agenda of the “right” in such a way as to make patriotic conservatives the enthusiastic partisans of whatever the America-hating Israeli leadership pushes for.

Talk about an enlightening show. Shine the light on your friends and relatives!

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Date: 07-28-15

Dr. Duke had Pastor Mark Dankof as his guest for the hour. They discussed the hypocrisy of slandering the white race as slave owners while ignoring the institution in most other societies around the world throughout history, and in particular the Jewish leading role in the slave trade. This is because the Zio media sees it as being in Jewish tribal interests to incite racial animosity against white Europeans.

Then they went on to a conversation about the erroneous theology of Christian Zionism, presenting clear evidence that the covenant of the New Testament, which is open to all peoples of the Earth, supersedes the Old Testament covenant with the Jews. Pastor Dankof noted that so many Christians are concerned about the collapse of morality in society but are oblivious to the leading Jewish role in promoting drug use, pornography, homosexuality, promiscuity, and obscenity, and in fact are making things worse by their support of the Jews and of Israel.

This is a show that will give you plenty of ammunition for enlightening your Christian Zionist friends. Don't leave them in the dark!

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Date: 07-27-15

Dr. Duke opened the show by discussing the decision to release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. He put Jonathan Pollard's treason in the context of the long history of Jewish efforts to marginalize and replace America's white majority and Israel's military actions and threats against the United States and the western world.

He then went on to talk about Jewish misogyny and abuse of women, which never gets mentioned in the Zio media, although that same Zio media goes to great efforts to paint Islam as being anti-woman. He and Dr. Slattery then went over a laundry list of Jewish sexual misconduct that would never get into the mainstream US media but is routinely discussed in Israel and in US publications aimed at Jews.

This program provides a wealth of information that you need to help pass on.

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Date: 07-24-15

Dr. Duke responded to the movie theater shooting in Lafayette Louisiana. Dr. Duke pointed out that although there were no indications of any racial motive, the Zio media has emphasized that the shooter was white, in stark contrast to other shootings where the race of non-white shooters was withheld or downplayed.

Pastor Mark Dankof joined the show and discussed the role of the sexual and drug revolutions of the 1960s in corrupting the moral values of American society and laying the groundwork for mass shootings and many other tragedies. They also discussed the rule of disinformation from the likes of Alex Jones in slowing the awakening of people concerned about the direction of this country to the true cause of the decline: Jewish supremacist tribalism.

This is a fascinating show that will make great weekend listening. Please share it.

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Date: 07-23-15

Today Dr. Duke discussed the recent apparent suicide of an African American women who was in jail charged with abusing an officer at a traffic stop. It is the latest of a string of well-publicized cases involving African Americans and police. Dr. Duke, while acknowledging the existence of policing problems, brought up a number of other cases when whites were victims and/or blacks were perpetrators where there was no coverage in the press.

He and Dr. Slattery discussed the selective presentation of tragedies by the Zio media in such a way as to produce a completely false narrative of systematic violence against blacks by whites and to incite blacks to hatred against whites. Because of the Jewish domination of the media and the fact that whites alone are not allowed to organize or even speak out for their particular ethnic interests, the political system in the United States fails to function for its majority population, which ultimately has adverse impacts on all Americans.

This is another informative show that you will want to share widely.

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Date: 07-22-15

Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They discussed a number of examples of Jewish elites expressing their contempt and hatred for Europeans. Dr. Duke read incredibly racist quotations from Karl Marx calling for the genocide of the Slavic peoples, something that his Jewish Bolshevik followers actually implemented. Professor MacDonald introduced research by noted academics citing numerous cases of Jewish intellectuals and leaders promoting immigration as a means of turning Europeans into minorities in their own countries in order to prevent any ethnically based challenge to Jewish power.

Later they brought on Dr. Slattery and discussed the vulnerability of Jewish power, which is dependent on a prohibition of the discussion of Jewish power. They also talked about the implications of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy and the independence from Jewish donors that his personal fortune gives him.

This is a show that will give you an intellectual boost. Please spread it around.

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Date: 07-21-15

Dr. Duke introduced his audience to some shocking news that they certainly will not hear in the Zio media. The head of Germany's third largest party, Gregor Gysi, has accused all native-born Germans of being Nazis and has said that the declining population of ethnic Germans is a good thing. This while the country is being over-run by immigrants from around the world.

What should not come as a surprise is that Gregor Gysi is of mixed Jewish heritage. Dr. Slattery joined the show and commented on the tendency of persons of mixed Jewish heritage to strongly identify as Jews and their usefulness in promoting self-hate amongst Europeans. He also talked about the ability of leftists to consider themselves anti-racists while ignoring or even participating in virulent racism against whites on behalf of Jewish social elites.

This is an show full of information and insights. Please share it widely.

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Date: 07-20-15

Dr. Duke used the latest Donald Trump controversy as an example of the power of the Zio press to smear and discredit anyone who ruffles their feathers. He recounted his own experiences to show how pretty much any public figure is vulnerable to some little event or spurious connection being manipulated by the press. Even Queen Elizabeth is being smeared with an 80-year-old film of her playing on her lawn.

Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the Iranian nuclear deal, pointing out the fundamental unfairness of Iran having to concede rights it has under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty while Israel has a giant stockpile of nukes aimed all over the world. They also discussed the outrage of the Pope being tried by Jewish religious authorities for his "anti-Semitism."

This show will get you riled up. Go rile up your friends, too!

Standard Player
Date: 07-17-15

Today Dr. Duke had Pastor Mark Dankof as his guest. They discussed the issue of the Sanhedrin Court of Jewish religious authorities in Israel putting Pope Francis on trial for saying that the Jews have no right to the land of Israel or to Jerusalem.

They then went on to discuss the issue of Jewish relations with other Semitic people and the way the term "anti-Semitic" is used in today's world. They looked at both genetic and religious reasons for the culture of ethnocentrism and hostility towards the goyim that have characterized so much of the Jewish community over the millennia.

This show is an powerful learning experience that you will want to share with others.

Standard Player
Date: 07-16-15

Today was sports day on the David Duke Show, with Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery looking at sports from basketball to sumo wrestling. They talked about the various racial differences and how they wind up conferring advantages to one ethnic group or another based on the different distribution of genetic tendencies among racial and ethnic groups.

They also went into the latest news that Talmudic Jewish extremist religious authorities in Israel will put Pope Francis on trial in abstentia because he will not declare that Jerusalem should be a Jewish city. They talked about the Jewish influence in Christianity not just being restricted to Christian Zionists, but extending to the Catholic Church and mainstream protestants through such vehicles as interfaith networks.

This was a unique and novel show that you should find interesting. Make sure to share it with your sports buff friends.

Standard Player
Date: 07-15-15

Today's show focused on evolutionary biology. Dr. Duke gave the background on how geographic separation leads different groups, whether animals or people, to develop different traits in order to adapt to different environments. This is the origin of races (subspecies), and if the process continues long enough it can lead to different species.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and discussed lectures from a University of California anthropology course in which the professor spent the entire first class insisting that races in humans are purely social constructs, and then spent the rest of the course teaching science and natural history that completely contradicted that assertion. Doctors Duke and Slattery agreed that there is no way to make good public policy as long as there is no honesty and no freedom of discussion about these most basic facts.

This is a show for people who prefer scientific inquiry to empty sloganeering. Please share it widely.

Standard Player
Date: 07-14-15

Today Dr. Duke discussed a number of issues, starting with new developments with Megyn Kelly and her Confederate flag article. He then went on to discuss the myth of white privilege, as there is actually only Jewish privilege with massive discrimination against European Americans.

Then he and Dr. Slattery went into a great deal of scientific research about the way certain behavioral traits can be inherited. Dr. Slattery introduced research on rat and chimp populations that show favoritism towards kin, with inherent recognition of even third and forth cousins. He also discussed the evolution in two separate populations of lactose tolerance, showing the interplay between culture and genes. Dr. Duke then showed how 3000 years of a highly ethnocentric culture could actually heighten the frequency of genetically inherited ethnocentrism among the Jewish population.

This is a fascinating show that you won't want to miss. Share it with your friends.

Standard Player
Date: 07-13-15

On today's show Dr. Duke discussed an articulate article written by none other than Fox News' Megyn Kelly entitled "The Confederate Flag Needs To Be Raised, Not Lowered." One certainly might think that Mrs. Kelly has been listening to Dr. Duke's radio show. Dr. Duke added additional information to make this show a foundational lesson in the issues around the Confederate controversy.

Unlike Megyn Kelly, however, Dr. Duke is not blaming Northerners for the anti-Confederate onslaught. Rather, he sees it as being orchestrated by a Zio media that wants to destroy and denigrate all forms of European heritage and identity, with Confederate imagery merely being the flavor of the month. He also sees it at another facet of the Jewish supremacist effort to divide and conquer, as this issue has been framed to pit North against South, black against white, liberal against conservative.

Please share this show, and if you can produce a video and upload it all the better!

Standard Player
Date: 07-10-15

Today was an amazing show in which Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed Dr. Duke’s interview with Thom Hartman and the White House’s invocation of Dr. Duke’s name. Dr. Slattery ran down a list of important points made by Dr. Duke in his interview as well as the weaknesses and falicies put forth by Hartman. He pointed out that whether it’s “progressives” like Hartman or “conservatives” like O’Reilly, the moment Jewish power is raised they speak with one voice in defending their Zio paymasters.

The doctors agreed that we are at a critical juncture, with the Zio attack on European Americans at reaching a frenzy with the anti-Confederate push. But the attack is on multiple fronts, whether it be Hollywood’s degradation of our values and our reputations, the Ivy League’s massive anti-white discrimination, or bankster exploitation. It is time to push back — not with immoral violence but by standing up and no longer enabling our own repression. There is nothing to fear. We are at the threshold of our own liberation, and all we have to do is step across!

This is an inspiring show packed full of ideas and information. Spread it around and let’s take that step!

Standard Player
Date: 07-09-15

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They had a fascinating discussion on the reality of race and how ideas on race are manipulated by the Zio-media, often in contradictory ways, to serve the purposes of the Jewish elite. The whole concept of race can be denied in order to reduce the racial solidarity of whites, but then in other contexts emphasized in order to maximize racial animosity of minorities towards whites.

They talked about a variety of specific issues, including the confederate flag controversy and the historical treatment of slavery. Professor MacDonald was supplied new views and interpretations on these and other issues, making for a show that you do not want to miss. Please share this show with everyone you know.

Standard Player
Date: 07-08-15

Dr. Duke went into the details of genetics and race. While much of it is common sense, there is an "emperor's clothing" phenomenon in society today that has led people to close their eyes and pretend that there is no such thing as race. This censorship of reality is the work of the Jewish intellectual elite, which seeks to destroy the European majority in the United States and other countries so that Jewish supremacists can replace them as the rulers of those societies.

Ironically, those same Jewish supremacists who are trying to destroy the concept of race among the goyim are busily researching their own racial genome for such reasons as screening potential immigrants to Israel to make sure they are racially Jewish.

This show connects the dots for you and helps you see reality for what it is. Spread it around and help throw some clothes on that emperor.

Standard Player
Date: 07-07-15

Today Dr. Duke responded to a critic who misrepresented his views on race and eugenics. Dr. Duke explained the scientific and genetic basis of race, and said that it makes sense for a society to consider the eugenic or disgenic impacts of public policy.

He also repeated that all peoples have value and should be preserved, and that no people has the right to oppress others.

This is another show you will want to share widely.

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Date: 07-06-15

Today Dr. Duke connected the Confederate heritage issue with the gay marriage issue. He demonstrated that Jewish supremacists are behind both the attack on Southern heritage (and indeed, white heritage in general) and the promotion of gay marriage.

Then he brought on Pastor Mark Dankof, who provided a wealth of information proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the absolutely crucial role of organized Jewry and the Jewish run media in making gay marriage possible.

This is a fascinating show you won't want to miss.

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Date: 07-03-15

Dr. Duke devoted the show to a discussion about the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. He read from Thomas Jefferson's writings, which decried slavery as a destructive evil, but also quoted Jefferson's conviction that whites and blacks could not easily live together under a single government. He also spoke about Robert E. Lee's opposition to slavery and his freeing of his own family's slaves in 1862, before Lincoln had even issued the emancipation proclamation.

He and Dr. Slattery then discussed the polarization of political issues as a means of dividing and conquering America by Jewish supremacists. Rather than acknowledging that human history around the world includes all sorts of injustices and suffering but also has seen steady progress from brutish conditions to one where people around the world enjoy unprecedented long life and prosperity, the Zio media has designated whites (and currently the subgroup of whites who see the Confederacy as part of their heritage) as a group with a history of no redeeming value, while the history of currently favored groups is described only in terms of noble struggles against victimization by whites.

This is a show that will provide a starting point for meaningful discussions around the grill at Fourth of July cook outs. Spread it around!

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Date: 07-02-15

On today's show Dr. Duke introduced data on cross racial crime from a new report by the U.S. Department of Justice. The data shows that blacks commit five times as much violent crime against whites than whites commit against blacks. However, there are about five times as many whites in America than blacks, meaning that a black is about 25 times more likely to commit violence against whites than vice versa.

Dr. Duke emphasized that he was not quoting this data in order to denigrate the character of the law-abiding majority of blacks, nor was he trying to incite white anger against blacks. What he was trying to do was counter the pervasive narrative in the Zio media that blacks are subjected to a barrage of white violence against them. He brought on Dr. Slattery and they discussed the motives of the Jewish media moguls who have spun this false narrative as part of a larger effort to marginalize and replace the white majority in the United States.

This show provides yet more bullet-proof armor to defend our people against the Zionist attack on our character. Wear it proudly and share it with others.

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Date: 06-29-15

Today Dr. Duke proved the hypocrisy of those condemning those who consider the Confederacy as part of their heritage. First, he read from Robert E. Lee, showing his condemnation of Slavery, and from Lincoln, who was pushing to send blacks back to Africa at the time he was assassinated.

He also read from both the Old and New Testaments, which, far from condemning slavery, condone it and regulate it. He also points out that Islam's Koran devotes a huge amount of space to the regulation and promotion of slavery. He concluded that this whole attack on Confederate symbols itself really has nothing to slavery and everything to do with replacing American history and the American majority population with a Zio narrative and a divided and Zio-dominated largely immigrant population.

This is great information to push back and stand up for our heritage and future.

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Date: 06-26-15

Dr. Duke continued his response to the attack on the Confederate flag, which has now broadened to an effort to take down a landmark statue of Robert E. Lee in New Orleans. The fact is that what we are seeing goes far beyond Civil War history, but is really about replacing the values and symbols and icons of traditional America with those of a new Zio America.

Dr. Duke quoted Lincoln's war-time letter to New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley in which he stated "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery." This reflected the wartime atmosphere in the North that the war was about union, while in the South it was about independence. Dr. Slattery commented that, taken together with efforts to change school and highway names, take down statues, and change the portraits on our money, what we are seeing is the marginalization of whites in the past, reducing their role in history and relegating them to be being bad guy foils for heroic non-white freedom fighters.

This is information that we all need to know. It is intellectual self-defense against the media attack on us all. Please share it and do your part.

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Date: 06-25-15

Today Dr. Duke discussed a variety of issues that all have a common thread: the denigration of the European peoples in the pursuit of Jewish supremacism. He raised the example of former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar, who brought his country into the Zio-war on Iraq, writing in the forward of a new book that Israel is the centerpiece of Western civilization. Aznar claimed that this is why it is under attack, completely ignoring that it is founded on land inhabited by Palestinians who have been methodically ethnically cleansed ever since.

He talked about the irony of the campaign to ban the Confederate flag while the Israeli flag is everywhere to be seen in the United States and the world’s largest menorah is erected each Hanukkah on the White House grounds. He and Dr. Slattery also talked about the chutzpah of a magazine like Mother Jones that can publish an article claiming that cops in New York are gunning down blacks while citing a New York police report that actually showed the complete opposite.

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Date: 06-24-15

Dr. Duke continued the discussion of the Confederate flag issue. While the flag may just be a symbol, what it represents to its supporters is not slavery or supremacism, but honor and liberty, and banning it can be seen as an attack on liberty itself. Moreover, this attack comes in a context of Europeans being marginalized and replaced as the majority population in the United States against their will as part of a Jewish supremacist drive for world domination. It also comes amidst a backdrop of a false narrative of violent whites victimizing blacks, whereas actual FBI crime statistics show that whites are far more likely to be the victims of cross racial crime.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed the causes for the increase in mass murder events over the past few decades. The explanatory variable cannot be the diffusion of guns, as gun ownership has always been high. A more likely explanation would be the much sicker and more graphic images of violence, torture, and sex that have permeated the media over the past 50 years, as Jewish media moguls, secure in their domination of the industry, have pushed the envelope on decency and traditional morality.

This is another great show worth sharing with everyone you know.

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Date: 06-23-15

Today Dr. Duke devoted the hour to the real history of the Civil War and the Confederate Flag. He explained that far from being a war necessary to end slavery, even Lincoln declared that the war was not over slavery. Moreover, slavery still existed in several Union states, but was actually an institution on its last legs and was already ending in country after country through the Western Hemisphere.

Dr. Duke contended that the attack on southern symbols and heritage such as the Confederate Flag are actually part of an overall Jewish-led attack on European Americans. In fact, for a century after the Civil War northern text books and statesmen paid homage to many symbols of the confederacy, in particular General Robert E. Lee. But this accommodation by northerners of southern heritage is not acceptable to today's Zio elite, who seek to exploit every conceivable division among us, whether it be regional or racial or whatever. Dr. Slattery also made the case that the Civil War created so much tragedy and left freed slaves, southerners, and many others in such difficult conditions that it is hard to believe there wasn't a better way to resolve things.

This show will give you real intellectual ammunition that will help you ward off the on-going attack we are under. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

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Date: 06-22-15

Today Dr. Duke addressed the fall out from the tragic shooting in Charleston. The Zio media is exploiting the case to push their false narrative about how evil white people are and how all whites should feel guilt over what this shooter did. In fact, the shooter betrayed the morals and values of the European people by committing this senseless act, and indeed did considerable harm to the cause of European liberation.

Dr. Duke raised the example of a white woman who wrote on the Huffington Post that she no longer wants to reproduce as she does not want to pass along her evil genes. He and Dr. Slattery discuss the fact is that evil has existed in all cultures, just as beauty and wonder has, and painting Europeans as uniquely evil while ignoring the great contributions made by Europeans to human civilization is twisted and wrong. However, it helps move forward the Zionist agenda of increasing their domination over our society by inciting hatred towards an increasingly marginalized majority population.

This is a show with a truly important and timely message that will help people respond in real time to the ramped up attack on European Americans. Help spread it around.

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Date: 06-19-15

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery Talk About the Real Cause of the Vast Increase in mass murders, torture and rape in America and across the world. He shows how the Zio media promotes every kind of violence, blood, degeneracy, degradation and sickness. How the Torture Porn promoted by Eli Roth and the mainstream Hollywood studios demeans life and is leading America and the world to a defiled and degraded humanity

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Date: 06-18-15

Dr. Duke responded to the senseless shooting in Charleston. This kind of loss of innocent life is always a tragedy and is morally indefensible. Dr. Duke examined the role of the media in promoting violence, torture, and all kinds of sickness. It should come as no surprise that as the content of programming continues to push the envelope of indecency and sickness, the frequency of mass killings has risen in tandem. Furthermore, the media exploits mass killings in such a way as to inflame racial tensions, and in the case where the shooter is white will also use it to infuse self-hate among them.

Noting that the largest of the mass murders in recent years was the one at Virginia Tech where an Asian American shot 32 victims, Dr. Duke read a shocking poem written by one of the young man’s professors, an African American woman named Nikki Giovanni. Using the N-word repeatedly, she “poetically” called on black men to prove themselves by cutting of blond heads and urinating on them. Unbelievably, the university asked her to speak at the memorial service for the 32 victims. He and Dr. Slattery called on his listeners to wake up and realize that they have the power to overthrow the Jewish supremacist rulers of the country without any violence. We have been hypnotized into collaborating in our own repression, and we simply have to snap out of it and stop collaborating.

This show is a wake up call. Spread it around, snap your fingers, and help solve the Zio zombie over-population problem.

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Date: 06-17-15

The show today to a hard look at the issue of whether the term genocide can be applied to what is happening to the European peoples. The UN convention on genocide spells out a definition, which includes not just killing members of a group but also causing them mental harm, preventing births within the group, or inflicting conditions on the group calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. Dr. Duke presented plenty of evidence to prove that this is indeed the case.

Dr. Slattery pointed out that other groups who are generally considered to have faced genocide, such as American Indians and Australian Aborigines, are still around, often in greater absolute numbers than their pre-genocide populations. However, over a period of many generations, they became small minorities in their homelands and their genome became highly diluted. This is exactly where the current demographic trends are taking Europeans in all the countries they dwell. Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery also talked about the importance of European liberation to all the peoples of the world.

This is another powerful show that will stimulate your brain and motivate your soul. Spread it around!

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Date: 06-16-15

Dr. Duke had an amazing show in which he really got to the crux of Jewish supremacist control over us and the potential for that control to become even greater if we do not act now. He quoted Jewish film critic Neal Gabler, who wrote in his book "An Empire of Their Own" that Jewish immigrants from Russia replaced America's image of itself with a very different one made in Hollywood. Then, going deeply into science and technology, he explained that advances in genetics is making biological weapons that target people with genes specific to a given ethnic group possible. He read from a Sunday Times article that shows that the Israelis have been researching such weapons since the 1990s.

He and Dr. Slattery then discussed the massive amounts of information that Jewish and Israeli owned companies are collecting on people around the world via telecommunications and credit card billing companies, medical records firms, and even internet services that solicit people to send in their DNA for ethnic heritage analysis. Dr. Duke emphasized that now is the time to act, while we have the tools of the internet but before the Big Brother potential future becomes a present nightmare.

This show is like an alarm clock. Wake up your friend with it.

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Date: 06-15-15

Dr. Duke shared three inspiring songs from the a singer who goes by the name of Malukah. These songs seem to capture the spirit of our people and sow the seeds of hope that while it may seem dark now, the dawn of our awakening is within reach.

Art is directed at the heart, and it can inspire in ways that research papers simply cannot. Dr. Duke tried to stir the embers of hope and passion that we know lie within each of our hearts so we can awaken and seize our own destiny. Dr. Slattery also provides commentary.

This is a program that you can share with those who may be hard to reach with facts and figures.

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Date: 06-12-15

Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour, with Dr. Slattery also joining in. They continued the discussion from yesterday's show about free trade tending to work against the interests of the majority of the American population but very much in the interests of the Zio business elite. They then when on to Dr. MacDonald's ideas of cultural evolution, and in particular the Jewish led effort to undermine the traditional European culture of the white majority. This is done through replacing white ethnic pride with an indoctrination of historical guilt as well as an onslaught of media images of white men as being weak, wimpy, and subservient.

This represents an attack on our morale as well as our morals, and it conducted through movies, television, internet porn, and advertizing. It has real world implications, Dr. MacDonald explains, such as low birth rates, higher propensity for intermarriage among white women, and acceptance of massive immigration. Dr. Duke then raises the issue of the meeting of the Bilderberg Group, which some "conspiracy theorists" want to paint as a secret world government of rich Nazi overlords. In fact, Dr. Duke and his guests agreed that it could be viewed as one of a number of venues by which global elites coordinate strategy, but always under Jewish domination because the Jewish elite have a great deal of cohesion within their own group, whereas the non-Jews have considerably less cohesion.

This was an important and very intellectually stimulating conversation you will want to listen to twice. Share it with your friends... twice.

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Date: 06-11-15

Today's show focused on finance, trade, and economics. Dr. Duke pointed out that free trade has become a religion in the economics departments of major universities. However, free trade does not necessarily lead to the results that match the values of a given nation. There can be devastating consequences for the environment or vital local industries, which in turn can create social problems. However, our governments have ceded so much sovereign authority over trade to the World Trade Organization.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery then connected trade to international finance, which is under the domination of a Zio elite. As long as Zio banks and Zio conglomerates dominate so many industries, it is in the interests of the Jewish supremacists to have a "free trade" philosophy protect their economic fiefdoms from governments that might once again be run by a non-Jewish majority.

This program is a real education on vital issues. Please share it widely.

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Date: 06-10-15

Dr. Duke started the show with an explanation of the existential threat that the European people are under and how this came about and who is responsible for it. This led to a discussion of Ann Coulter's book on immigration and whether it does more harm than good. The book certainly has its merits, but it has glaring shortcomings as well. Dr. Slattery offered his opinion that ultimately the impact the book has depends on whether other people can capitalize on the buzz it creates and get the full argument against open immigration to the public.

This led to a broader discussion on the value and dangers of work done by people of kosher perspectives, whether they be anti-Zionist Zionists or goyim who work in the Zio-media like Coulter. The two doctors agreed that these people may do valuable work, but cannot be allowed to define the narrative because they will always lead the movement to defeat as they hide the responsibility of the Jewish supremacists who are responsible for the dangers faced by the European peoples and in fact all of humanity, as the Jewish supremacists use the power created by European societies in their drive for world domination.

This was another lively and truly valuable show that you will want others to hear.

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Date: 06-08-15

Dr. Duke and Reverend Mark Dankof started the program with a eulogy to the late Michael Collins Piper, who passed away recently. They discussed Piper's short but extremely productive life and his many books, including the definitive book on the Kennedy assassination, "Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Controversy."

The also got into the attack by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) on the peace activist Allison Weir. Paster Dankof noted that JVP slammed Weir for her relationship with him, although the "relationship" actually consists of exactly one radio interview with him a number of years ago. He then recounted a fascinating inside story about a conference organized by the Iranian government on misinformation about their nuclear program at which Gareth Porter was the featured speaker. Apparently Porter and some anti-Zionist Zionists pressured the Iranians to uninvite participants who might hold non-kosher views of Israel's links to 9-11, Jewish power, and the Zio cultural agenda.

This is a fascinating show with loads of new information that will form the basis for many future conversations. Please spread it around!

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Date: 06-05-15

Dr. Duke started the show with a lesser-known Rudyard Kipling poem "The Burden of Jerusalem," which is remarkably critical of the history of Jewish supremacism from ancient times right up to the 20th Century. He then went on to the 1968 book "Zero Population" by Jewish extremist Paul Erlich, which brainwashed the intellectuals who read the book to repress their own reproduction while the less intellectual groups both in the United States and overseas continued to have large families. Jewish extremists took advantage of these low birthrates among whites in America and Europe to push for non-white immigration to make up for an artificially created labor shortage.

Ann Coulter's book new book addresses this immigration crisis, but masks the Jewish responsibility for it by incorrectly blaming it all on "the left." He noted that calling out the Jews would restrict her access to the Zio media, but persuasively argued that there is no solution to this problem (and so many others) unless Jewish domination of society is exposed and confronted. Coulter's book may be a good career move for her and will attract some attention to the problem, but by incorrectly assigning blame she is shielding the culprits and not contributing to the solution. Dr. Slattery adds his insights.

This is a show you do not want to miss. Spread it around for some weekend entertainment with real meaning.

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Date: 06-04-15

Today Dr. Duke had a powerful and passionate show focused on the new book by Ann Coulter on immigration. While the book makes the important point that the immigration problem is an existential one and is not simply limited to illegal immigration, it falsely blames liberals for creating the problem and diverts all blame from the true culprits, the Jewish supremacists.

Dr. Duke documented the actual history of the passage of the 1965 immigration law that transformed our country from a largely homogeneous nation into a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-lingual society. He also spelled out the motivations of Jewish leaders, who were bent on dividing the country and preventing any cohesive ethnic solidarity from developing in the white majority.

Then he brought on Dr. Slattery and they discussed how any efforts to fix a problem that purposely ignore the cause of the problem are bound to fail. This is an eye-opening show that you must share with your friends and family.

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Date: 06-03-15

Dr. Duke and Professor Kevin MacDonald discussed a law suit being brought by Asian students claiming racial discrimination in admission to Harvard University. In fact, discrimination against non-Jewish whites is far more severe at Harvard, where Jewish students are massively privileged in terms of admissions. But Jewish privilege at Harvard doesn't stop with admissions. Professor MacDonald pointed out that Harvard's Jewish President Lawrence Summers appointed fellow tribe member Elana Kagan as Dean of Harvard Law School despite qualifications that would have been better suited to a position at a community college.

They then went on to discuss an article from The Occidental Quarterly on a new anti-terrorism law that introduces secondary liability so that "victims of terrorism" can sue not just the perpetrators of terrorism but any organizations or institutions that can be shown to be connected to the alleged terrorists. Professor MacDonald pointed out that not enough attention is given to the Jewish domination of the legal system.

They also talked about the new book on immigration by Ann Coulter, which to its credit goes beyond the issue of illegal immigration and talks about the problem of the legal framework of the immigration system. However, it does not mention that Jews played the leading role in passing our immigration laws, and it is questionable how much of a chance there is of winning the immigration struggle if you are afraid to even identify your opponents.

This is a must-listen show that hits home on so many issues. Please share it widely.

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Date: 06-02-15

On the show today Dr. Duke discussed how we have a Zio-controlled government with a Zio-controlled opposition. Nothing could illustrate the controlled nature of our political discourse any better than the biggest financiers of both the Republican and Democratic parties coming together at Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Casino to meet with Jewish organizations on ways to protect Israel from anti-Zionist activities on college campuses. A further aspect of this control is the fact that Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace are prominent in the "anti-Zionist" movement, and while they may sincerely oppose the most egregious crimes of Israel they also act as censors and watchdogs to make sure that any discussion of Jewish power in our own society is nipped in the bud.

Then Dr. Duke addresses the dilemma faced by a friend whose daughter may be entering into an interracial relationship that she does not approve of. He gives advice on how to talk to young people about the importance of insuring that one's own race has a future on earth and does not simply dissolve into a new globalized hybrid. Dr. Slattery then comes on and offers his views on the intentional polarization of issues and the exclusion of important arguments in order to present the illusion of debate and democracy while in fact we have a rigged system with two controlled and false sides, neither of which actually represents people's interests.

This is another facinating show that you will want to share with your friends and family.

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Date: 06-01-15

Today Dr. Duke provided a preview of a major research article that he is preparing on Jewish privilege verses White privilege. The fact is that in American and many other Western societies today, privilege in concentrated in a tiny Jewish minority which when it suits them bills themselves as white. However, this same privileged Jewish elite goes to great lengths to suppress European American representation in important power institutions, such as the Ivy League universities.

He and Dr. Slattery also discussed an article by Gilad Atzmon about how Jewish Voice for Peace, an "anti-Zionist" group that works within the larger Palestinian Solidarity Movement, has blacklisted Alison Weir, the founder of If Americans Knew. Jewish Voice for Peace did not even accuse Mrs. Weir of having said or done anything improper, but are smearing her merely because of people she has associated with or given interviews to, including David Duke Show regular guest Reverend Mark Dankof! This exposes Jewish Voice for Peace as a censorship organization that tries to establish boundaries for Palestinian Solidarity and anti-war movements that are safe for Jewish supremacism.

This is a show that will really help you understand how Zionism can operate even within supposedly anti-Zionist organizations. Please share this program widely.

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Date: 05-29-15

Dr. Duke covered a lot of territory in the show today. In particular, he revealed a lot of information about the various machinations in the ISIS conflict that have put the US, Saudi Arabia, and other Zionist flunkies in the Middle East on the side of ISIS, leaving President Assad's Syrian Army and Lebanon's Hezbollah movement alone to fight for human decency and sanity.

He and Dr. Slattery also discussed developments in the presidential election. Senator Rand Paul on an appearance on the Morning Joe show stated that the ISIS crisis was created by hawks in his party who loved Hillary's war in Libya so much that they wanted more. His sensible statement, however, is being lost in a flood of wannabe Israeli puppet presidents like Chris Christie and Ted Cruz, who spent yesterday yet again kissing up to Jewish megadonors in New York, including kingmaker Sheldon Adelson. This was a fast-paced, free-wheeling show that will be a lot of fun to listen to. Please share it widely.

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Date: 05-28-15

In today's show Dr. Duke focused on philosophy and how to put meaning into your life. Quoting Seneca, he showed how the wisdom of the ancient Romans is still relevant today, not just in our personal lives but in the liberation of us as a people. He emphasized the connection between our personal lives and our national life, stating that we need not just a revolution for our people but personal revolutions as individuals to free us of the materialism and hedonism promoted by our Zio cultural masters.

He and Dr. Slattery discussed the importance of managing time. Most people's lifespans are long enough to allow them to do everything they really need to do, provided they don't fritter it away on meaningless or unhealthy activities. This was an inspirational show that can help put meaning and purpose into people's lives. Share it with those you love.

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Date: 05-27-15

Today Dr. Duke explained the real situation in Syria and Iraq, where the spread of ISIS is being resisted only by the Syrian government and Hezbollah, with help from Iran, while the United States and its so-called anti-ISIS alliance is actually on the same side as ISIS! For years America has been trying to undermine and destroy the real anti-ISIS forces, while its "allies" like Turkey and Jordan have allowed the free flow of foreign fighters into Syria to join ISIS, which is really a foreign invasion. And no country benefits more from the ISIS crisis than Israel.

Then he and Dr. Slattery talked about how so many people on the so-called left have been brain washed into a kind of self-hate, and that even if they never develop any kind of nationalist identity, if they could just learn to want the same things for Europeans that they say they want for everyone else, they would have to rise up in defense of Europeans. Finally, they discussed the new article by Adrian Salbuchi on the Zionist drive to subjugate his country of Argentina.

This was yet another fascinating and inspiring show that needs to be spread far and wide.

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Date: 05-26-15

In today's show Dr. Duke introduced a new article that goes into the details of how Jewish mega donors like Sheldon Adelson are limiting the choices allowed to voters in next year's presidential election. Only candidates who are certified kosher by Jewish money will be reported on by the Zio media, creating a "heads Jews win, tails goys lose" election.

He and Dr. Slattery also revisited Ron Unz's study on massive Jewish over-representation in Harvard and highlighted its finding about the collapse of Jewish academic achievement over the past decades, even as Jewish enrollment in Ivy League schools has never been higher. They explain the mechanisms for Jewish takeovers of vital institutions like media and academia.

This is an informative and valuable show that you will want to spread widely.

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Date: 05-25-15

Dr. Duke had a special Memorial Day program where he went into the history of the wars that we are memorializing and showed the critical Jewish roles in getting the U.S. into World War I and World War II, to say nothing of the more recent wars in the Middle East. He and Dr. Slattery also talked about how Jews twist the privilege they have historically benefited from into a narrative of perpetual victimhood.

He also talked about the importance of each of us as individuals taking some sort of action to overcome the threat facing us and open up a brighter future for ourselves and our children. This is an inspiring show that can motivate people to get out of their lawn chair and start building a country we can once again be proud of.

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Date: 05-22-15

Dr. Duke started the show by putting the Syrian civil war in perspective. Recently released Defense Intelligence Agency documents show that the American government KNEW it was making common cause with ISIS. As far back as 2012 the DIA predicted that ISIS would take over parts of Syria, but rather than oppose it the U.S. considered ISIS a strategic asset in toppling the Syrian government, which of course is top priority for Israel.

Dr. Duke then made the case that the American government has effectively supported ISIS because that is what the Jewish extremists who control the government want. He passionately argued that if you want to stop the wars, if you want to halt massive immigration, if you want to resist drugs and abortion and degeneracy, then you have to face up to the Jewish problem. Without freeing ourselves from Jewish tyranny, our future as a people and indeed as a planet is bleak. Dr. Slattery adds information and analysis.

This is one of Dr. Duke's most impassioned and persuasive presentations yet. Please share it, and if you can turn it into a video and upload it all the better.

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Date: 05-21-15

How to Save European Mankind and the Highest Values in All Humanity!

Today Dr. Duke discusses how we as motivated, empowered and strengthened individuals and families are the first step to a political and social revolution in European nations and around the world.

He speaks about we can be more influential in waking up those around us. That influence depends not simply on our rational truth but whether we are trustworthy to those we are trying to awaken, whether we are true role models, and whether we show that we deeply care about those we speak with and the issues we speak about.

Dr. Duke then goes into vital areas in reaching fellow Europeans and others who have been affected by the omnipresent negative associative conditioning of the ZioMedia. Why deep inside we do truly care about our own people, but all people. He shows how all of us would rush to help a child of any race who was for instance hurt by a car, and how the Ziomedia has perverted these natural feelings into self-guilt and even safe-hatred in Europeans. He goes on to show how to deprogram our people not simply with rational argument but with a form of deprogramming associations.

A fascinating show that will empower you and also show you the way to awakening your friends, family and world!

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Date: 05-20-15

Today Dr. Duke had the world renowned evolutionary psychologist Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. Professor MacDonald explained that the Jewish cultural environment has selected for certain genetically based personality traits over the years, most notably ethnocentrism but also aggression and psychological intensity. He also noted the Jewish tendencies for self-deception and bipolar disorder. These personality traits have given them an advantage within the less ethnocentric and more individualistic European societies and have helped them gain dominance over time.

Then along with Dr. Slattery they discuss ways that people can talk about the Jewish problem effectively and get around the massive Zio programming that leads people to shut their ears to criticism of Jews. They agree that Jews are extremely vulnerable, because their hypocrisy on so many issues is glaring and they have become utterly dependent on the self-censorship of the repressed gentile populations they dominate.

This is a foundational show that can enlighten everyone, from the most aware to those still in complete darkness. Please share it widely.

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Date: 05-19-15

Dr. Duke started the program by relating his recent experience listening to Jewish "conservative" talk radio hosts Michael Savage and Mark Levine. He said that while the two hosts voice positions on social issues that resonate with many middle-class Americans, they also try to indoctrinate the audience to the need to wage wars on behalf of Israel. Moreover, their defense of white Americans tends to be inflammatory and seems aimed at pitting whites against blacks, along the divide and conquer strategy.

Then Dr. Slattery joins the show and they discuss a new article by British journalist Robert Fisk about Canadian Prime Minister Harper's plan to classify boycotts against Israel as "hate crimes." Finally they go into the science of genetics and race and how it applies to Jewish ethnocentrism.

This is a very thought-provoking show. Provoke your friends with it!

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Date: 05-18-15

Dr. Duke and Dr Slattery had a free-wheeling conversation for the hour. First, they discussed former Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum's statement that as president he would "bomb Iran back to the Seventh Century." Dr. Duke noted the callousness of such an idea, which would surely kill millions of men, women, and children, all for a paranoid Zio delusion about Iran's intents towards Israel. Dr. Slattery pointed out that Santorum, who has made himself a reputation as a social conservative, is bending over backwards to ingratiate himself with the same Jewish campaign financiers that actually support gay marriage, open borders, and moral decline.

Dr. Duke pointed out that while Conservatives reminisce fondly President Reagan, Reagan never backed up his conservative rhetoric with action on social issues from school busing to immigration, just as President Obama never backed up his rhetoric on ending wars. Indeed, the Democrats are the controlled opposition on Zio wars the same way the Republicans are the controlled opposition on Zio social policies.

Finally, Dr. Duke reminded us that this is not just an intellectual exercise, but that the future of our people and indeed the very world is at stake.

This was a fun but hard-hitting show with great information and insights. Start spreading the news.

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Date: 05-15-15

Dr. Duke spent the first half of the show demonstrating a perfect example of the kind of hypocrisy that Jewish supremacists are allowed to get away with. Israel is giving its African migrants a choice between deportation and jail, while the leading Jewish "human rights organization" the Anti-Defamation League (and the rest of the Jewish power structure) supports open immigration into the United States and other European-majority countries.

For the rest of the show, he and Dr. Slattery discuss how this hypocrisy and other outrages can be talked about to people who have been conditioned and even brainwashed into thinking of Jews as eternal victims and any criticism of Jewish power as anti-Semitism and enabling a new "Holocaust." Dr. Duke provides practical advice for opening people's eyes in one-on-one conversations, and contends that the path to liberation is not through violence but through peace and truth and commitment to true human rights.

The revolution is starting. Join it by spreading the word and sharing this program.

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Date: 05-14-15

Dr. Duke started the show talking about how financial markets can be manipulated and abused via such means as insider trading. Any group with cohesion, and none have as much ethnic cohesion as the Jews, can cooperate within a market context to support each other and gain advantage over outsiders. Dr. Duke shared his experiences working for a Jewish broker as a young man.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and gave his own story about the minor role he played in a major financial crisis. He explained how the markets can be manipulated not just with insider information, but also by the spreading of information through financial news outlets (which are themselves dominated by you know who). Such information, including false rumors, can move the market, and even small movements that last for only a few minutes can provide major players the opportunity to make big money.

This was a facinating show that provides a window into the shadowy world of Jewish market domination. Please share it widely.

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Date: 05-12-15

Dr. David Duke goes into Jewish tribalist economic Exploitation today with an shocking, tremendously informative show about Usury and methods of war they use against Gentiles. This show has direct quotes from Jewish leaders, including the famous Miamodes who defines usury as Nesek, biting and how it "causes pain" and terrible suffering and how it is a commandment for Jews not to do it to fellow Jews but are commanded to do it to Gentiles. An, incredible foundational show to help you understand the Jewish role and nature of Usury. This is a show to share with friends and it is a great financial tutorial on their methods against us all! Share this show!

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Date: 05-11-15

Dr. Duke had an amazing show full of background information necessary to understand what is happening in the world and how we can change it. He went into the history of Zio-America's attack on Iraq, noting that Saddam's Iraq had been an ally and proxy of the United States during the Iran-Iraq War. In fact, Saddam had cleared his intentions to invade Kuwait in 1990 with the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie. Regarding Syria, Dr. Duke went over the Zionist ties with the Islamic extremist groups like ISIS that are trying to take over control of that country from the moderate, secular President Assad, a Western educated eye surgeon who has the support of most Syrians, including Syrian Christians.

Then Dr. Duke questioned the sanity of Christian Zionists who blindly support Israel and all things Jewish, when Israel has ethnically cleansed Christians from the Holy Land and the Jewish Talmud claims that Jewish magicians have conjured up Jesus and are boiling him in excrement. Moreover, Jewish supremacists in the United States are behind the attack on Christian morality that Christian Zionists want to think they hold dear. Finally, Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the results of the British election, which can be viewed as a total victory for Zionism despite a rising tide of frustration with Jewish rule.

This is a show to snap your mind back into gear for the week. Please share it widely.

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Date: 05-08-15

Dr. Duke started the show recapping some of the highlights of his recent trip to Mexico to take part in an international conference on issues important to anti-Zionist and pro-European activists. He had as his guest for the rest of the hour Professor Kevin MacDonald. Professor MacDonald emphasized that discussion of Jewish power is absolutely forbidden and that this prohibition is closely guarded, with anyone of us daring to expose Jewish power becoming subjects of vicious attacks against our reputations and livelihoods.

Professor MacDonald said that the European peoples have been subjected to character attacks from Jewish social movements such as the Frankfurt School and brainwashed into self-loathing. He said that Europeans, as exemplified by Swedes in particular, exhibit a pathological altruism whereby they will subvert their ethnic interests for a universal moralism, and that this characteristic has been taken advantage of by Jewish supremacists, whose ethnic interests are always their top priority.

He agreed with Dr. Duke that the only way forward for European activists is to recognize the European sense of altruism and fairness, and to emphasize that the European liberation movement rejects the subjugation of any people and is truly dedicated to the proposition that all peoples should be free and independent.

This is a show that will stimulate your intellect and help you see the way to a brighter and freer future. Please share it widely.

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Date: 05-07-15

Dr. Duke had a foundational show on the importance of building alliances with like-minded people from around the world. He discussed the international conference he attended in Mexico last week, and noted that its largely Latin American participants all recognized the harm that was being done to the homelands of the European peoples by Zionist rulers in Europe and North America, even with regards to the immigration issue. Moreover, they understand that the flipside of migrants flooding into the United States and Europe is having their own communities deprived of the leaders and workers needed to build better futures at home.

He mentioned the work of Dr. Salvador Borrego, a 100-year-old Mexican author whose writings include "Defeat of the World," an account of how the German defeat in World War II paved the way for Zionist hegemony in Europe and America, much to the detriment of the entire world. Dr. Slattery joined the show and made the case that like-minded people in Latin America and elsewhere can be crucial allies in the struggle for our liberation because their opinion leaders are not under as direct Zio censorship as our own are, and they can disseminate information and get critical issues out in the open.

This is a valuable program that shows we are not alone and that there really is a way forward to our liberation. Please share it widely.

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Date: 05-06-15

Dr. Duke started the show recapping some of the highlights of his recent trip to Mexico to take part in an international conference on issues important to anti-Zionist and pro-European activists. He had as his guest for the rest of the hour Professor Kevin MacDonald. Professor MacDonald emphasized that discussion of Jewish power is absolutely forbidden and that this prohibition is closely guarded, with anyone of us daring to expose Jewish power becoming subjects of vicious attacks against our reputations and livelihoods.

Professor MacDonald said that the European peoples have been subjected to character attacks from Jewish social movements such as the Frankfurt School and brainwashed into self-loathing. He said that Europeans, as exemplified by Swedes in particular, exhibit a pathological altruism whereby they will subvert their ethnic interests for a universal moralism, and that this characteristic has been taken advantage of by Jewish supremacists, whose ethnic interests are always their top priority.

He agreed with Dr. Duke that the only way forward for European activists is to recognize the European sense of altruism and fairness, and to emphasize that the European liberation movement rejects the subjugation of any people and is truly dedicated to the proposition that all peoples should be free and independent.

This is a show that will stimulate your intellect and help you see the way to a brighter and freer future. Please share it widely.

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Date: 05-05-15

Dr. Duke broadcasts the show from Mexico. He brings on as his first guest Lady Michele Renouf from Great Britain. They discuss the international conference that they attended which featured the work of Dr. Salvador Borrego, the author of “Defeat of the World.” The 100-year-old Borrego addressed the conference, and argued that the defeat of Germany in WWII represented a defeat of the whole world, as it gave half of Europe to the Bolsheviks. He contended that Churchill bombed German civilian areas specifically in order to provoke a reprisal from Hitler that would serve to unite Britain in an anti-German war effort.

Fernando Cortes, a Mexican nationalist activist, joined the show voiced appreciation for European American patriots. He contends that massive migration from Mexico to America is poisonous to both societies. He explained that emigration represents the abandonment of Mexico by so many able-bodied workers who would be much more valuable to their motherland if they stayed and worked to build a better future. He indicated that it creates an atmosphere of defeatism within the Mexican people, leading them to believe that the only path to success leads across the Rio Grande. He said that the governments of both countries are complicit in this massive demographic transformation that is occurring on the North American continent.

Dr. Duke voiced his amazement at the level of appreciation shown at the conference by Mexicans and other Latin Americans for the situation of Europeans and people of European descent in the United States. He said that people in Latin America who are aware of the Zionist threat to all the peoples of the world should be the allies of American patriots, emphasizing that we don’t have to live together in order to work together for a brighter, freer future.

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Date: 05-04-15

Dr. Slattery started the show with a review of an article posted on DavidDuke.com about the Neocons as a fifth column in the United States, which is bent on American domination of the world and Jewish domination of America. The article confirmed the Trotskyite roots of the original Neocons and also documented the strong influence of the Frankfurt School, and its promotion of hostility towards Christian values, on the Neocons. While the neo-Marxist direct descendents of the Frankfurt School have long had ascendancy in the Democratic party, which they use to promote Jewish tribalist social policies, their Neocon brethren have taken the helm of the Republican party and are pursuing the Zionist foreign policy through the Republicans while marginalizing traditional conservatives who would resist the Frankfurt School agenda.

Then Dr. Duke joined the show and described the international conference he has been attending. Conference attendees included anti-Zionist activists from around the world, but primarily from Latin America. It may come as a surprise to many that these Latin American patriots actually oppose massive immigration into the United States, as the exodus of so many of their young citizens disrupts their own societies and deprives them of the brain power and muscle power to build brighter futures for their own countries. Dr. Duke emphasized the need for advocates for European liberation to maintain a respectful attitude towards other groups, who are facing the same Zionist domination and manipulation that Americans and Europeans are.

This was a powerful show that not only can open people's eyes but show them an effective path for moving forward. It's a great show to share with people who are already awake but don't know where to turn.

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Date: 05-01-15

Dr. Slattery filled in for Dr. Duke today. He featured stories from his daily "Ziowatch" digest of the Zionist and non-Zionist press. As is the case everyday, it is a parade of outrages, starting with Vice President Biden making the most explicit threat of war against Iran that any American official has ever made. Biden, of course, is a potential candidate for President in 2016, and Dr. Slattery listed a number of candidates from both parties and connected them with individual Jewish sugar daddies who they will rely on to be viable candidates. And of course this funding comes at a price in terms of pro-war foreign policies, anti-white domestic policies, pro-banker economic policies, and so many Jewish political appointments to that Linsey Graham jokingly but tellingly predicted he will have an all-Jewish cabinet.

Dr. Slattery reviewed other Ziowatch stories, including one about two anonymous tourists of the French parliament building who made an anti-establishment "quenelle" gesture popularized by the Afro-French comedian Dieudonne. Dieudonne himself has been repeatedly harassed, fined, and jailed for daring to criticize Zionist domination of France, and a move is now afoot in the French National Assembly to pass a law making the quenelle gesture illegal! This is how much Jewish tribalists fear any sort of recognition by the goyim of Zionist domination of European societies.

Dr. Slattery also made an impassioned comparison of the plight peoples of European origins to the Palestinians. He recognized that European peoples by and large are not living in squalid rubble strewn environments like Gaza, but rather are being used like a Zombie army to do the Zionist's bidding in subduing the rest of the world for Jewish domination. In this way, all the peoples of the world have an interest in the liberation of the European peoples, and pro-white activists should keep in mind that not just their future by the freedom of all mankind depends on European peoples being able to overcome Zionist subjugation.

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Date: 04-30-15

Dr. Duke broadcast today from an international conference on human rights. He had as his guest for the hour the Spanish human rights activist Pedro Varela. They discussed a variety of issues of interest to the peoples of America, Spain, and the entire world.

This is a show of interest to anyone of any heritage who is concerned about true human freedom. Please share it widely.

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Date: 04-29-15

Dr. Slattery filled in for Dr. Duke today and spent the hour with Reverend Mark Dankof. Reverend Dankof discussed his recent article on PressTV about a speech made by George W. Bush at Sheldon Adelson's casino in Las Vegas. He pointed out the links between Bush and the New Apostolic Reformation Movement, which is hijacking evangelical Christianity and turning it into a fully-owned subsidiary of Zionist money lords.

They then went on to discuss how the Zio media purposefully polarizes the issue of policing in the black community. Rather than enabling better understanding of and solutions to the real problems within the police force and within the black community, the objective of the media coverage seems to be to inflame the black community and to harden the attitudes of policy and their supporters, very much in line with the "divide and conquer" strategy.

Finally, they talk about how the media frames the issue of gay marriage, presenting it in terms of human rights advocates against religious fundamentalists, thus excluding any scholarly considerations of human evolutionary and cultural history, moral issues raised by technological developments, or any other considerations that would promote an understanding of how new policies would actually impact society.

This was the kind of thought provoking show that you just won't find anywhere else. Pass it on to anyone who needs proof that rational discussion of these issues is actually possible.

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Date: 04-28-15

In today's show Dr. Duke gave an incredible description of the process of the formation of races over many tens of thousands of years as different peoples adapted biologically to the very different environments that mankind faced around the globe. The relative isolation of various groups due to geographic separation led to the evolution of distinct races according to the principles of natural selection that are well understood and have been repeated over and over again in plants and animals around the world over earth's history.

Then he went on to describe the spiritual evolution of mankind. He emphasized the importance of personal health and well-being for the overall health of the group, noting that people who are weakened or distracted are easily dominated, which is the situation that we face today. Dr. Duke re-emphasized the four rules for a more meaningful life that he spelled out in last Friday's show. He called on his listeners to achieve a personal revolution of self-betterment in order to enable our people to overcome the adversities we face. Dr. Slattery also offered comments.

This is an inspiring show that can't help but do good for anyone who listens to it. Please share it widely.

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Date: 04-27-15

Dr. Duke started the show with a wide-reaching sampling of facts and misconceptions about Jewish and European history, from the Jewish role in the institution of Slavery to control of the media and runaway welfare spending.

He discussed with Dr. Slattery the release of a 28-year-old report by the Pentagon earlier this year that shows how much the American government knows about Israel's massive nuclear weapons program and how long they have known it. Yet, despite the length of time this information has been known to the government and to the power and media elite, Israel has been completely immune from any pressure to open up their program for international inspection or to refrain in any way from developing weapons.

Dr. Duke poses the question of how a country can get away with violation of international law regarding not just nukes but territorial conquest, genocide, terrorism, spying, etc., and of course the answer comes back to Jewish tribalist domination of the media, finance, campaign funding, academia, and many other important professions and industries.

This is Zio Control 101 at (David) Duke University. Enroll today, and invite everyone you know because there is no limit on class size.

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Date: 04-24-15

Dr. Duke focused on life, health and fitness, spelling out four rules to help you achieve a more successful and meaningful life. Comparing life to climbing a mountain, Dr. Duke explained the process of summoning the courage to take on challenges and harnessing the perseverance to see things through to a successful conclusion. These rules can help turn around people who have gone astray, or help focus people who are already moving in the right direction.

Then he brings on Dr. Slattery and they discuss a news item about a new political action committee called "Bend the Arc Jewish Action" that will focus solely domestic policy. This organization is led by the son of billionaire market manipulator George Soros and will provide campaign financing to progressive candidates who unapologetically push Zionist domestic policy priorities such as open borders and gay marriage. It has never been more clear that the Republicans are the main vehicle of the Zio foreign policy and the Democrats are the vehicle of its domestic policy, and that the system is rigged so that when the Republicans are in office Jews win, and when the Democrats are in charge Goys lose.

This is a great show for the weekend. Please share it widely.

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Date: 04-23-15

Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the astounding results of a poll that shows that when American and Israeli interests diverge, most Republicans want the government to pursue Israeli interests. Dr. Duke named the names of the Jewish puppet masters of both the Obama administration and the Jewish Neocon masters of the Republican party.

Professor MacDonald explained that there is a tendency of Jews to infiltrate political movements that they view as having a future. While during the first half of the Twentieth Century Jews congregated in the Democratic Party and leftist political movements, over the past several decades former Trotskyite Jews known as Neocons moved into the Republican Party and have managed to completely bend Republican foreign policy to the interests of Israel while dragging their feet on social policy. He points out that Jewish money and Neocon influence can be reflected in the positions of leading Republicans on issues like massive immigration.

This is a must-listen show full of vital information. Share it with everyone you know.

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Date: 04-22-15

Dr. Duke revealed the amazing results of an international survey that shows that Israel, despite being a "Jewish state," is actually one of the LEAST religious countries on Earth. This demonstrates that Jewishness in Israel is determined not by religion by rather by ethnicity. Dr. Duke then goes on to explain that even as a religion, Judaism is an ethnically based religion that advocates a dual morality, one for relations among Jews and another for how Jews are allowed to treat non-Jews.

Dr. Duke gives examples from the Old Testament of how the term "love thy neighbor as thyself" refers only to Jewish neighbors, which is why Jews were allowed by the same scripture to wage war on neighboring tribes and even enslave or genocide them. Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out that so many of the leading "atheists" in society are in fact Jewish: people like Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens or John Stossel or Bill Maher. He noted that they are vigorous in condemning Christianity and Islam, but actually hide the aspects of Judaism that reveal its racist nature. He also said that these Jewish Atheists along with the Zio media sow the seeds of discord between Christian and non-religious Europeans as yet another aspect of the divide and conquer strategy for dominating society.

This is an intellectually stimulating show that will get your neurons firing. Share it widely!

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Date: 04-21-15

Dr, Duke had another riveting show today. He started off by putting the accusations of "white racism" in historical context, showing that there was nothing new or unique about European attitudes or behavior during the period of European ascendency. To the contrary, Europeans actually took the historic measures of outlawing age-old practices like slavery and territorial conquest as they played the leading role in ushering in a new global morality. However, today Europeans are uniquely subjected to institutionalized hate from Hollywood and legal discrimination from Zio-sponsored affirmative action policies, as well as having all their territories overrun with massive immigration, a phenomenon not seen in the rest of the globe.

Then he brings on Dr. Slattery who discusses two new articles from Jewish news outlets about the Jewish campaign financiers of six Republican presidential hopefuls. One article lists the candidates, their major Jewish donors, their policy towards Israel, and -- get this -- their position on immigration! This betrays the historic Jewish role in promoting open borders. In the second article, Lindsey Graham said that he has so much pro-Israel funding that he will have to appoint an "all-Jewish Cabinet." This joke has some Jewish journalists concerned that it might get non-Jews talking about the power of Jewish money to buy Jewish government posts and policies favored by Jews.

Circulate this show to all your friends and relatives. Let's get non-Jews talking about the power of Jewish money!

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Date: 04-20-15

Dr. Duke had some amazing news for his listeners today: A statistical study conducted by two professors of the Google search engine shows that Dr. Duke's videos have been replicated and reposted by so many people that their combined views is now at an estimated one billion, and that they have maintained a 92% positive rating! Furthermore, unlike a mindless music video that may be viewed dozens of times by the same viewer, a Dr. Duke documentary is unlikely to be watched by the same person more than once or twice.

The professors preformed an analysis of the number of video postings listed on the Google video search engine using the exact phrase "David Duke" in quotation marks. Then from a statistically significant random sampling of the results were able to determine that there were over 50,000 videos of Dr. Duke's work, including his self-produced videos, on YouTube alone and over 210,000 on all platforms.

Then Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out that the viewers of these videos must come from a variety of backgrounds. He referenced an article in the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper criticizing England's Green Party (a "left-wing" environmental party represented in the British Parliament and the Parliament of the European Union) for circulating Dr. Duke's work on its internal email discussion lists. He concluded that people with a variety of value systems, whether they be based on religion or environmentalism or human justice, can look at the information presented in Dr. Duke's videos and agree with his conclusion that domination of the world by a small tribe motivated by maximizing its own ethnic power is not in the best interest of the rest of the world.

This is an inspiring show that demonstrates that real progress is being make and will give you hope that truth will win out in the end. Please share it widely.

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Date: 04-17-15

Dr. Duke spent the hour talking about the importance of direction and meaning in life. He talked about the various pitfalls to physical health and emotional well-being that can deprive us of direction and meaning. In fact, much of what the Zio media programs us with on a daily basis -- from obscenity and junk food to drugs and pornography -- seems designed to waste our time and deprive us of strength.

Dr. Duke asks us to ask ourselves "who am I?" and "who do I want to be?" Then we have to look at our behavior and determine if
our life style is really leading us to our goals or leading us astray. He explains the role of personal freedom in a tyrannical society in which our liberty as citizens has been curtailed. Dr. Slattery also joins the show for observations and comments.

This is a show that can make an immediate, positive impact on your life. It's also a great show to share with less politically inclined people to help them wake up to the world around them.

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Date: 04-16-15

Dr. Duke started the show by spelling out the distinction between wanting to preserve the heritage of your group, which is a natural and harmless instinct, and the oppression of other groups, which is true racism. He pointed out that throughout human history there has been a recurring theme of the strong conquering the weak, but that over the past century a new morality has emerged that rejects the conquest and oppression of one group by another.

He notes that Europeans tend to be singled out and condemned for their success at conquest in the last centuries of the old morality, but in fact there was nothing unique about European behavior as conquest is a phenomenon that can be seen across the globe throughout the ages. In fact, Europeans were at the forefront of instituting the new morality that rejects oppression, conquest, and slavery. Moreover, he points out that Jewish supremacists in Israel and elsewhere have exempted themselves from this new morality.

He brings up a news story about a UN meeting convened to discuss "anti-Semitism" where representatives of Zionized European governments went so far as to propose international laws criminalizing anti-Semitism and establishing procedures for anti-Semites to be extradited across national borders.

Then he brings on Dr. Slattery, who points out that there is actually more effective oppression in a country like the United States where people self-censor their speech and even their thought than in a place like China, where people actually do dare to speak out despite possible adverse consequences. He also discusses an article on DavidDuke.com about the Zio power couple Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan, whose treachery is not just tolerated by successive administrations, but who are even promoted and feted in spite of their disloyalty.

This is a show that will keep you wide awake. Spread it widely.

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Date: 04-15-15

Dr. Duke has a great show today that goves into the shocking facts proving the Zionist promotion of the rise of al Qaeda in their efforts to create chaos in Russia and their return to power there. Thwarted to a degree by Putin, he shows how Zionists in America are completely responsible for the rise of ISIS which was means to destroy their enemy Syria.

Pastor Dankof joins Dr. Duke and they discuss how Israel and the Zionists benefit from the ISIS terrorism against Europe and America and how they manipulate us through that external threat.

A powerful sow that you should share with your friends and family!

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Date: 04-14-15

Dr. Duke focused on Syria and ISIS today. He pointed out that Syria, a moderate secular state with a Western-educated medical doctor for a President, should not be considered an enemy to the United States. However, U.S. foreign policy over the past four years has been dedicated to overthrowing President Assad and replacing him with elements that from day one have included violent, al Qaida-linked Islamic radical extremists. Even as Assad's opposition morphed into ISIS, which the United States claims to be combatting, American foreign policy in Syria continues to have as its primary objective the removal of Assad, whose forces are doing the vast bulk of the fighting against ISIS.

Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the 1996 policy paper "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," which was prepared for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during his first term by "American" Jewish neocons led by former United States Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle. That report, along with the Jewish neocon Project for a New American Century's report titled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century" spell out in "Protocols of Zion" fashion all the war, treachery, and mayhem that the world has been subjected to since 9-11. Dr. Duke also comments on how extremist Jews, who are able to maintain hatred against their enemies for thousands of years, are glad to see their ISIS allies destroy the priceless archeological heritage in Syria and Iraq.

The information in the show contains the precious seeds of liberation and freedom. Please spread it far and wide.

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Date: 04-13-15

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about a popular radio show in his part of the country that is billed as a right-wing, conservative show. He said that on their show this morning they were beating the war drums against Russia and President Putin, noting that they were oblivious to the fact that not only is Russia no longer communist, but Putin is much more supportive of the economic and social values that conservatives in America embrace than are own government is. He said that this is a reflection of the massive influence of communist Trotskyites-turned neocons taking control of the Republican establishment.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and questioned the value of the terms "right" and "left." He claimed that there is a Zionist agenda, and that Jewish supremacists cleverly have "conservatives" championing the pro-war part of the Zionist agenda while "liberals" are pushing the social part of the Zionist agenda by completely undermining traditional social values. The game is rigged such that the "right" wins on war issues and the "left" wins on social issues, thus the Zionists get their way no matter which party runs the government.

This is a thought-provoking show that can get the hamster wheels churning inside anyone's brain! Please share it widely.

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Date: 04-10-15

Dr. David Duke and Reverend Mark Dankof presented a watertight case for Jewish tribalist domination of the United States, from the media to academia to banking to politics. This can is reflected in the negotiations with Iran, in which that country is being bullied into making concessions regarding its nuclear power industry that are unprecedented in history. Reverend Dankof adds great insights and additional information.

This is a powerful show that will make great weekend listening for all your friends and relatives who need a good awakening. Please share it widely.

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Date: 04-09-15

Dr. Duke discussed problems of race and policing in America, pointing out the media practice of rushing to a judgment of police brutality and white racism. He noted that cases of whites being shot by police, even by black officers, receive little or no media attention. He pointed out that racial information about perpetrators of crimes is routinely suppressed, and that even when there are egregious cases of black on white murder it is never reported as racially motivated.

Dr. Slattery joined the program and pointed out that there are real race and policing problems, but that there actually are two sides to these issues and that if progress is going to be made on solving problems there is a need for all relevant information to be presented and discussed. He blasted the Zio media for presenting a one-sided narrative demonizing whites and police (except for Fox, which errs in the opposite direction), and contended that these media outlets are not motivated by a desire to solve problems but rather to inflame relations between the races and between police and the communities they work in. Dr. Duke noted that this is yet another example of the Zionist divide and conquer strategy.

This is a powerful show that has the power to penetrate minds that have been thoroughly washed by Zio detergent. Please share it widely!

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Date: 04-08-15

Dr. David Duke described the debate over the nuclear deal reached with Iran as a two factions of Jewish supremacists each trying to maximize their conception of Jewish interests. Israeli PM Netanyahu has lined up his paid henchmen in Congress to undermine the agreement, which thwarts his designs for a war with Iran, but the deal itself was negotiated by Jews from the very Zio-dominated State Department. Dr. Duke pointed out that another faction of Jewish supremacists do not want a war with Iran because it would detract from the currently very successful course that world Jewry is on in terms of building economic and political power across the globe.

Dr. Slattery then joins the show and points out the treachery of the Republican presidential candidates falling over themselves for position in the Sheldon Adelson primary. These candidates, and the bulk of Congress, are siding with the big money of the crazy faction of Jewish supremacism, which wants war with Iran at any cost, provided the cost is born by the U.S. taxpayer! Dr. Duke points out that the deal was negotiated with a literal gun to Iran's head in the form of a threat of war, and that the deal is very bad for Iran and cripples their efforts at building an independent nuclear power industry.

This show is a home-run derby if there ever was one. Please spread it far and wide.

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Date: 04-07-15

Dr. David Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. Dr. Duke pointed out that Iran, according to America's own official Intelligence Estimate, does not have an active nuclear weapons program. He then introduced an article from the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper that discussed a newly declassified Pentagon report detailing Israel's own extensive nuclear weapons arsenal.

He and Professor MacDonald discussed the deal reached with Iran whereby that country has agreed to long-term restrictions on its nuclear power program that no other country in the world is subject to. Dr. Duke indicated that this will put Iran into a position of vulnerability, although both men voiced understanding for why Iran would being willing to make such a major concession in order to avoid a massive war. They also assessed the motives of President Obama as well as the different voices in the organized Jewish community. They agreed that while there is a massive push for war with Iran fro"crazy zionists," more cunning Zionists realize that war would not be in the best interests of Jews.

This is a fascinating show that you won't want to miss! Share it with all your friends.

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Date: 04-06-15

Dr. Duke discussed the nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers negotiating on behalf of Israel. He pointed out that the deal was reached with an effective gun to the head of Iran and that the deal is very one-sided against Iran. He noted that Israel, which has a massive nuclear arsenal, is never subjected to any pressure to open its facilities to inspections, while Iran is singled out for sanctions simply for pursuing the development of a nuclear power industry, which is completely permissible under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Dr. Duke pointed out that there is a rift between crazy Zionists who want war with Iran at all costs (provided the U.S. bears the costs) and the more cunning Zionists who feel that Jewish tribal power has never been greater and that an unnecessary war with Iran could rock the boat. Then Dr. Slattery joined the show and gave the details of the obligations of various countries under the Non-Proliferation Treaty and showed how it is the Zionist-controlled western countries that are in violation of the treaty, not Iran.

This is a very educational show that will provide a deep understanding of an issue that is so mis-reported in the media. Please share it widely.

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Date: 04-03-15

Dr. David Duke and Pastor Mark Dankof Special Good Friday Show!

Dr. David Duke and Pastor Mark Dankof have a special Good Friday Show on the modern myths promoted by Zionists about the Crucifixion of Jesus. They speak powerfully on how the Jewish anti-Christians have corrupted Christian thinking.

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof also debunk the common repeated lie to Christians that Jews today have a special covenant with God when in fact the Christian New Testament in Hebrews says with absolute clarity that the Jews did not continue in the Covenant after they rejected God and Jesus Christ.

This is a fascinating show for Christians and non-Christians alike. One will get an understanding of the extent of Jewish-infiltration and influence over non-Jewish institutions.

As one of the quotes from the New Testament in Titus explains: "Pay no heed to Jewish Myths!"

Watch Zionism is Racism on Youtube and be sure to comment, rate it, and share it! And, share this show as well, especially with your Christian friends!

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Date: 04-02-15

Today's show is an incredible show with a powerful, frank, scientific and human rights discussion of ethnicity, race and nationhood.

In it Dr. Duke talks about his new video: Zionism is Racism. (Be Sure to Watch It!) and he explores the reality of race and racial differences in the diversity of mankind.

He explains why the simply fact is that Jews are a race and that they have the right to seek, preserve their heritage, but that they have no right to oppress, invade, exploit or kill others in that quest. Nor do they have the right to hypocritically oppose every other peoples' right to preserve their heritage and human rights!

He shows how Israel is the world's most racist state but gets away with it because racist Jewish racists control the media and politics of the world. He begins by showing how their blackmail and power led to the overturn of the UN statement that "Zionism is Racism."
Then he goes into the realities of Jewish racism all over the world.
Be sure to go to DavidDuke.com and watch Zionism is Racism

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Date: 04-01-15

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery announce a new David Duke YouTube edition today. The video is called Zionism is Racism! and it is an incredible expose of Zionist and Jewish tribalist racism and hypocrisy.

youtube address

Also Dr. Duke talks about the underlying war that most people don't see, whether it is in a mountain meadow or a society, and why every person and every life form has a fundamental right to fight for existence and advancement -- and not be oppressed, harmed, exploited or destroyed.

Dr. Slattery joins Dr. Duke for a great discussion in a program that goes into many profound subjects that will fascinate you!

Go to Youtube and watch, rate and comment on this video!

That is vital for our number of views and ratings that enable many new people to see it!

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Date: 03-31-15

Today was a foundational show about the role of organized Jewish criminals in prostitution and white slavery. Dr. Duke discussed the development of the nuclear family in Europe and East Asian in evolutionary terms and how this then became the basis for morality in these societies. He then went on to describe the harm that is done both at the individual level and the societal level by prostitution and white slavery.

The Jewish role in human trafficking over the centuries is well documented, and he went over some of the evidence. Then he brought on Dr. Slattery, who provided some of the background for the Jewish trafficking of women from Eastern Europe.

This is a show that exposes an aspect of Jewish supremacism that is not well-known or understood by most people. Please circulate it widely.

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Date: 03-30-15

Dr. Duke went to the movies today, looking at the hate and hypocrisy of the Jewish moguls who control Hollywood. He discussed the irony of Harvey Weinstein, the producer of the film Inglourious Basterds, being honored by the "human rights organization" the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Inglourious Basterds glorified the torture of German POWs by a fictitious Jewish army unit, portraying the violation of all international rules of wartime behavior as something positive that the audience was supposed to relate to. Of course, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is has nothing to do with human rights, but is in fact a watchdog that protects Jewish supremacism by censoring all those who dare speak out against it.

Then Dr. Slattery joins the show to discuss his latest article about the new teen movie The DUFF. While by modern Hollywood standards it hardly pushes the envelope, The DUFF still portrays typical high school kids, both boys and girls, as talking about sex incessantly on camera and by insinuation engaging in it as a matter of course off camera. Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery then quote numerous high-profile Jewish academics and journalists who describe the utilization of obscenity and pornography by Jewish media moguls as being motivated by hatred of Europeans and as an attempt to undermine traditional family-friendly values. They also dissect the reasons it can be so difficult for people to wake up to the obvious truths right before their eyes.

This is a foundational show, one of the most important that Dr. Duke has done on this topic. Please listen to it and circulate it widely.

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Date: 03-27-15

Dr. Duke looked today on the treasonous behavior of Congress, which is focused on promoting Jewish interests at the expense of the interests of the other 98% of Americans. The new Congressional task force on anti-Semitism denies that their could be any legitimate political differences with the Jews, and labels all opposition to Jewish power as based solely in hatred for Jews for being Jewish. Legislation is also being introduced to ban all government contractors from participating in any boycott of Israel, including severe penalties for those that are found to participate.

He then proceeds to have a discussion with Dr. Slattery on a Gala fund-raising event hosted by the "human rights organization" the Simon Wiesenthal Center to support their museum of "tolerance," featuring a fiery call by Hollywood torture porn producer Harvey Weinstein to kick Jewish enemies "in the ass." Dr. Slattery pointed out the ease with which organizations promoting Jewish interests can raise tens of millions of dollars in a single night and said that this explains why an organization like Amnesty International will release a ludicrous report accusing Gazans of war crimes for using homemade weapons in a vain attempt to fight off the onslaught by the Israeli War Machine.

This is a passionate and powerful show that you will want to make sure is part of everybody's weekend.

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Date: 03-26-15

Dr. Duke had the distinguished commentator Reverend Mark Dankof as his guest today. Dr. Duke started out the show discussing the Starbucks "Race Together" campaign, pointing out how it is yet another effort by a Jewish-run organization to demonize European Americans and distract attention from the true rulers of America, the Zionist racist globalists.

He then brings on Rev. Dankof for a conversation on admissions by leading Jewish authors that the Jewish-run media is purposely trying to undermine American's family-friendly traditional Christian culture. Mark Dankof calls out Christians United for Israel frontman John Hagee (The actual executive director of the organization is the Jewish cousin of a former Israeli Prime Minister) for his role in leading so many evangelical Christians astray with "Christian Zionism." He says that not only are Hagee and those of his ilk committing treason against America by promoting the interests of Israel over America, but they are committing treason against Jesus by selling out to Jewish extremists who are trying to destroy Christianity.

This is one of Dr. Duke's most powerful shows on these topics and one that you will want to share widely.

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Date: 03-25-15

Dr. Duke spoke today about the treason in the U.S. Congress that was revealed by the Wall Street Journal article on Israel feeding Congressmen information stolen by Israeli spies from U.S. negotiators with Iran. The point is to undermine the talks and thus remove an obsticle to the crazy Zio designs for a war against Iran that would be completely contrary to U.S. interests.

Dr. Duke spoke passionately about how it is treasonous for U.S. officials to support Israel given Israel's history of espionage, terrorism, and even military attacks against the United States, such as the Jonathan Pollard case, the Lavon Affair, and the attack on the USS Liberty.

Then Dr. Slattery joins the show and points out that John Boehner is to lead a Congressional junket to Israel next week, and provides jaw-dropping data on the frequency of these AIPAC-funded indoctrination vacations for "American" lawmakers. Of course, Israel reaps billions from each million spent on their Congressional minions. Dr. Duke pointed out that where treason prospers, none dare call it treason.

This is a show that will knock your socks off! Share is with all your friends wearing socks!

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Date: 03-24-15

Dr. Duke started the show with an announcement that he has won his struggle against Zionist extremists who werre trying to take down his YouTube channel. His account has been fully restored, with the eight videos that had been taken down put back. He announced plans for expanding his video distribution capabilities and for producing several new videos in the coming months.

He then brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald, and the two had a fascinating discussion about the history of Communism and Zionism as Jewish movements both aimed at Jewish domination of the world. While Communism was a primarily Jewish movement in the first part of the 20th Century, the purging of Jews from the Soviet leadership by Stalin led so many Jews to turn away from Communism and embrace Zionism. In the U.S. this gave rise to the Neocon movement that has become so powerful in recent years.

This is an amazing show that you will enlighten you and anyone you share it with!

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Date: 03-23-15

Dr. Duke spent the first half of the show talking about Henry Ford and his efforts to avert World War One. Dr. Duke also described the efforts of organized Jewry in getting the United States into the war, a fact that was not lost on Ford and was part of the reason that he promoted the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Then he brought on Dr. Slattery and they discussed a recent study that shows that youth in their early teens are greatly impacted by the sex in music videos. In particular, they are more likely to think that their peers are more sexually active than they actually are, and are also more likely to engage in sex themselves. They also discuss a documentary about the 1980's crack cocaine kingpin Rick Ross, who stated on camera that his motivation for selling cocaine came from the 1972 movie Superfly, released by the Jewish-run Warner Brothers.

While the show did not emphasize fundraising, any contributions would still be most useful in meeting the ongoing challenge of defending Dr. Duke’s YouTube channel and would be highly appreciated. Contributions can be made at http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/.

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Date: 03-20-15

Dr. Duke discussed a recent segment from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in which Stewart equates Israeli PM Netanyahu's racism with America's white majority. He points out that Stewart has made a career of condemning "white racism" using such contrived examples as the Ferguson incident last summer, while tirelessly using his show to promote so much of the very racist Jewish tribal agenda.

He then brings on Dr.Slattery, who recounts numerous examples from The Daily Show over the years where Stewart literally "white washes" Jewish crimes by describing the Jewish perpetrators as white or equating atrocity-committing Israelis with white Americans.

Today's radio show was both enlightening and entertaining and would be a perfect show to use to wake someone up. Please spread it around!

While the show did not emphasize fundraising, any contributions would still be most useful in meeting the ongoing challenge of defending Dr. Duke’s YouTube channel and would be highly appreciated. Contributions can be made at http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/.

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Date: 03-19-15

Dr. Duke discusses Robert Fisk's recent article on Netanyahu, which claims that Netanyahu knows he can get away with anything in America. He also quotes from an article written by former Israeli parliamentarian Uri Avneri describing Sheldon Adelson's role as the kingmaker in the Republican party. Adelson, Avneri says, summons all the major Republican candidates for president and gets them to pledge their "blind and unconditional obedience to Israel," which Avneri says could be right out of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

He brings on Dr. Slattery and they talk about Adelson's Democratic counterpart, the Israeli multi-billionaire Haim Saban. Saban says his greatest concern is to protect Israel. Saban described his formula for controlling American politics as 1) making donations to political parties, 2) establishing think tanks, and 3) controlling media outlets. This, of course, is also right out of the Protocols. Whether or not Adelson and Saban meet and plot together is irrelevant. The fact is that both through active organization and through strong ethnocentrism and cultural tendencies, Jews pursue their ethnic interest along the lines spelled out in the Protocols.

While the show did not emphasize fundraising, any contributions would still be most useful in meeting the ongoing challenge of defending Dr. Duke’s YouTube channel and would be highly appreciated. Contributions can be made at http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/.

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Date: 03-18-15

Dr. Duke has an amazing show where he discusses the research of the legendary Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the Jewish researcher Martin Gilbert, the most prominent biographer of Winston Churchill. Dr. Duke quotes passages from Gilbert's book "Churchill and the Jews" that explicitly state that Trotsky was seeking a worldwide Communist revolution DOMINATED BY JEWS, and opposed Zionism because he saw it as setting its sights too low and being a distraction from goal of world domination. This, of course, is what Solzhenitsyn said in his later years and why he went from being celebrated in America to being shunned.

He brings on Dr. Slattery, and they discuss how this explains so much about the history of the past century. In particular, it explains the conversion of so many Jewish intellectuals like Wolfowitz, Perl, Krystol, and Podhoretz from Trotskyite to Neocon.

In a world where Jewish power censors the discussion of Jewish power, this is a priceless show that reveals organized Jewish striving for world domination, as documented by Jews themselves. Please wake someone up with it!

While the show did not emphasize fundraising, any contributions would still be most useful in meeting the ongoing challenge of defending Dr. Duke’s YouTube channel and would be highly appreciated. Contributions can be made at http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/.

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Date: 03-17-15

Dr. Duke spent the first part of the show discussing the origins and implications of genetic diversity between different groups within species, whether they be the breads of dogs, subspecies of tigers, or races of man. He counters the often heard yet fundamentally absurd adage that if all the races of man merged into a single brownish entity, it would mark the end of racism and conflict. He notes the bizarre tendency of political correctness to exclude mankind from the evolutionary principles constantly at work in all other species to differentiate groups that are geographically separate in order to adapt to local environments and conditions.

Then he delves into his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. He details the motivation of Henry Ford in exposing the United States to the protocols. Dr. Duke explains that Henry Ford was far from being a greedy, worker oppressing capitalist, but rather was someone with a sincere interest in the well-being of his workers and the American middle class in general. Yet Ford recognized that the Protocols, despite its mysterious authorship, offered an accurate description of the behavior of the Jewish supremacist elite and made predictions that were already playing out in world affairs. Dr. Slattery also joined with some prescient comments.

While the show did not emphasize fundraising, any contributions would still be most useful in meeting the ongoing challenge of defending Dr. Duke's YouTube channel and would be highly appreciated. Contributions can be made at http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/.

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Date: 03-16-15

Dr. Duke discussed the concepts of race and documented the complete hypocrisy of Jewish "anti-hate" hate groups like the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) attacking any Europeans who would like to promote marriage between Europeans while turning a complete blind eye to Israel's actual legal ban on marriages between ethnic Jews and non-Jews. He then discusses the new article just published by the ADL against his forthcoming, world-changing book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion, which they obviously fear tremendously.

He then brings on Dr. Slattery, who analyzes the timing of the attack on Dr. Duke's YouTube channel. It is no coincidence that it comes just a few short weeks before the release of Dr. Duke's new book, and the very first video that was removed from the channel was none other than the one promoting the Illustrated Protocols of Zion! Dr. Slattery points out that Dr. Duke is feared because he alone both speaks persuasively about Jewish power and also has the ability to reach a mass audience through his own outlets as well as through mainstream outlets. With the key to Jewish Power being the ability to stifle discussion of Jewish Power, Dr. Duke's message has the capability of unlocking the Zio chains that bind us. That's why it is so important to support his work today, our last day of active fundraising, with whatever contribution you can afford.

Please go right now to http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/ and make a gift toward this vital project.

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Date: 03-13-15

Dr. Duke starts with a review of the movie "Chocolate" by the Weinstein brothers. He points out that there are certain positive aspects of the movie, such as the sympathetic character of the grandmother. But then the grandmother is exploited as a vehicle for promoting teenage rebellion and promiscuity. Furthermore, the movie itself becomes a vehicle for subtle and not-so-subtle anti-social and anti-Christian propaganda. This, of course, is the Hollywood formula: claim a positive message by giving lip service to a value that we can agree on, get people into the seats with sex and violence and toilet humor, and then poison them with anti-social propaganda.

Then he brings on Dr. Slattery for a discussion of an amazing article from the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper titled "What Do Israelis Think About Americans? Start With Disdain." The article points out that if there is one thing that all Israelis can agree on, it is that Americans are naive, dupable people who can be sold anything. It includes quotes from a video of a private conversation that Netanyahu had with supporters where he responded "So what?" to a contention that his plans for a massive attack on the Palestinians would be opposed by the American government. Netanyahu said that the 80% support levels among Americans for Israel were "absurd," but that this support should be taken advantage of.

This was the last fundraising broadcast for our fight to keep the YouTube Channel, so please go right now to http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/ and make a gift toward this vital project.

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Date: 03-12-15

Dr. Duke discussed his interview yesterday with national talk radio host Alan Colmes, formerly of Fox News' Hannidy and Colmes show. The interview was powerful because Colmes, while offering his disagreement with some of Dr. Duke's views, politely allowed Dr. Duke the time necessary to make persuasive arguments and back those arguments with citations from mainstream, and usually Jewish, sources. (The interview can be heard at http://davidduke.com/hear-dr-duke-get-a-fair-and-powerful-interview-with-alan-colmes/.)

Dr. Duke also discussed a 1999 article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that has been posted on his site and details the massive Jewish role in the administration of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin. The article actually referred to Yeltsin as being a "puppet" of the Jewish oligarchs. Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out that some of the American Jews that Dr. Duke had talked about in his Colmes interview, like Lawrence Summers, were also U.S. Treasury-appointed advisors to Yeltsin's government and help engineer the transfer of the most valuable state-owned assets to the Jewish oligarchs.

If you want to help Dr. Duke save his videos and YouTube channel, please show your support by making a contribution at http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/ so that he can continue this all important work.

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Date: 03-11-15

Dr. Duke updates his listeners on the status of his struggle to preserve his YouTube videos and channel. He raises some examples of the harm that is done to us by having a society dominated by a small tribal elite that is hostile to the interests of the majority population. He explains how it came about that the banksters at Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms could fleece countless billions of dollars from investors without a single one being sent to jail by our Zio justice system. He describes the replacement of our once family-friendly culture with one of obscenity and pornography.

He and Dr. Slattery also discuss a new article by a Jewish Argentine journalist writing in the Jewish Daily Forward that echoes what Adrian Salbuchi has long told the audience of the David Duke Show — namely that prosecutor Alberto Nisman was trying to concoct a case against Iran out of thin air. She documented his connections with American and Israeli intelligence services, and presents evidence that repudiates the contentions made by some that the Argentine government was involved in his death.

If you want to help Dr. Duke save his videos and YouTube channel, please show your support by making a contribution at http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/ so that he can continue this all important work.

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Date: 03-10-15

Today Dr. Duke talked about the promising momentum that we have built up in the effort to free ourselves and all of humanity from the yoke of Zionist Jewish supremacism. He explained the value of his videos and YouTube channel and appealed for help in defending them from the attempt by Jewish supremacists to have them terminated. He asked that people copy and re-upload his videos onto their channels or other sites, but made it clear that this was akin to salvaging the furniture from a burning building.

He explained that his channel has 50,000 followers, who are immediately notified when he uploads a video and are thus in a position to help them go viral. He reminded listeners that there are hundreds of thousands of existing links all over the internet to the videos on his YouTube channel, but these will become defunct if his channel is removed. People around the world from politicians to famous medical doctors have linked to these videos, and that these links in and of themselves are a priceless resource.

He appealed for funds so that he can hire the legal and expert help he needs to preserve his channel. The Zionist extremists need to be taught that they cannot continue to get away with these blatant attacks on our people. This should provoke an outrage in us, and we should rally so that this attack will backfire on the Zionists.

Dr. Slattery then read from an article from the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper titled "Israelis tend to agree on one thing: Their strongest supporters are an inherently dupable people." The article quotes Israelis from common folk to PM Netanyahu voicing their complete contempt for Americans and their gullibility.

If you want to help Dr. Duke save his videos and YouTube channel, please show your support by making a contribution at http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/ so that he can continue this all important work.

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Date: 03-09-15

Dr. Duke announced that the Zionists have launched an all-out, brutal effort to wipe out his powerful, world-changing videos and Youtube Channel. They began their attack by banning his video previewing his very soon to be published, world-changing new book "The Illustrated Protocols of Zion."

Then they immediately had seven more of his powerful videos removed and stopped any new uploads! YouTube informed Dr. Duke that unless he takes action to disprove the allegations against him, "the David Duke Channel will be terminated in ten days."

He asked for support in this fight to save his videos and channel, so that you and millions of others can use them to help wake up our friends and families. Without your immediate, most generous support, we cannot win this "David and Goliath" battle.

Dr. Slattery explained that the brainwashing and illusions that Jewish control is based on is very precarious, and that a simple YouTube channel that gets to the core of the issue (as opposed to dancing around it or pointing fingers in distracting directions) actually poses an enormous threat to Jewish power. After all, the essense of Jewish power is the ability to prevent the discussion of Jewish power.

If you want to help Dr. Duke save his videos and YouTube channel, please show your support by making a contribution so that he can continue this all important work. Visit http://daviddukeonline.com/help-dr-dukes-work/.

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Date: 03-06-15

Dr. Duke split today's show between politics and health & fitness. Regarding Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress, he noted the incredibly bad message it sends the world to be honoring him just months after his grizzly attack on Gaza that left over 20,000 Gazans dead, maimed, or injured. Moreover, Netanyahu's warnings about Iran's nuclear weapons program are both dishonest and hypocritical. Not only does the U.S. official intelligence estimate declare that Iran long ago ceased any work on nuclear weapons, but even Israel's own spy agency, the Mossad, has complained to Netanyahu that his contentions about Iran having a nuclear weapons program are wrong. Meanwhile, Israel has built up a massive nuclear arsenal, has refused to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and has illegally received and even stolen nuclear weapons technology from the U.S., Britain, and France.

Dr. Duke also gives practical advise on how to deal with the overwhelming number of decisions that we have to make in our daily lives. He shares the results of scientific studies that show that having to make too many decisions can cause fatigue in the parts of the brain responsible for decision making. He also relates studies demonstrating that too many options can overload the process and lead to poor decisions.

This is another show chock full of important and useful information. If you value what this show and this website brings you day after day, please show your support by making a contribution so that we can continue this vital work.

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Date: 03-05-15

Dr. Duke had as his guest for the hour Professor Kevin MacDonald. Dr. Duke pointed out that Speaker Bohner and most members of Congress literally displayed their loyalty to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over the United States government by inviting Netanyahu over the objections of the administration and giving him an unheardof 39 standing ovations as he ripped into the President for his willingness to negotiate with Iran. Professor MacDonald pointed out that while Netanyahu wants nothing short of war, it is not as if the American negotiating position is fair and balanced. Rather, it makes unprecedented demands of Iran going far beyond their obligations under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. These are demands that no other country has ever accepted, and they are exactly what a large faction of Jewish supremacists actually want. Meanwhile, Israel has built one of the world's largest nuclear arsenals with illegal assistance from other countries and absolutely no calls for restraint.

Professor MacDonald then explains the mechanism of Jewish power, which stems from a strong ethnocentric tendency to cooperate with each other in pursuit of their ethnic interests and against the interests of their rivals. He explains that they identify the power points of the society in which they dwell, and then they drive single-mindedly to take control of those power points. He says that there are many activists who want to promote European American interests, but are afraid to talk about Jewish power. Professor MacDonald contends that there is no way to tackle the problems that are harming European Americans without dealing with the issue of Jewish power.

He notes that most people in America are oblivious to the issue of Jewish power. At the same time, many of the elite in the United States who can't help but be aware of Jewish power have been conditioned to feel that any discussion of it is beyond the pale.

This is a show that can change people's minds in a single hour, or for those already in the know can inspire them to action. This work is so important, so please show your support by making a contribution so that we can continue this struggle to ultimate victory.

Dr. Duke also appealed for a listener with a quiet, currently unoccupied vacation home, apartment, or retreat somewhere with internet access to offer it to him for a short period of time so he can concentrate on finishing his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. You can contact him at http://davidduke.com/25732-2/.

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Date: 03-04-15

On today's show Dr. David Duke discussed the irony and humiliation of having the leader of a country that has repeatedly attacked us march right into our Capitol uninvited by the government and lecture our president and legislators on how they are not being diligent enough in serving the interests of Israel. He commented on how the apparent animosity between Netanyahu and Obama is not evidence that Obama is standing up to Jewish supremacist power, but rather that he is beholden to a faction of Jewish supremacists who feel that Netanyahu's drive for war on Iran would actually not be "good for the Jews."

Dr. Slattery joined the show and talked about the importance of Dr. Duke's forthcoming book "The Illustrated Protocols of Zion." He said that it's not just that the protocols weren't written by this meeting of elders, but that such a meeting of elders did not even need to take place. The strength of the Zionist Conspiracy is that the people involved just tend to know their roll and play it out. Dr. Duke's book will show not just the accuracy of the predictions made in the 1897 "Protocols," but also the mechanism by which the Jewish supremacist agenda was implemented and, more importantly, the way to free ourselves from the Zionist yoke.

Zionist power is a Goliath, but like the giant from the biblical account it is not invulnerable. Our very own Dr. David is mounting a promising assault on the Goliath. Please show your support by making a contribution so that we can continue this struggle to ultimate victory.

Dr. Duke also appealed for a listener with a quiet, currently unoccupied vacation home, appartment, or retreat somewhere with internet access to offer it to him for a short period of time so he can concentrate on finishing his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. You can contact him at http://davidduke.com/25732-2/.

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Date: 03-03-15

Dr. Duke's guest today is Argentine commentator Adrian Salbuchi. Dr. Duke started the show by describing the humiliation of having Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu address Congress without an invitation from the President or State Department. He then goes into the history of Israeli treachery against the United States. He also talks about Netanyahu's initial response to 9-11, where he blurted out on live television that "It was very good." He went on to describe the Israeli connections to 9-11.

Adrian Salbuchi talks about the extent of Jewish power in Argentina. He describes a situation very similar to the Untied States, only he reminds people that a weaker nation like Argentina is even less able to resist the power of Jewish globalist forces than the United States. He talks about how Dr. Duke's recent trip to Argentina inspired and educated all the Argentines he met and spoke in front of. Mr. Salbuchi also talks about the legal attack on himself by Argentine Zionists in order to silence his powerful voice.

There is nowhere else on the internet where you will find such a valuable digest of information and insightful analysis. Help us continue to expand our enlightened, awakened audience. Please show your support by making a contribution to make sure that this crucial information will reach enough of our people before it is too late.

Dr. Duke also appealed for a listener with a quiet, currently unoccupied vacation home or retreat somewhere with internet access to offer it to him for a short period of time so he can concentrate on finishing his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. You can contact him at http://davidduke.com/25732-2/.

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Date: 03-02-15

David Duke returns to America and delivers a powerful show exposing the audacity of Netanyahu's speaking before Congress without an invitation from the government, and demonstrates the subservience of Obama to Zionist power even as he shows irritation with Netanyahu's behavior. He says that one Zionist faction is supporting Obama as the "good cop" while another faction is rallying to Netanyahu as the "bad cop." Dr. Slattery describes them as the "cunning faction" and the "crazy faction," noting that they are both striving for the long-term goal of world domination even if they differ on the roads to get them there.

Today's show contains a wealth of information and iron-clad analysis that in 50 minutes could open the eyes of someone who has been slumbering for decades. The David Duke Show has a growing, world-wide audience that is getting critical information that is simply not going to be heard elsewhere but can be easily verified. However, we operated on a shoe-string budget. We refrain from NPR-style long, boring fundraising appeals, yet our listeners should realize that if they contributed NPR-style dollars, together we would change the world.

Dr. Duke also appealed for a listener with a quiet, currently unoccupied vacation home or retreat somewhere with internet access to offer it to him for a short period of time so he can concentrate on finishing his forthcoming book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion.

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Date: 02-27-15

Dr. David Duke discussed the recent CNN interview with General Wesley Clark in which the former NATO Supreme Commander blurted out that “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies.” Clark further pointed out that the objective in creating ISIS was to raise an army of extremists that could destroy the Lebanese anti-Israeli resistance movement Hezbollah.

Dr. Duke explained that Hezbollah is in fact supported by the bulk of the Lebanese population, including strong support from its huge Christian community. Furthermore, he noted that the secular, moderate government of Syria led by President Assad is doing the bulk of the fighting against ISIS, yet the United States continues to try to undermine Assad, and in doing so is aiding ISIS. Moreover, Dr. Duke explains that ISIS is in fact a foreign mercenary army despised by the local residents in the areas it occupies.

Dr. Slattery adds analysis as well as details of the prevalence of foreign fighters in ISIS using information from mainstream sources.

Dr. Duke also provides health and fitness news in the form of a new study that shows that lack of sunshine may be an even greater risk factor for diabetes than poor diet.

This is another blockbuster show that needs to be circulated widely.

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Date: 02-26-15

Dr. Patrick Slattery filled in for Dr. David Duke today. He had as his guest for the hour Professor Kevin MacDonald. Professor MacDonald explained what is meant by "evolutionary strategy," and discussed Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy. He said that while there has been a tendency towards selection for intelligence in Jewish reproduction during much of their history, Jewish IQs are not nearly high enough to explain their admission rates into top universities or their domination of key professions. Rather, ethnic networking is the key explanatory variable.

They then go into the phenomenon of rising Jewish influence on the right in American politics. While leftist movements and the Democratic Party were the centers of Jewish politics during the 20th Century, the rise of the Neocons has led to the Republican Party becoming the main promoters of the foreign policy section of the Jewish political agenda, while the Democrats continue to push the Jewish social agenda.

Finally, Professor MacDonald talks about his involvement in the American Freedom Party and describes the party's objectives and its platform regarding immigration.

This is an extremely valuable show that has the potential to wake the giant from his slumber. Spread it around, and please contribute to make sure that this fountain of information will become a river of liberation.

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Date: 02-25-15

Dr. Patrick Slattery filled in for Dr. Duke today. He discussed Kevin MacDonald's theory of Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy. He explained that "evolutionary strategy" does not mean people sitting around a table discussing the biology of future generations, but rather is a term used to describe the mixture of traits that organisms bring to bear in their efforts to survive and reproduce in their given environments. In the case of the Ashkenazi Jewish people, the interplay of their culture and their environment seems to have resulted in a somewhat greater tendency towards both high IQs and ethnocentrism.

He then goes into elite university admissions as a case study, showing that even the highest and most problematic estimates of average Jewish IQ would explain less than half of their over-representation at these schools in comparison to European Americans. He contends that ethnocentrism and ethnic networking are in fact a bigger factor.

He then looks at the Federal Reserve, where Jews have gained a lock on the top positions in the institution. Far from being due to their higher abilities and qualifications, Dr. Slattery points out that one of the two top candidates to lead the Fed following Bernanke's departure was Lawrence Summers, who has nothing but a history of tragic failure in his career if evaluated from the point of view of the Fed's supposed mission of promoting stable economic growth. However, Summer's record of creating crises that then get exploited for the benefit of the Jewish banking elite is stellar, and this is what made him a top candidate for the job.

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Date: 02-24-15

Dr. David Duke spoke honestly about the history of slavery in the United States and around the world, explaining the damage that it did to the individual and to society while at the same time clearing up some of the myths and misconceptions that have arisen regarding the conditions of life for slaves, including the extent to which slave families were broken up.

He then takes up the matter of the Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Demonstrating that it is far from being an "anti-Semitic canard," Dr. Duke brings up the work by Jewish historians that literally brag about their level of involvement. He then brings on Dr. Slattery, who reads the list of the oldest synagogues in the New World, which just so happen to be in the centers of the slave trade.

They then go into the case of the former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, who was involved in an effort to feed Iran bogus nuclear technology back in the late 1990s called Operation Merlin. Admissions made by the CIA during Sterling's recent trial for leaking information about Operation Merlin has raised suspicions that the CIA and Mossad have not just fed false information to Iran, but also planted false evidence that could be "discovered" by IAEA inspectors in order to stoke suspicions of a nuclear weapons program that America's official intelligence reports have concluded was terminated over a decade ago.

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Date: 02-23-15

In today's show Dr. Duke discussed recent articles. One talked about Miri Regev, the darling and rising star of the ruling Likud Party, the former spokesman for the military during slaughters in Lebanon and Gaza who called African migrants in Israel "a cancer." She recently publicly proclaimed that she is "happy to be a Fascist." An article from the Jewish-owned Daily Beast called her "Israel's Sarah Palin," but Dr. Duke pointed out the absurdity of the comparison. Miri Regev promotes her group's interest even if it tramples on the rights of other groups, whereas Sarah Palin promotes another group's interests -- those of the Zionists -- even if it tramples on the rights of her own people.

He also discussed an article stating that more and more top European diplomats feel their countries have been supporting the wrong side in the Syrian Civil War. Dr. Duke recalls his statements ever since the beginning of the conflict, which consistently warned that the Syrian "rebels" included al Qaida types that would come to dominate the movement, whereas President Assad and his government represent the forces and tendencies in Syrian society that confirm more closely to both the interests of the Syrian people and the norms and ideals promoted by the West.

He brings on Dr. Slattery, who discusses the Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve. The fact that only Jewish extremists are considered for leadership positions at the Fed proves that its true mission is not to promote economic stability but rather to promote Jewish economic domination.

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